A golf glove can prolong the life of your golf grips, give you more confidence in wet conditions and even help prevent blisters and other injuries to the hand. Wearing a golf glove is a personal preference, but plenty of great players swear by wearing a glove. 

If you have always wondered whether or not golf gloves are worth it and which hand is more beneficial to wear a glove on, we have you covered. Let’s take a look at what hand you wear a golf glove on. 

What hand should i wear a golf glove on? 

Right-handed golfers wear a glove on their left hand or there lead hand, while left-handed golfers wear a glove on their right hand. This has everything to do with the way a club is image of left handed golfer wearing a white golf glove - AEC Info gripped and where you want the pressure to be in your hands as you swing the golf club. 

Golf glove hand

For a right-handed player, it is much better for the left hand to control the golf swing. As you watch a professional golfer swing through the impact position, you will notice that their left hand is dominant. This is why the glove should be worn on this hand. 

The opposite is true for a lefty golfer. 

Why is it important to wear a golf glove?

Golfers wear gloves for a variety of reasons, and it is important to understand why a glove can help you. Here are three reasons why it is essential to wear a golf glove. 

Keep your hands warm 

The golf glove can be worn to keep your hands warm. Sometimes if you are playing winter golf and the weather conditions get a bit rough, the golf glove can help to make a significant difference. Whether you are wearing a synthetic leather glove or a true leather glove, the heat in your hand should remain inside the glove, making it easier to play. 

Rainy conditions 

In rainy conditions, it makes sense to wear wet-weather golf gloves. The wet weather gloves will ensure that the club does not slip in your hands and that you can enjoy a round of golf even when conditions are not excellent. 

A rain glove is typically made of synthetic materials that will grip the club even higher when the weather conditions are rough. Most of the time, rain gloves are born on both hands. 

Confidence in your golf swing

It’s important to wear a golf glove so that you have confidence in your golf game and the ability to hit down and through golf shots with full power and strength. If you find yourself backing off a bit when you get to the impact position, consider wearing a golf glove to be more stable at impact. 

Why not wear two gloves?

Some golfers wear two gloves, especially if they are winter gloves or rain gloves. In addition, sometimes golfers that have arthritis will wear two gloves to ensure that their hands don’t hurt as they play. Even players with Sweaty hands will wear two gloves from time to him. However, there are downsides to this.

image of left handed golfer wearing a golf glove - AEC Info

When you wear two golf gloves, you will find that you lose a bit of the feel you have with the club. This is especially the case if there is loose material that gathers in your hand. It makes sense to touch the grip of the club with one of your hands to develop a better feel and more precision. 

The soft leather material of a premium golf glove can sometimes be a better fit for those that need to wear two gloves. Although Cabretta leather gloves are typically more expensive, they can improve overall feel and precision. 


Should you wear a glove while putting?

The simple answer here is that you can wear a glove if you’re putting if you like the way it feels. However, most choose not to wear a glove at all when putting. Putting takes a lot of feel and accuracy, and sometimes having a direct connection with the golf club will help to increase that for players.

If you can help it, wearing just a single glove while putting is typically the best. In addition, soft leather gloves from the best golf glove brands will promote a better feel and less interaction between the glove and the club’s grip. 

Are golf gloves supposed to be tight?

A golf glove should be tight. A standard golf glove should not be a loose glove with extra fabric in the way of your hand and the grip. The glove size that you choose should very closely match the shape of your hand. Choose something that has an adjustable Velcro so that you can get the perfect fit. 

When the golf glove is the correct fit, your grip pressure is considerably better, and you will still feel as though you are the one controlling the club, not your golf glove. As always, the idea is to get a secure grip without losing so much of the feel that we need to play great golf. 

Should you wear a glove for all shots?

Most players will wear a golf glove for all shots; however, better players tend to take a glove off when they get close to the putting green. If you are chipping or putting and feel as though the glove inhibits your ability to play the shot with a soft and controllable feel, then take it off. 

Many great golfers will hit their approach shot to the green with their glove on and then proceed to take it off. The removal of the golf glove tends to become part of a routine. Keep the leather golf gloves out of the wet grass so that they don’t deteriorate too quickly. 

image of left handed golfer wearing a golf glove - AEC Info


Hopefully, you now feel a bit more confident about wearing a golf glove and when to wear a glove. The golf course has conditions that change from one round to the next. If you are smart about the equipment and the options out there for you, you can play golf any day.

For those that want the perfect grip and to always have confidence when swinging through the golf ball, chances are wearing a golf glove is going to be necessary. We recommend you check out our Bionic golf glove review