If you are a new golfer or currently have a high handicap, you found this page because you want to find a driver that can quickly add distance, accuracy and improve your game. As a novice or double digit handicap, your new driver should be designed to make your mishits straighter and your off-center hits still travel a good distance.

We compiled a list for you to help choose the Best driver for beginners and high handicappers. Let’s find one that will help you improve your ball striking and accuracy!

Best golf drivers for high handicappers

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max

image of taylormade sim max driver - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max is a premium choice for a new golfer; however, it can be a great long-term option. With this driver, you will have a club that you grow into as your game continues to get better. The SIM 2 Max has adjustability and tremendous ball speed.

Forged Ring Construction: The new forged ring construction makes the SIM 2 Max look quite different from the previous TaylorMade golf club releases. In addition to the confidence-inducing look, you are also going to get a much higher ball speed with the SIM 2 max in your hands.

Speed Injected Twist Face: The speed-injected twist face technology has been around in the last few driver releases from TaylorMade. Essentially, your new driver will not leave the warehouse until it has been inspected to make sure it is as close to the legal limit as possible.

Thru Slot Speed Pocket: The speed pocket technology on the SIM 2 Max is the fastest yet. You are going to get an incredible amount of speed and distance from this driver while still getting plenty of forgiveness. Truly the SIM 2 Max has the technology that all beginner golfers are going to need.


  • Very high ball speeds
  • Higher launching
  • Easy to adjust for maximum performance


  • High price for a newer golfer

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

image of callaway mavrik max driver - AEC Info
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The Callaway Mavrik Max driver is a club that is built for the higher handicap players. Any of the Max options put out by Callaway typically include a larger sweet spot and a more forgiving clubhead.

FS2S Titanium Face Architecture: The new face architecture in the Mavrik Max is a brand new technology for Callaway. The strong material is lightweight and will optimize speed and forgiving in the face. Golfers of all levels are enjoying this technology, but those with the higher handicaps are really seeing the greatest performance.

Jailbreak Bars: In the Mavrik Driver, Callaway continued with the Jailbreak technology. When you hit the driver’s face, it will feel as though you are making contact with a trampoline. As a higher handicapper or a beginner, the jump you get off the Mavrik Max will be unlike any other.

Artificial Intelligence: The Mavrik driver was created using artificial intelligence. The AI helps to fine tune exactly where the center of gravity needs to be and then increase the performance based on the perfectly positioned center.


  • Artificial intelligence used for better performance
  • Very hot clubface, the ball will jump off
  • Low spin creates much more roll
  • Has to drop significantly in price since the release


  • Not the latest release from Callaway

TaylorMade M6

image of taylormade m6 driver - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade M6 is a great driver for beginner golfers, high handicappers, and those in between. Endorsed by Tiger Woods, optimized for the highest legal speeds and made by a highly reputable club manufacturer – The M6 is was branded as TaylorMade’s main golf driver in the overall lineup. The M6 features a combination of high-tech speed technology and adjustability:

  • Speed technology. TaylorMade injects each club with tuning resin within the face, as a meant to optimize the COR for speed. Each face is individually removed and tested before the package is shipped – to maximize speed and distance for all M6 drivers. The heads are optimized on an individual basis to maximize the legal limit of the ball speed. The key highlight of the M6 is the “Speed Injected” technology by TaylorMade which optimizes each club for maximum permitted speed.
  • Twist-face technology. TaylorMade replaced their old curvatures with corrective face-angles in order to improve off-center hits and decrease side spin – effectively increasing the straightness of shots.
  • Carbon sole finish. The carbon sole boosts aerodynamics and provides higher speeds across long distances.
  • Hammerhead slot. The all-new Hammerhead slot combined with the Speed Injected enables golfers to preserve their ball speed on off-center hits.


  • Beyond 320 yards of carry
  • Great swing speed and forgiveness
  • Superior accuracy
  • Easy to hit with generous sweet spot
  • Longer and straighter drives


  • Doesn’t come with a hardcover

The Ping G410 Plus Driver

Ping G410 Plus Driver Review
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The Ping G410 Plus Driver is a sleek and modern club that combines Ping’s latest re-vamped technology; the model was cut down for minimalism compared to previous models giving the G410 less offset with a shorter blade length. The MOI is maintained and optimized for forgiveness.

