Have you ever gotten out of work early and thought about running to the golf course to get a few holes in? Chances are your friends and playing partners will be busy, so you will end up on your own.

Golfing solo sometimes has a social stigma attached to it that many golfers like to avoid. However, there are some good things about this that could be worth your while.

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Let’s take a look at some of the positives and negatives to golfing solo, the details you need to know about the process, and some tips to get the most out of your round. 

What is solo golf? 

Golfing solo is playing golf alone. At peak times on the golf course, this can be incredibly difficult, as you may spend quite a bit of time waiting. However, many golf courses slow down in the afternoons, and golfing solo becomes a perfect solution. 

There are some great things about playing golf alone. Many players, regardless of skill level, feel as though it helps them with their mental game, short game, and overall course management. 

Pros and cons of solitude golf

There are more pros to playing golf alone than cons. It is important to remember that in the end, golf is a social game, and it can be much more fun to play with other people. However, when working on swing changes or when there is no tee time available earlier in the day, a late afternoon or early morning round of golfing solo is a great choice. 

Pros of golfing alone

Hit an extra ball if you want

When you play golf alone, you can hit extra shots. Many golfers will not keep score when playing golf alone and will instead play more than one golf ball. Playing with more than one golf ball gives you a chance to work on fixing bad shots and maybe even play the golf course in an entirely different way. 

Think about your strategy

When you play golf alone, you don’t have nearly as many distractions. This gives you the chance to think about your golf game and make smart choices about how you want to manage the golf course. Time with friends on the golf course is fun, but a single golfer can really focus on their Golf swing tempo and making great golf shots. 

Faster play

If you can find a time of day where there are not very many players on the course, you can play golf extremely quickly. Taking a Gas golf cart can speed this process up even more, and it can take less than two hours to play an entire 18 holes of golf.  


Have you ever wanted to hit a putt one more time to see if you could make it? Golfing solo is your chance to get that done. Just pay attention to the groups behind you, and you will have no issues having time to take a few extra shots. 

Playing golf alone also gives your the opportunity to work on your short game and your putting. Although Green reading books have been banned by the PGA, you can still use a book like the Strackaline which we consider to be the Best green reading book to help you better understand the break and undulation of the golf green. 

Less pressure 

For golfers that struggle with the pressure of trying to play well, single golf is a great solution. You won’t be spending time worrying about what others think of your game, and you can instead just swing your own way. Try to work on letting this type of pressure go; it’s not good for you or your game. 

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Let’s not forget, Walking the golf course is great exercise.

Cons of solo golf

Can’t play during a busy time

When playing solo golf, you will have to avoid the busy times of the day. If a course has foursome after foursome, it will take you forever to play your round, and it will not be a good experience. The times that you can manage golfing solo may be limited. 

Some groups don’t let you play through

Many single golfers expect to be let through other foursomes in front of them. If just one or two of these foursomes are blocking your way, you may have good luck with passing through. However, there are times when the course could be jam packed with ten foursomes in front of you, and you won’t be able to play through.  

Nobody to celebrate the good shots with 

 You can take our word for it; making a birdie or hitting a shot in the hole from 100 yards is much more fun if you are playing with other golfers. The golf scene is entirely different when playing alone, and it changes the overall feel of those great shots. 

Solitude golf also means you won’t have much opportunity to play a Match play event unless you are playing against yourself.  You may want to create your own Shamble golf or other games to compete against yourself.

How long should a solo round take? 

If the golf course is entirely open in front of you, expect to take around two to two and a half hours to play a round of 18 holes. Many players will find that the pace of play is actually so fast that they have to remind themselves to slow down. 

Take your time, line up your shots, and play that extra ball if you want. In the end, you should take advantage of this time on the golf course and the fact that you can get a lot of work in on the course quickly. 

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Is it weird to golf alone?

Golfing solo is not weird; it can be a really enjoyable experience. We especially like playing golf alone when you are working on a particular area of your game and need some time and space to think and play well. 

Think about how unique golf is that you can run out to a course and play a round of golf by yourself. Almost all other sports require you to play with other people. Golf will be there for you when you can’t find friends to play pickleball or softball or basketball. This is a rarity in sports and something that golfers should take full advantage of. 

Why you play better golf alone?

When golfers play by themselves and shoot low scores, it is often because they eliminate the stressors of playing with other people and simply focus on their golf game. It’s hard to take your mind off everything around you and just think about golf, and it’s more complicated when you have other people in your group. 

However, players should learn from this experience and work on creating a tougher mental game when playing with other golfers. If your stress levels increase when your friends start hitting a slice, or complaining about their job, figure out ways to move away from it. 

Remember that the skills you learn to improve your mental game while golfing solo can be carried with you the next time you golf with friends. 

Is playing golf by yourself better than going to the driving range?

Playing golf by yourself can sometimes be an alternative way to practice instead of going to the driving range. As great as a driving range can be to work on your skills, the experience of playing on the golf course is much better for your game. 

Of course, all golfers need a mix of play and practice, but spending time working on certain tee shots or chips while you are on the golf course can do a tremendous amount of good for your game. 

Playing golf by yourself is an experience that all golfers should try at some point. You will find that it’s good to mix things up and play a round like this from time to time. 


Hopefully, you now understand the term golfing solo and all that is included in playing the game of golf on your own. Bad experiences can happen with golf in a foursome and golfing alone, and it’s best to mix up the type of golf you play.

We highly recommend using solo golf to work on your game and improve your skills. Be smart about when you decide to play, and your experience will be much better. Typically speaking, the first tee time of the day or late in the afternoon are the pivotal times to get out there alone.

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