Sometimes the only way to afford new golf clubs is to sell the old ones. Selling your old golf equipment to get some cash to put towards new ones is a perfect solution to the ever-changing technology in the world of golf.

Selling your golf clubs can be a bit tricky if you have no idea how to price or properly market the clubs. Luckily we have put together some tips to get the highest price possible when selling your clubs. Our tips are proven to work because we have tried them ourselves!

Tips to get the highest price for used golf clubs

The first time you try to sell golf clubs, you may have difficulty getting them to move. Luckily, you can follow a few simple steps to help ensure that you get the right price and that you can sell the clubs quickly.

Here are our tips for selling your old clubs at the highest price possible.

Value the clubs properly

Finding the trade-in value on your the clubs you are selling is the most important part of the process. If you are not valuing the equipment fairly, you will find that people will just skip over your listing. When selling used clubs, you need to remove any emotion from the sale.

Even if these clubs allowed you to win a club championship or make your first birdie, they are still used golf clubs, and the values deplete quickly. Some older golf clubs may be worth donating as opposed to even trying to sell.

There are quite a few different value guide resources on the internet that you can use to take a look at what other people are selling clubs for. It’s also a good idea to look at other eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook marketplace listings to see what they are asking for the golf clubs.

Tips to sell golf clubs for the highest price

Sell as soon as you can

If you are starting to think that your clubs are not for you, list them right away. Putting them in your garage for a few years to see if you will go back to them is a mistake. Most golfers will never go back to the other technology, and the clubs are just going to lose value in the garage.

Buyers of used golf clubs want something that came to the market within the last few years. Even beginners are looking for large driver heads, forgiving fairway woods, and game improvement irons.

The clubs from 15 or 20 years ago will barely move on the market and won’t bring you much value on trade-ins either.

If you think you are done with your clubs, sell them as soon as possible.

Be willing to separate and sell clubs individually

Even though your set of 14 golf clubs worked well for your game, they are not going to sell well online as a complete set. When you have different brands in the irons or fairway wood, a buyer will have a hard time finding this to be a good match for them. The best thing to do is to list the clubs separately.

Work in groups; if all your wedges match, you can sell them together; otherwise, sell them individually. If you want to get your iron set sold, you will have to put it together as a complete set.

Fairway woods, hybrids, and of course, drivers should all be sold as individual units and never combined as a set.

Take great photos of your golf clubs

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The pictures that you post of your used golf club will make or break the sale of the club. People are sold on the way that the clubs look in the picture and will be enticed to buy based on the picture.

Even if a listing has a better price and better golf clubs to sell, the used golf equipment with the best picture will sell for more.

Selling clubs online is the fastest way to get it done, but you have to give potential buyers a lot of information in the listings.

Let them know the company, specifications, conditions, selling or trading, if the clubs require local pickup, and more.

The more information you give, the fewer questions you will have to answer when you sell your clubs.


There is no perfect place to sell golf clubs. Most of the time, selling on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist works well for a local sale, and with eBay, you will have to ship the product.

With shipping, make sure you pay attention to the shipping label and the packaging costs so that you don’t end up costing yourself too many fees on the sale. We found some great Golf club shipping box you can buy online.

Selling on eBay can make the process a bit more difficult, but if you want to expose the clubs to a wide range of golfers, you will need to ensure that you place the clubs for sale in a number of different places.

Trade | Barter

Although you may be hoping to get quite a bit of money out of the sale of your clubs, it may be best to trade them in. Although you will not get as much on a trade-in, the process is much easier than selling the clubs.

If you are in a hurry to get this done and to get your next set of golf clubs, trading them in is the best way to go.

With a trade, you will get money towards your next set of clubs from a local golf shop instead of getting a payment. This process is very simple, and you won’t have to sell used golf clubs to get some value for them.

Take care of your golf clubs

It may be a little late for some with this tip, but if you really want to ensure that you make good money on your golf clubs, try to take good care of them all along. The better you take care of your clubs, the more money they will be worth at some point.

Clean golf clubs after a round of golf, don’t let them hit other clubs in the bag; take a drop when you hit a golf shot on the cart path. It doesn’t take much to ensure that your golf clubs are still worth something someday.



Hopefully, you feel like you can now sell your used golf clubs for a great price. Our tips of finding the proper trade-in value, taking care of your golf equipment, and then selling across several different platforms can really help to ensure you get a high dollar amount for your clubs.

If you find that you don’t want to deal with selling your golf clubs, simply trade them in toward your next set.

You will save yourself some time and frustration and still be on your way towards your next set of great clubs. For some more information on golf clubs and more check out