Ping used face hinging technology to provide high-power and an increased flexing zone; this, in turn, increasing speeds, distance and peak trajectories allowing golfers to hold more greens. The G410 is revered for its sound which Ping claims can be heard across the course with high vibrations. Be sure to check out the piece we did recently on the Ping G410 Plus Driver review.

  • Increase flexing zone. The Ping G410 Plus Driver’s highlight is its flexible free-moving face that allows for greater maximum height and enables excellent distances. This provides golfers with higher precision and control over the club.
  • Minimalist appearance. The Ping G410 Plus Driver was cut down in terms of blade length, providing a very visually pleasing refined shape that features increase forgiveness and small offset.
  • Toe & Hosel weighing. The Ping G410 Plus Driver can deliver faster ball speeds due to technology that allows for expansion of perimeter weighing. Ping concentrated weight in the toe and hosel which boosts MOI and provides additional forgiveness.
  • Ping COR-Eye. Core-Eye is new technology that increases performance by combining a cascading sole with a deep top-rail undercut design.
  • Reassuring sound. The G410 delivers a very powerful and resounding sound on the course. This is due to elastomeric badge damps that produce strong vibrations.


  • Great carry distance, improved over its predecessor model
  • Improved accuracy
  • Adjustability
  • Impressive distance and speed capabilities


  • The only drawback of The Ping G410 Plus Driver is its fixed weight. If you want sliding weight, you need to upgrade to the plus version

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Draw Type Driver

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Draw Type Driver
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One of the most praised drivers for beginners and high handicappers, the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Draw Type, can help you achieve more speed and distance. The newer draw edition still provides all the forgiveness as the original model but is designed with a more draw bias and anti-slice technology.

  • Turbocharged Cup Face: The variable face thickness increases the COR and therefore increases the sweet spot for faster ball speeds on off-center shots.
  • HiBore Crown: It adds the aerodynamic feature of the driver. It is much lighter, and it lowers the CG, which helps golfers achieve more successful launches with more consistency.
  • Ultralight Hosel and Deep Weighting: The fact that the hosel is fixed allows for more weight to be redistributed deep and low, making the driver extremely forgiving. It works together with the mass savings that deliver the maximum MOI effect.
  • Counter Balanced Shaft Design: Made particularly for Launcher HB Turbo, the Miyazaki C.Kua graphite shaft comes with the CG relocated toward the grip, adding more head mass for more speed and forgiveness.
  • Performance: In addition to the regular driver, this draw-type driver offers not only stability, forgiveness, and consistency, but it also helps golfers get rid of the slice, as well.

Mizuno ST190

image of mizuno st-x 220 driver - AEC Info
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The Mizuno ST190 is Mizuno’s sleek benchmark that is optimized to provide the lowest spin rates compared to any previous releases – this is Mizuno’s newest attempt to increase speed and driving distance. The ST190 features a brand-new cortech structure that enables higher speeds. An “Amplified Wave” sole path will essentially convert each mph into multiple yards. The ST190 features two 7-gram weights that provide spin flexibility and influence fade and draw bias.

  • Titanium face. The ST190 features a “Forged TI Face” which is 10% stronger than regular titanium, allowing for complex geometry and performances of up to 110mph on the course.
  • Carbon crown. The crown on the ST190 is premium with 7 grams of weight which can be distributed to minimize spin rates and increase ball speeds.
  • Amplified Wave Sole technology. Mizuno’s contemporary Wave technology allows golfers to reduce their drop off once they make off-center strikes and stabilize the ball speed.
  • Harmonic impact sound. The ST190 generates a powerful impact sound that is solid even with mediocre impact.


  • Nice feel to the driver
  • Offers a solid, not high-pitch, sound with a crisp crack upon impact
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Fastball speeds
  • Consistent middle trajectory
  • Higher launching with significant distance


  • The ST190 can only be adjusted at the hosel. (And the blue is missed by many loyal customers.)

TaylorMade RBZ Driver

TaylorMade RBZ Driver
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Among the best beginners’ drivers, the TaylorMade RBZ driver has always been on the top as it offers a blend of performance and value for the money. It is considered one of the best adjustable drivers on the market and is extremely forgiving. The Speed pocket technology which is a patented feature of TaylorMade will improve ball speed and distance off the tee. We really like this driver!

