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Whether you took a break from golfing because of an injury, Covid, winter, or simply because you hit one too many golf shots in the woods, it may be time to get back out on the golf course.

Golf is growing faster than it has in many years.

Equipment releases are impressive; golf courses are offering deals and fun events to get golfers back out there. If it has been a while for you and you want to get back out on the golf course, we have all the information you need.

Ensuring that you take the proper steps will ensure that your transition back to the course is successful.

How To Get Back Into Golf After A Long Break (Five Tips)

Here are five of our best tips for getting your swing back and learning to play your best again, even after a long break. Getting back into the game can be frustrating, but know that you are not alone in this process.

Better Physical Condition

Just because you are not playing and hitting balls does not mean that you can’t work on your physical condition. We have now learned that golfers that are in better shape hit their driver further and their irons more consistently. There is really no way around this.

If you want to get into better condition for golf, start walking more, spend a bit of time in the gym, and maybe even take a swim, do something to keep your body moving.

Develop A Routine

You must develop a routine before you head back to the course. You can go to the range and work on your routine, or you can simply work on your routine right from home.

If you have a pre-shot routine, you will line up, look at your target and step into your shot the same way every time.

Having a great routine helps players control their tempo. If you haven’t been on the golf course in a while, chances are your tempo won’t be great. By spending a bit of time working on the routine, the tempo will come back quicker.How Do I Get Back Into Golf After A Long Break? - AEC Info


When getting back into golf, it’s important to practice a bit at the range. When you practice, you will want to hit some tee shots, some approach shots and spend a lot of time on the short game.

Eventually, we all learn how to swing a club and make contact with the ball. However, players that take the game to the next level are great at the short game.

When you take time off from the game, focus on the short game upon your return. It’s easy to lose your feel and touch around the greens, and you will need this if you want to play great golf again.

Play Nine Holes

Your first day back on the golf course should not be a big day. Don’t wait for a tournament or an event or a golf vacation with your friends to get back into the game. Simply go out and play nine-hole late one afternoon.

Don’t keep score; keep your swing speed rather controlled and try to have an enjoyable round.

Ensure that your grip pressure is not too tight and focus on hitting fairways and greens more than on shooting par. You may find that you are playing quite well if you have don’t the proper pre-work before returning to the course.

Take It Slow

After that first nine-hole round, your swing may be starting to feel like it is getting back to its old ways. If you have practiced at home and done the mental prep work, you should be ready to hit the course on a more frequent basis. Pay attention to the pace at which you jump back into the game.

Ensure that you are giving your body and mind time to adjust to being back on the course.

Once you feel as though you are back to your normal golfing self, take a look at the equipment changes that have occurred during your hiatus. Chances are there are some impressive additions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking breaks from golf is not all that rare. Here are a few questions people ask about getting their distance, handicap, and putting stroke back after a break from the game.

How Do I Get My Golf Game Back?

To get your golf game back, you will need to work on both the physical and mental aspects of the game. Most of the time, players are trying a bit too hard and working on the wrong things.

Take a few lessons with a pro, read some golf articles, and take a video of your swing.

See what clues you can figure out before you make too many changes.

What Do You Do After A Bad Round of Golf?

Most players find it most effective to head to the driving range after a bad round. Pull the clubs out of your bag that gave you trouble and work out the issue.

You may be tired and swinging a little slower, but work on some drills to fix these issues in your game.

It could be all it takes to make the next round much more effective.

How Do I Restart My Golf Swing?

Restarting a golf swing completely is hard. You will never again get to swing the club for the first time.

Now you know what a solid shot feels like, and you will likely chase this solid shot for years to come.

If you want to do a complete reworking of your golf swing, find a local golf professional that teaches one specific type of swing. Sign up for a lesson and see what they can do with your golf swing.

For the most part, people choose to work on the swing as opposed to starting from scratch.

Conclusion: Getting Back Into Golf

Taking up golf for the first time is really hard. Getting back into the game post-injury, winter, or busy period in life is much easier. You know what it takes to be a great golfer, and that is the key.

However, you can’t rush this process, and you must give yourself time to adjust to becoming a golfer again.

Take the swings slowly, work on practicing at home and loosen that grip before you step up to the first tee.