Topgolf is a growing franchise that now has more than 70 locations around the world. With the popularity of Topgolf and the overall enjoyment people get from this experience, we will likely see even more Topgolf locations popping up.

The great thing about Topgolf is that it is a perfect place for golfers and nongolfers to enjoy some of what the game of golf has to offer. If you have been thinking about making a trip to your local Topgolf but want to be a bit more informed, we have all the answers you need.

How Does Topgolf Work?

image of golfer in driving range - AEC InfoTopgolf is essentially a driving range game, a bit like playing golf at a bowling alley. The Topgolf experience is more about accuracy and shot-making than it is about playing a round of golf. This is partly what makes Topgolf a great solution for all skill levels.

There are plenty of people who use Topgolf to just practice swinging and hit a few golf balls; however, the real fun begins when you try and play the Topgolf game. Depending on your skill level, this can get quite competitive.

Objective of Topgolf

Each golf ball at Topgolf comes with a microchip in the center of it. This chip can be tracked from the time you hit it, and this is how you are going to keep track of the points you earn. When you hit a shot to a far-away pin, and it stays near the target, you will get points. The closer your ball is to the target, the more points you get.

You can play Topgolf by hitting balls with a group of people and having a few different hitting bays all work together. Those who get to the advanced skill level with Topgolf have to be extremely accurate with their golfing abilities and take it from the entertainment level to compete.

Checking in and Setting Up

When you get to Topgolf for the first time, you will stop in and sign up at the player’s services desk. There will be several packages that you can choose from. However, mostly you will choose from the number of games that you want to play or the number of hours spent at Topgolf. The cost for the game will vary depending on the hour of the day and whether or not you are a junior, senior, etc.

The golf balls that you get when you pay for your game will be registered to you. This means that when you hit your targets, these golf balls will record your score. Ensure that when you hit your shots as part of the game, you are only using the golf balls that you were given.

Curious about the dress code? We break down what to wear to Topgolf here

Different Game Choices

Once you are ready to start playing, you will need to choose which game you want to play. Some of the options include Topgolf, TopPressure, TopBreak, Topchip and more. Each game will focus on different types of shots that must be hit. The higher your skill level, the more difficult of a game you can choose. If you are heading to play with friends and family, it makes sense to choose the Topgolf game as it is perfect for an intermediate or new Topgolf fan.

Golf Club Selection

IF you don’t have your own golf clubs, there are clubs at the hitting bay that you can use. The options will work for a wide range of players and typically do not increase the cost of your Topgolf outing. Novice golfers who have not yet invested in golf clubs can still enjoy the fun that Topgolf offers. Those that are serious about their Topgolf scoring and want to take advantage of their own golf technology can absolutely do so.

Hitting Golf Shots

When you are ready to start hitting your shots to the intended target or hole, you simply scan the ball and swing away. With the chip in the ball being calculated, your distance and proximity are recorded and will show on the computer screen in your booth. The game consists of 20 golf shots; once each person in your group has hit 20 shots, the game is over. The person with the highest score is going to win.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Topgolf?

For a more detailed answer, we break down the Topgolf hourly rate here. 

Most Topgolf locations are going to charge by the hour. When you pay for the hour, you won’t pay per person but instead to essentially rent a bay. The cost is usually anywhere from $25 to $30 for the hour, and it can allow multiple people to play the game. When compared to a typical driving range, Topgolf is considerably more expensive. However, Topgolf offers a level of entertainment much different than that of a regular driving range.

You will get high-tech feedback on your game, be able to score points by hitting targets, and even have fun while in the process. Overall the ability to play these Topgolf games and enjoy time with friends and family makes the price well worth it.

Can Beginners Play TopGolf?

One of the most common questions about Topgolf is whether or not it makes sense for a beginner to go and play these games. The great news about Topgolf is that it is really designed to work for any skill level. Similar to bowling, when people play Topgolf, they don’t have to score the most points, hit the longest ball, or track down every target. The game can be played just for fun.

It certainly helps if you have been to the driving range a few times in your life. However, if you have not, just try some practice swings before you start your games and ensure that you have the general concept of how to hit a golf ball.

Topgolf Food And Drink

image of man enjoying a meal in topgolf - AEC Info

Another reason that people enjoy Topgolf is that you can also order food and drink and have it delivered directly to your hitting bay. If you want a great location for a fun night out or a birthday celebration, the Topgolf experience is a great choice. The food and drink choices also help to increase the fun for those that are not serious golfers.

Is Topgolf Worth Checking Out?

Regardless of if you are new to the game or have loved golf your entire life, most people find Topgolf to be quite a bit of fun. Getting to practice your golf swing, play a competitive game, and enjoy time with friends is really a great combination.

The Topgolf locations are becoming easier to find, and there are memberships and special savings for those that spend a lot of time at these locations. The staff at AEC Info think you will enjoy the way Topgolf works and probably make this a regular stop in your entertainment routine.