  • Clubhead Design: The large, 460cc titanium head with Ultralite titanium core strategically places mass deep and low for optimal launch conditions and control.
  • Adjustable loft sleeve: Once you start getting better, you’d realize that custom fitting the launch angle and the lie helps you get the ball higher and straighter, and this is an available feature for the RBZ driver.
  • Speed Pocket: This patented feature located behind the driver’s face adds more face flex for extra speed and stability.
  • Shaft: It comes with Matrix White Tie 55 graphite shaft that is lightweight and helps beginners achieve maximum distance.
  • Performance: Beginners with slower swing speed who hook or slice the ball, can significantly benefit from the RBZ driver as it promotes faster and straighter ball flights with low spin.

PING G400 Driver

Ping G400
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When looking for the most forgiving and technologically superior driver, Ping has got you covered with the Ping G400 Driver. Yes, we realize that since the G400 was launched there are several new models that Ping has released including the G410 which we reviewed recently, and the launch of the G425 for 2021. That being said, we still like the G400 driver for both beginners and newbies alike.

Ping has a track record of creating clubs that are still popular year after year, and the G400 falls under this category.

  • Dragonfly Technology: It is responsible for the ultra-thin crown that repositions weight deep and low for much more MOI (forgiveness) and accuracy. I
  • Faster Forged Face: Ping G400 boasts incredible speed thanks to the forged T95+ face that flexes at impact with tour-like sound and feel. It has a large sweet spot that improves the accuracy of the off-center hits.
  • Tungsten Back Weight: Positioned back and low, it creates the deepest CG that makes it one of the most forgiving drivers for beginners. You can also fine-tune the launch conditions by +/- 1 degree.
  • Aerodynamic Shape: Thanks to the bolder turbulators combined with Vortec Technology, the drag gets reduced by 15% overall and 40% mid-downswing to increase velocity, distance, and stability.
  • Alta CB Premium Shaft: The counter-balance design adds more mass to the head to increase energy transfer.
  • Performance: The Ping G400 is a highly forgiving driver that allows the novice golfer to launch the golf ball high and far. It has a large sweet spot, and it delivers a solid feel and sound.

Titleist TS2

image of titleist ts2 driver - AEC Info
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Titleist’s attempt to enter the ball speed competition by making a fast-swinging golf club is reflected in a club released at the end of 2018 – the Titleist TS2 Driver. Titleist lost headway compared to major manufacturers such as TaylorMade by underdelivering on speed, and Titleist attempts to catch up by increasing the efficiency of their clubs, with several key performance boosts.

The TS2 is the company’s answer to demands for a faster 917, their previous benchmark. This club received excellent feedback upon release & it features the following:

  • Titanium design: The TS2 features a 460cc design, the maximum USGA-allowed size for increased launch power and speed. Thin crown (1mm). The TS2 features the thinnest titanium crown on the golf driver market. Titleist re-designed the TS2 to provide 6g savings in the face, with laser-etched grooves. The design is 0.35mm thinner than previous models, for increased efficiency.
  • ARC slot: Titleist claims the ball speed increases are delivered thanks to its new ARC slot located on the front of the sole; which is adjustable towards the back.
  • 5300 g/cm2 MOI: This feature makes the TS2 more forgiving and increases the MOI by 12% compared to previous models.
  • Streamlined head: Titleist streamlined the head by 20%; it achieved this by raising the top around the leading edge.


  • The thinnest titanium crown on the market
  • Adjustable swing weight
  • Incredible distance driver
  • Straight shots
  • The best in forgiveness and speed


  • There is a distinctive sound that comes when you hit with a titanium crowned driver which can make a kind of echo throughout the course. For some, this may be a distraction with their play.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver
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The Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver is one of the best drivers for beginners who are on a budget, as well as for those that have an issue slicing the golf ball. For many new golfers, this can be one of the best purchases you can make because most novices slice the ball when they start playing.

