The typical driver length is 45 inches , but if you have a driver that is a few years old, you may have a club that is not quite long enough for your needs. In our guide, we will show you how to measure driver shaft length and the ideal shaft length for your golf game.

The driver is an important club, so having some information on the specifics of what works for you can only help you become a better player.

How-to measure your driver shaft length Measuring driver length with tape measure - AEC Info

To measure the shaft length of your driver, we recommend following these steps.

  1. Set the driver on the ground as you normally would to hit a golf ball
  2. Take a 48 inch measuring stick or tape measure and place it on the ground
  3. Measure from the grip end of the driver down do the heel of the club to get your measurement
  4. Keep in mind that the standard length for a ladies driver is typically an inch shorter than it is for men

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How to shorten or cut driver shaft

If you find that a shorter shaft will be a better fit for you than the average driver length, you can cut down the length of your golf driver. This process is not difficult for shorter players that want to make a quick adjustment to their equipment.

  1. Remove the golf grip on your driver, be careful that you do not scratch the shaft as you are taking the grip off
  2. Mark the driver shaft where you want the shorter driver to be as far as full length is concerned; we recommend adding about a 1/8 inch for the measuring line and the cut
  3. Put the golf club in a vice so that it does not move around while you cut, use a golf club tube cutter or saw to complete the cut on the golf club
  4. With a graphite shaft, it makes sense to take the shaft as you cut so that fragments of graphite do not split off
  5. Once you have the shorter shaft, you can check with your golf club ruler to make sure it is accurate and then put a new golf grip back on, remember when checking the length to always stand in a normal playing position

Effects of shortening your golf club

When you shorten a golf shaft, it will have an impact on the swing weight as well as the clubhead speed that a player can get. In addition, any great club fitter will tell you that you can make more consistent contact with a shorter golf club.

However, taller players will not always benefit as they will likely leave some distance on the table. Longer golf clubs can travel further, especially on the tee shot, but they are also harder to control.

For the shorter player or average height player, ball speed and club speed should increase with this shorter club in hand.

Expect the swing weight to decrease and adding weight to the club may be necessary for some.

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How to lengthen your driver shaft

If you have done an accurate floor measurement or static measurement of your golf driver and realize that you need something suited for taller golfers, then you can length the golf shaft.

image of how to measure length of golf driver shaft - AEC Info

The height measurement of a golf shaft cannot be more than 48 inches. Taller golfers still need to find the perfect driver shaft length that is within the rules of the USGA.

  1. Take an accurate wrist-to-floor measurement and height measurement to ensure that a longer golf driver will actually help you gain extra distance. Tall players need a longer golf driver, but there could be issues with the angle of attack and swing action if you don’t have an accurate measurement
  2. Remove the grip of the golf club that needs to be lengthened
  3. Add an extension to the end of the golf grip end of the club; this extension typically comes in standard driver shaft length sizes, you also have the option of replacing the entire shaft, but that is much more expensive
  4. After placing the extension, you can put a new grip on the driver
  5. Check with a club fitter of the original golf club manufacturer to see how the club weight is impacted and if this will change extra yards, shaft stiffness, or create a more upright lie angle

What is the ideal shaft length?

image of what is the ideal driver shaft length - AEC Info

The ideal driver shaft length for a male golfer in the driver shaft is 45 inches, and for female golfers, it is between 43 and 44 inches.

The traditional golf driver was always 44 inches until a few years ago when new technology made it possible for players to use a 45 inch shaft and still get great results.

The fairway wood shaft length is closer to 43 inches, but this will change from one manufacturer to another.

Iron shafts also have their own measurements that will vary from one club to the next. An iron shaft can also have a single length across the set, as in the one length irons that some players use.

What is the maximum length you can use?

According to the rules of the game of golf, you must not have a driver shaft that exceeds 48 inches. Some golfers that play in long drive competitions will try and play with the longest golf driver possible.

This is to help them gain more speed, but it is hard for players to square the clubface at impact.

The minimum driver length is 18 inches, but you will not see any golfers trying to use this as it will greatly impact the distances that players can get.

The 44-inch shafts are common for both men and women golfers, and you will also see the 45 and 46 inch shafts in the most recent releases from manufacturers.

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How to pick the perfect shaft length

There are a few things you should be considering when choosing the right shaft length for your driver. Each of these will impact your ability to hit the ball consistently.

an infographic detailing what you need to choose the perfect shaft length

Shaft length modifications can make a large difference in performance, and they need to be handled carefully.

  • Overall height: make sure that you know what the recommended shaft length is for someone your height
  • Wrist To Floor: height is an incomplete measurement; players should also know their wrist to floor length to make sure they are getting a better idea as to what they need
  • Dynamic fitting: static measurements at impact position and setup are fine, but a dynamic fitting will show if you can handle a longer golf shaft when swinging at your typical swing speeds; club fitters will be able to provide a dynamic fitting for your game
  • Club Length Chart: looking at a proper club length chart can help some players determine if the standard club length is even within the reason
  • Accuracy: think about your current level of accuracy with your golf clubs, does it make sense to go with a standard shaft length or something longer or shorter to improve overall accuracy

Increase distance & accuracy with a Perfect measurement

Professional club fitters will tell you that driver shaft length plays a major role in accuracy. Having the correct club length will only help you to become a more accurate golfer.

The biggest club is not always the best club, and you must be sure that you can handle the golf club in your hands.

Make sure that when you make adjustments to the length of the club, you are also considering if you need additional weights or if you can handle the heavier shaft that may be in your clubs.

Club fitting sessions with a launch monitor may give you all the details you need.