As someone who has indulged in numerous rounds of golf over the years, I have determined the golf bag I carry can add or take away from my golfing experience.

A great golf bag should be practical, well organized, effortless to carry, and tailored to meet your particular requirements. In this piece, I impart my thoughts on discovering the perfect golf bag that aligns with your preferences and indispensable needs.

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Determine your requirements

Before exploring the wide array of choices on the market, it’s crucial to assess your individual needs as a golfer. Ask yourself some questions like:

How frequently do you play? Do you usually walk or use a golf cart? What’s your budget? What are your preferred storage and organization options?

How you respond to these questions will determine the type of golf bag you choose.

Golf bag varieties

There are numerous types of golf bags to consider, each with advantages and characteristics. Let’s delve into the most prevalent kinds:

Carry golf bags 

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Designed for golfers who enjoy walking the course, carry bags, also called stand bags, are lightweight and usually include a built-in stand for easy bag placement and club access. Seek a bag with cushioned, comfortable straps that distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, simplifying carrying for longer durations.

Cart cart bags

Golfers who mainly rely on riding or push carts when playing should consider cart bags. These bags are generally larger and heavier than carry bags, boasting additional storage space and compartments for your possessions.

They are crafted to fit snugly on a cart, granting effortless access to your golf club and equipment throughout your game. When selecting a cart bag, examine the pocket arrangement and the bag’s compatibility with the cart type you usually employ.

Stand golf bags | Staff bags

Staff bags, also called tour bags or stand golf bags, represent the most spacious and luxurious golf bag category. Often utilized by professional golfers during tour events, staff bags provide the most extensive storage and organization choices, with plenty of room for all your clubs, accessories, and personal belongings.

These bags can be quite hefty and are typically not meant for carrying around the course. If you want a bag that leaves a lasting impression while offering top-notch organization and ample storage space, a staff bag could be the ideal option.

Sunday golf bags

Sunday bags are lightweight and smaller than a traditional golf bag meant to hold a few of your most important clubs.  Your Sunday bag will hold anywhere between 5 and 14 clubs depending on the size of the grips. If you have oversized grips or jumbo grips, you won’t be able to fit as many.

The purpose of the Sunday bag is to give golfers who enjoy walking the golf course a lightweight option to carry around the course.  Some have one strap or double straps, and others will provide a stand while some are meant to just be laid on the ground.  

Although you may not use your Sunday golf bag for every round of golf, they are versatile enough to throw a few clubs in to play a quick nine after work, or when heading to the range to practice your game.  They are also great for the Emergency 9 you may play with your group after your round. 

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Evaluate storage and organization

A crucial aspect of selecting a golf bag is determining the storage and organization you need. Think about the number of clubs you carry and extra items like balls, tees, gloves, rangefinders, and clothing.

Ensure the bag you choose offers sufficient space and compartments to accommodate your necessities comfortably.

Consider these storage features:

  • Club dividers: Most golf bags include dividers to separate and safeguard your clubs. Find a bag with a sufficient number of dividers for your set, as well as your preferred divider system. Full-length dividers typically offer superior club organization and protection.
  • Accessory pockets: These compartments are intended for smaller items, such as balls, tees, and gloves. Opt for a bag with many accessible accessory pockets while on the course.
  • Apparel pockets: Spacious pockets for storing additional clothing, rain gear, or outerwear can be useful in unpredictable weather situations. Ensure the bag you select has adequate space for any extra layers.
  • Valuables pocket: A lined, dedicated valuables pocket can help protect your personal belongings like wallets, keys, phones, and other items from damage during your game. This feature is especially useful for keeping your possessions secure and orderly.
  • Cooler pocket: Insulated cooler pockets are included in some golf bags, allowing you to maintain the temperature of your beverages and snacks throughout your round. This feature comes in handy if you prefer to stay refreshed and energized while playing.

After narrowing down your choices and identifying a few top contenders, try them in person if feasible. Numerous golf retailers let you test their bags on-site, so take this chance to see how the bag feels when filled with your clubs and equipment. Evaluate the comfort of the straps or handles and the ease of accessing your clubs and accessories.

If testing the bag in person is not an option, read reviews from fellow golfers who have bought and used the same bag. Check for comments on durability, comfort, storage features, and any drawbacks.

Don’t forget to wrap that thing up when you travel!  Invest in a high quality Travel golf bag to keep your new bag and clubs from getting ruined on a plane or during road trips.

Concluding remarks

Selecting the ideal golf bag is a crucial decision that can significantly influence your overall golf experience. By examining your needs, exploring various bag types, and considering factors such as storage for golf equipment, durability, and personal style, you can discover a bag that caters to your unique demands.

Don’t hesitate to invest in a high-quality bag that will offer years of dependable use and enhance your enjoyment on the course.