  • Anti Slice Technology: One of the most common problems for new golfers is their tendency to slice the ball at impact. This is why the driver features an Anti slice Technology that helps you produce straighter and more accurate ball flights.
  • Offset Design: The offset design helps you square the ball at impact for faster and straighter trajectories.
  • Large Sweet Spot: The oversized, 10.5-degree, titanium club head has a large sweet spot to achieve speed and distance even when you hit the golf ball off-center.
  • Graphite lightweight shaft with regular flex.

Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Driver

Cobra Golf 2020 Men's Speedzone Extreme Driver
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  • After the massive success with the F9 Speedback, Cobra Golf introduced the Speedzone line at the very beginning of 2020 in an attempt to claim ‘the best-selling driver for high handicapper’ once again.Shortly introduced, the Speedzone Xtreme boasts everything in extreme – forgiveness, speed, and distance. The large clubhead features an even larger face with subtle face milling and the infinity symbol that emphasizes the limitless opportunities the driver offers. The 69g of extra weight added in the back makes the Speedzone Xtreme Cobra’s highest MOI driver.The Speedzone family integrates six different zones into a highly functional driver:
    • CNC Milled Face: It is the first CNC Milled Infinity Face with about 95% milled area, which gives the driver maxim speed and distance.
    • Titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis: It makes the chassis stronger but lighter so that golfers get a better feel, more stability, and strength at impact.
    • 360 Carbon Wrap Crown: It is lighter, looks impressive, and covers about 50% of the clubhead. But the main function it has is the 25g weight save used to add more forgiveness.
    • Lower Center of Gravity: This time, more weight is positioned as low as possible to create faster energy transfer so that you can launch the ball higher with low spin.
    • Aero Shape: This is perhaps one of the most visually appealing drivers, with milled leading edges that control the airflow to deliver optimal acceleration power.
    • High-Speed Stability: With a strategically positioned weight around the perimeter, it improves the stability so that off-center shots still fly straighter and longer.


  • Extremely large sweet spot for more speed
  • Low spin, high launch, and straighter ball trajectory
  • Aerodynamic design for more acceleration power
  • High-speed stability and consistency
  • For mid to high handicappers


  • No movable weight

Callaway Epic Flash

image of callaway epic max fairway wood - AEC Info
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Callaway’s “Epic Flash” was the most technologically advanced club to come out so far (not taking into account the new Marik) – it is only comparable to the TaylorMade M6 in terms of technological advancement. The ‘Epic Flash’ incorporates artificial intelligence technology to increase ball speed and accuracy. The ‘Epic Flash’ features “Even Flow” technology which evenly transfers shaft load for maximum energy release upon impact.

  • Artificial Intelligence. The ‘Epic Flash’ is the first instance of AI being employed in the golf equipment industry – it specifically applies Machine Learning that gathers statistical data based on the golfer’s performance in order to learn and optimize their swings.
  • Flash Face Technology. Callaway features their newest “Flash Face” technology that enables longer distance and higher speeds. This feature makes balls go a lot further than previous models.
  • Flow Green Technology. Flow Green bends the club by transferring the load on the shaft more evenly on the swing in order to optimize for maximum energy-release when the club hits the ball. Resulting in the highest possible distances, and catering this club to golfers who want to achieve high distances.
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue. Callaway implemented Mitsubishi’s stabilization technology on the back of the club in order to distribute the lower section with equal torque. This enhances control and stability on impact.


  • Adjustable loft
  • Awesome forgiveness and distance
  • Drives long and straight


  • More expensive than other models

Best driver for beginners and high handicappers is…

TaylorMade M6

image of taylormade m6 driver - AEC Info

The TaylorMade M6 takes the crown as our top pick for the best performing golf driver for high handicappers.

The TaylorMade M6 is the ideal mid-range choice; price-wise it’s not the cheapest, and it’s not the most expensive, yet it provides the fastest legal speeds, forgiveness and maneuverability. The highlight of the TaylorMade M6 is its “Speed Technology” which provides the fastest legal speeds out of all clubs on this list. For high handicappers and novice golfers, speed translates into longer distances when hit on the club face.. The TaylorMade is better at speed & long distances than other clubs on this list when tested on a machine, and this will also help you hit it longer.

TaylorMade is one of the most reputable and renowned golf club manufactures that is always on the cutting edge of golf technology – their products, including the TaylorMade M6, are endorsed by Tiger Woods. The M6 is their premier choice for high handicappers looking to lower their handicap, increase their speeds, boost distance, and start hitting more fairways.

