Clubhead speed is one of the most important stats to look at when analyzing a golfer’s swing. The reason behind this is that clubhead speed in the golf swing will directly impact the distance and accuracy of your golf shots. For many players increasing clubhead speed is a challenge.

If you are working on getting more swing speed, clubhead speed, and distance in your golf game, you are in the right place. We will give you our top tips for learning how to increase clubhead speed in your golf game.

Tips to increase clubhead speed

There are many ways to learn to hit the golf ball further, but almost all of them will require more clubhead speed. If you are ready to see how you can get the most clubhead speed in your game, keep reading.image of golf swing speed trainer - AEC Info

Weighted club

A weighted golf club will help you develop your large muscles in both your lower body and upper body. The weighted club allows you to learn how to develop maximum speed. When you have a heavy golf club in your hand, it is difficult to swing. Your body must work harder.

When you switch back to your regular golf club, it will feel incredibly lightweight and allow you to gain distance in your shots. The weighted club is essentially a way of completing strength training while still practicing your golf swing.

One of the best drills we can recommend is using something like a weighted club, the Orange Whip or the Lagshot as a warm-up every morning. On the days you play golf, you won’t believe the club speed you have obtained.

Playing with the proper equipment

If you think about the difference between driving a race car and driving a minivan, you can imagine that there is a difference in speed. This is because these two vehicles are going to have different components. One is built for speed; one is not.

Golf equipment can be the same way. Some golf equipment is designed to help players get more speed; other equipment will work to keep a club face square throughout the swing.

If you are struggling to get the golf club head speed that you need in your game, you may want to look at some of the other equipment out there. Even professional golfers will try hitting new equipment when it comes to the market; they want to see if they can get some increased speed for the upcoming season.

Fitness and nutrition

Years ago, developing speed in the golf swing was not looked at the same as in other sports. Golfers were almost exempt from the exercises and nutrition that were deemed necessary in running, swimming, basketball, baseball, and more.

In today’s world of golf, this has changed completely. Most golfers that are serious about their game will work on golf-specific exercises and flexibility training to help them swing faster. These exercises will focus both on big muscles and small muscles.

To ensure that players have more energy during their rounds, they will try and narrow down their diet and focus on proper nutrition. If you eat well and your body is functioning at its highest level, you should have no trouble swinging fast.

Balance and stability

In order to be able to get more ball speed and swing speed, you will need to be stable in your golf swing. With the proper strength training and balance practice, image of downunder board golf training aid - AEC Info many golfers can learn to swing the club with more speed.

Essentially you cannot swing the club faster but lose balance. When this happens, your control over your shots will be lacking, and you will probably end up hitting the ball in several different directions.

Gain balance and stability through having the proper tempo in your game.

The team at AEC Info realizes how important balance and stability is when it comes to your golf swing, and improving your swing speed.  Check out our recent review on the Down Under board to see what drills and exercises can help you increase speed. 

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Mental Game Confidence

One thing that many golfers forget is how important it is to be confident in the shot that you are going to hit. If you stand over a ball and think to yourself that you will hit a great shot, chances are you will hit a great shot.

If, however, you stand over the ball and you worry about the woods or the water, chances are you will decelerate as you come through the impact position. Once you have better mental game confidence, you can accelerate through all of your shots and get the distance and strength that you need.

You can get some great books on the mental game for golf on Amazon.  Dr. Bob Ratella is one that I have listened to for years.  We created a link here:

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Flexibility training

In addition to getting strong, you can get more clubhead speed if your can increase your arch in your swing. You don’t necessarily need to swing the club back further, yet you will want to ensure that you can get a very good rotation. The rotation is essential for swinging the club through impact the same way every time.

The flexibility training tends to make a big difference with the driver and ensures that you will get maximum distance on your drives.

Take a golf lesson

image of golf trainer working with golf player on driving range - AEC Info

Sometimes you could be making a simple mistake in your golf swing that is causing you to leave those longer shots in the bag. If you want to see if there is a quick fix to getting more club head speed, consider taking a golf lesson.

The golf professional will typically take videos of your swing and give you some information to watch to understand how to increase strength. Sometimes there will be a key drill or exercise that helps you create that clubhead speed you have been missing out on.

If you have tried many of our other suggestions and still struggle with the clubhead speed issue, take a golf lesson and let a professional figure this out for you.

Get Aggressive

Last but certainly not least is to get aggressive. So many times, players are trying to remain in balance and be careful that they don’t swing too hard that they forget to get aggressive in their golf game. If you are serious about hitting the ball a long way, you need to swing at the ball with confidence and get aggressive.

Whether this requires some time at the gym or at the driving range, you must learn how to take an aggressive swing at the ball that does not hold back. Only then will you see your full capabilities when it comes to clubhead speed.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you have some things to work on to help you increase your clubhead speed and play some more impressive golf. Remember that the clubhead speed is going to translate into ball speed and distance directly.

However, when you hit the ball with more clubhead speed, you will also benefit from things like control, speed, and sometimes even accuracy. Clubhead speed is essential and something that all amateur golfers should be working on with their golf game.

You can use a number of different Launch monitors and golf simulators which we have reviewed on our site to measure your swing speed.  Our favorite, however, is the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor.

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