More and more golfers are heading out to play 9 holes of golf. The time it takes to play a 9 hole round will vary, but it is much easier to fit in the course of your day or week than an 18 hole round. Even if you are not a professional golfer, you can get a 9 hole round of golf in quickly. Let’s look at how long it takes to play 9 holes of golf. 

How Long Does it Take to Play 9 Holes of Golf ? 

Most of the time, a 9 hole round of golf will take the average player about two hours and 15 minutes. A more experienced golfer can get their round in under two hours.

However, there are quite a few other factors that can impact the pace of play. If you are trying to narrow down how long it may take you to play 9 holes, we have the information that you need. 

Player Ability 

image of guy playing golf - AEC InfoThe skill level will impact the pace of play. Although some experienced players can be very slow golfers, the golf ball will travel straighter and further and improve the average time of a hole. Skilled players very rarely put approach shots into water hazards or bounce shots off the cart path, and this saves time. 

Higher handicap golfers should learn how to play ready golf and ask their golf buddies for tips on playing a bit faster. 

Golf Course Type

The type and difficulty of the golf course will impact the pace of play. The golf course size is a factor that can increase the time as well. Sometimes a 9 hole golf round will be on a course that is 3000 yards other times; it could be 3500 yards. As you can imagine, the longer golf courses can take a little extra time. 

People In Front of You

If you are on a busy golf course with one group after another, it becomes challenging to keep up your pace of play. Even if you are playing fast, you will move to the next hole and wait again. If you want to get in some faster rounds, you have to play at the beginning or the end of the day. 

Number Of Players In The Group

Most of the time, a foursome will take longer to play than a single or a twosome. This comes down to golfers looking for tee shots, lining up putts, and more. If the foursome has a few poor players or inexperienced players, then the round of 9 holes can get really long. 

Walking or Riding

Many golfers think that riding the golf course is considerably faster than walking. This may be the case for some, but the average golfer that walks at a brisk pace can still have a fast-playing time while walking. Single players should consider walking as it will help improve the wait times on the golf hole. Having to wait for a group each and every hole is a bit annoying. 

Sometimes when walking the golf course, you will have to choose a tee time that is not during the prime times on the golf course. This is a local rule at some golf courses because of the average walking time they are getting from players. 

For the most part, time management is more important than the transportation you take around the golf course. Simply be ready to hit, watch your actual shot, and record scores from the previous hole as you are getting to the next tee box. 

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions will impact the amount of time it takes to play golf. You will notice that poor weather slows down the pace of play considerably. Betweenimage of guy playing golf - AEC Info holes of golf, players will be looking to dry their grips and get themselves ready for the next hole. 

In addition, windy days can slow down the pace of play as well. Regardless of your golfing skills, the wind has a significant impact on the golf ball and where it goes. Even an expert golfer will struggle to get the ball to travel as far as usual and shoot lower scores while playing in rough weather conditions. 

Tips To improve Pace of Play for 9 Holes

Now that you have a general idea of the time it takes to play 9 holes, here are a few ways to work on picking up the pace of your 9 hole round. Remember that you can share these tips with the golfers in your group to try and ensure that the entire foursome has a much better day on the golf course. 

Play Ready Golf

Although honors are important during a match, when you are playing a polite round of golf with friends, it does not matter who has the honors. If you are ready to hit your golf shot, go ahead and hit. This will save plenty of time during the course of a round. 

Play From The Proper Tees

If you are playing a challenging golf course, it may make sense to move up a set of tees. Sometimes hitting over lots of water or trying to carry large bunkers or sand traps is too tricky for some players. Take a look at the yardage marker on the scorecard and if the course is too long, move up a set of tees and enjoy a much faster pace. 

Avoid the Busy Times On The Tee Sheet

If you play at the same golf course often, you should get a general idea as to when the course is busy. A key component to the pace of play is how busy the tee sheet is. Some golf courses send players out every 7 minutes; others will wait 10 minutes between groups. Pacing experts will tell you that larger gaps between groups help improve the pace of play. 

Limit Practice Swings

Practice is for the driving range, and playing is for the golf course. Sometimes standing out there taking three or four practice swings each time you hit a ball will be more time-consuming and unnecessary. Take a practice swing, feel warmed up, and then hit your shot. 


Hopefully, you now feel ready to get in a quick round of 9 holes of golf. With how fast the pace of play can be for 9 holes, you may be able to get more rounds in during the week and become a better golfer. Make sure you play at facilities where they value a faster pace of play, and you can enjoy all that the golf course has to offer. Most great players will tell you that it is much easier to shoot a good round when your pace of play is fast.