The groundbreaking speed technology that enables maximum legal speeds viable, combined with the reasonable price tag and endorsing/brand backing by one of the largest manufacturers in the golf industry is what makes us recommend the M6 as our top choice for beginner golfers as well as high handicappers.

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image of ping g410 driver plus - AEC Info

This guide focuses on reviews of the best drivers for beginners and high handicappers. The driver is the longest golf club in the bag and will travel the longest distance when hit on the center of the club. We focus this review on buying the driver right off the shelf.

Every golfer has differences in their game, so taking into account swing speed, loft, launch angle, shaft flex, ball flight, face angle, adjustability, and how well you hit your other golf clubs will ultimately impact which is the best choice for you. The best specs overall may not be the best ones for you.


The best driver will:

  • Create a faster swing generating more distance
  • Improve driving accuracy
  • Increased confidence
  • Lower your handicap over time

What is the most forgiving driver?

As a higher handicap or beginner, you are most likely looking for a club that is very forgiving, and will produce less spin. Most drivers for beginners will produce less side spin which is what causes you to Slice or hook the ball. The forgiving driver will also be designed for lower swing speeds.

The higher clubhead speeds will have different shafts compared to the more forgiving drivers. We reviewed the big names like Callaway Golf, Taylormade M4, M5 and M6 driver, the PGX offset golf driver, Wilson Staff, the Epic Driver, RBZ black driver, the Callaway Rogue Driver, The Ping G410 Plus Driver, Cobra King, Titleist, Callaway Mavrik Max, and more. We searched for maximum forgiveness while providing maximum distance.

What is the Easiest driver to hit?

To select an appropriate driver, the experience level of the golfer is paramount. Golfers make the choice based on their status: Beginner or professional. For a beginner golfer with a high handicap, the correct approach for you would be to opt for a driver with a big head.

The golf drivers on this page will enable beginners to hit the ball easier, providing them with a powerful swing and an accurate landing in a desired sweet spot. For professional players with a low handicap, the ideal driver is a titanium-headed one for high-level, millimeter-based accuracy.

Big names in the sport have made their names by their prowess and ability to reach significant distances on the course. The main aim in golfing as a sport is to get the ball in the hole with as few shots as possible. To achieve this, a professional golfer has to possess a sturdy, high-tech driver by their side.

Players with a high handicap can decrease their handicap in as little as a few months by swinging with superior golf drivers – We handpicked, analyzed, and wrote reviews of the leading golf drivers for high handicappers.

New technology & materials

Contemporary golf drivers are packed with advanced-level technology. Manufacturers in 2021 provide high-tech solutions such as artificial intelligence to help high handicappers lower their handicap and swing longer-distance shots. Beginner golfers require combined speed, force, and projection for long distances – new technology helps them achieve that.

Golf drivers aimed at handicappers enable them to shoot a ball at the top legal speeds, and feature technology that is decades ahead of previous, first-generation, drivers. Premium drivers are currently powered by advanced speed technology that essentially converts mph to yards.

Many leaps were made in the manufacturing process. Previously, materials that used to power rocket ships are now implemented in drivers that increase the limits of what was possible. Complete beginners can achieve 50-yard shots with any of our top 5 driver choices.

The new-age drivers a breaking ground in terms of impact, they are thinner, made of superior materials and millimeter-sized area that provide high-level accuracy. These drivers are powerful that the impact on the ball is equal to that of a plane taking off, but obviously, smaller in size.

What is our criteria for driver selection?

We handpick drivers based on substantial feature analysis, brand backing, and/or economic value for our selection criteria. To select the ideal golf driver, our selection criteria accounts for the materials used, composition, price, and speed. Many different brands are making it difficult to narrow down your options as they provide similar features. Our selection process for the top #5 drivers accounts for the following:

  • Speed/power projection of the driver upon impact.
  • Balance & composition of the driver.
  • Construction materials that go in the driver.
  • Launch angle & adjustability of the driver.
  • Aerodynamics of the driver.
  • Technology.
  • Brand backing/endorsements.
  • Economic efficiency/value for price.

Which materials are best for golf drivers?

The materials used in the head of the golf drivers are: Stainless steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Alloy, Carbon Graphite and Carbon Steel for the shafts.

Stainless steel drivers are the most basic and popular, and they’re the most economically viable drivers. Alloy drivers are slightly pricier, but not considered the crème of the crop like titanium drivers. Pro golfers almost exclusively rely on titanium-forged drivers to achieve a superior tee off driving distance – which is a lot harder to accomplish with stainless steel drivers.

Professionals can occasionally be spotted holding a stainless-steel driver, as the steel construction increases weight and provides additional control when swinging – it depends on what swing they’re trying to achieve. Titanium-built drivers are premium and command higher price tags than alloy and stainless steel. Numerous instances of high handicap golfers lowered their handicap the year they upgraded to titanium-based drivers.

What are the USGA driver regulations?

USGA regulation states that drivers must not exceed 460 cc, and the market reflects this as bigger clubs are harder to find – most golfers with a high handicap are recommended opting for the highest 460 cc size available, or a minimum of 440 cc.

The US Golf Association (USGA) is the leading US government regulatory-body for golf regulations in the US – USGA regulations are occasionally applied overseas. The primary rule imposed by the USGA is the maximum clubhead size allowed: 460 cc (cubic centimeters) is the maximum golf driver size

Pro tip: Higher club heads enable longer distances/greater long shots and enhance the power of the shot. Golfers have to apply less pressure on the ball to achieve long-distance swings. Smaller club sizes are beneficial when the golfer wishes to get a straight shot without twisting.

Drivers differ in shape as well. The most common club shapes are square, pear, round, and extended. For high handicap golfers, the recommended choice is a round head or square-shaped one. Round shapes aren’t bulky, but they are extremely powerful; delivering speeds of over 100 mph.

Does height impact the speed of the swing?

The height of the golfer can impact their performance by dictating their shaft size, which will reflect in the total speed output. Golf drivers have different shaft sizes, and golfers are recommended a shaft that reflects their height in order to achieve more accurate shots. However, this does not mean that taller golfers have the ultimate advantage – shaft sizes ranging from 44-48″ are the most common.

Several of the professional players have improved their drive accuracy by using short shafts.

Tall golfers opt for long shafts while shorter golfers opt for small shafts in order to avoid swinging trouble. The ideal shaft size for all golfers of average stature is 45″. Golfers who are taller than the average should opt for slightly longer, and golfers of shorter stature should opt for slightly shorter shafts. The maximum shaft size allowed by the USGA is 48″.

We spend a ton of time reviewing the latest and great golf products at AEC Info. Some of our more popular reviews are the Best driving irons, Best for all handicaps, Walking golf shoes, Lagshot review, Personal launch monitors, wedges, irons, golf balls, and the Lightest golf stand bag. We are researching and reviewing more items every day, and hope to you a number of new products released in the next few days.

What’s the best driver for beginners?

The driver is not an easy golf club to hit, but it is the club you are expected to achieve great distance and speed. The golf market offers plenty of driver-for-beginner varieties, but, you need to know what to look for. Although some manufacturers offer some top-notch elements like adjustable hosel and even adjustable weights, the following features should be your priority.

Weight of the driver

The lighter the driver, the easier to hit. The choice of the materials matters here, so those made from titanium clubheads and graphite shafts are among the best golf drivers. Beginners with slow swing speed can benefit largely from lightweight drivers. Lighter weight drivers are also a key for ladies to increase club head speed and distance. See our review of Women golf drivers here.

Forgiveness of the driver

The best driver for high handicapper has a large sweet spot, high MOI, and low center of gravity. This combination makes the drivers very forgiving on mis-hits, and we are all aware that a beginner golfer is not likely to hit dead center.

Loft of the driver

To better square the ball at impact and achieve faster ball speeds with low spin and reduced slices, beginners should opt for higher-lofted drivers. Usually, a 10 to 12-degree driver is a norm, but even a higher loft is not going to obstruct the golfer from achieving a penetrating ball trajectory and more distance.

If you enjoyed this review and would like to see other items we have written about for Beginners, please check out the best Putter for beginners, Wedge, Sand as well as an assortment of other Golf wedges, along with our pick for most forgiving irons. You may also enjoy our picks for Golf balls, including our top choice for novices.