Putting is the most critical part of the golf game. If you can learn to putt well, you can learn to score well. While golf simulators help you analyze shot data, Indoor putting greens give golfers the chance to work on their putting while they are away from the golf course. The more time you can practice your putting, the better you will get.

Overall, indoor putting greens are an excellent investment and can really help you work on your putting stroke. There are, however, quite a few on the market to choose from, and it can be a bit hard to narrow them down. Here are the best indoor putting green options on the market.

 10 Best Putting Mats Reviewed

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

image of putt-a-bout grassroots par three putting green - AEC Info
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The Putt A Bout Golf Putting Green is the best indoor putting green on the market. This green comes at an affordable price, and it has unique shaping to help provide you with a variety of different putts. The best indoor putting greens also have a high-quality smooth surface, and the Putt A Bout comes well equipped.

The total length of this mat is 3 x 9, and you can really work on perfecting those six or seven foot putts that we all tend to miss too often. Most of the time, an indoor green is going to be a simple way to practice the short putts that make scoring count. With three practice cup cutouts and room to move around, you won’t find a better option on the market.


  • Made from PET Resin
  • Kidney shaped putting green for better angles
  • Has three holes to shoot to
  • Very fair pricing
  • Has a realistic putting surface
  • Features a high uphill slope before the hole which helps you work on pace


  • Won’t get in more than a 9 foot putt
  • Lacks a return function

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

image of sklz golf indoor putting green - AEC Info
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The SKLZ Golf Indoor putting green helps golfers feel exactly what it is like on the golf course. The thing we like about the SKLZ Golf is that it is built on a slight upslope. This makes it feel as though it is more of a typical putting green.

The SKLZ Golf is another model that gives you three holes to choose from so that you can get the exact angle that you want when you putt. The mat is about 9 feet long and three feet wide. In addition, there are bunker set up behind the hole to catch any putt that you may miss.

Therefore if you end up practicing on a hard surface, the SKLZ is also an excellent option to consider.


  • Fake bunkers catch missed putts
  • Portable model
  • Very true roll


  • Not great for practicing very long putts

JEF WORLD OF GOLF Professional Large Realistic Putting Training Mat

image of jef world of golf professional large realistic putting training mat - AEC Info
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For a putting green that is truly built like your real putting greet at your course, you may want to try the JEF World of Golf Professional Putting Training Mat. These indoor golf mats are almost four feet wide by nine feet long, and have a large area for you to work on your green. In addition, there is a slight border around the JEF mat that allows you to putt from the edge of the mat.

This will come with two flags that make it much easier to alternate the putts that you are hitting and get in a variety of different golf shots. For those that don’t have the room indoors, you can also move this outdoors, and it holds up quite well.


  • High quality indoor putting mat
  • Large wide surface to practice
  • Can make indoor putting a breeze


  • Would love for it to be just a little bigger

GoSports 10’x5′ Golf Putting Green

image of gosports 10'x5' golf putting green - AEC Info
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The GoSports 10 x 5′ Golf putting green is one of the best indoor putting greens for golfers that are serious about their indoor putting and perfecting their putting stroke. The best feature of the GoSports putting green is that it is quite large; you will get ten feet of putting surface to work on.

Another essential thing to mention about GoSports is the ability to customize the cup on the putting green. You can make the cup size smaller so that it becomes harder to make putts. Overall this will only help to improve precision long term.

When fully set up, there are six flags 6 cups, and 6 grass plugs.


  • Can be used for indoor putting games
  • One of the larger indoor putting mats
  • A great option for those that want indoor/outdoor usability


  • It can be difficult to move around

Callaway Odyssey 12 Ft. Indoor Putting Green Golf Mat Golf Putting Training Aid

image of callaway odyssey 12 ft. indoor putting green golf mat golf putting training aid - AEC Info
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In addition to making some of the most forgiving and longest hitting equipment on the market, Callaway also makes some great training aids and alignment tools. Callaway golf is a high quality company that puts out products that last, and the Callaway Odyssey is undoubtedly no different.

This indoor practice mat is a 12′ x 3′ option that feels like a real putting surface. In addition, there is a foam wedge that you can place under the mat to make it feel as though the putts are breaking. If you want to work on your consistency and ability to hit a variety of shots, this is a great option.


  • Long length 12′ x 3′
  • High quality backing that can be folded
  • Made with high quality materials


  • Made with high quality materials
  • Lacks alignment lines on the mat

Chriiena Golf Putting Green

image of chriiena golf putting green - AEC Info
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The Chriiena Golf Putting Green is probably not an indoor putting mat you have heard of, yet this is absolutely one to consider if you are in the market for a putting green. The real feel of the mat is impressive, and it is going to roll to about a ten on the stimp meter.

Customers often have a hard time working on the accurate putts that they want, and they get bored with putting the same straight 7 foot putt over and over again. This is why Chriiena has put together an option that allows you to move the cup around and enjoy different types of shots.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It has a very real feel
  • Very easy to maintain
  • No issues with moving the cup around to try different putts


  • Brand name is not well known

Gracetech Golf Putting Green

image of gracetech golf putting green - AEC Info
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The Gracetech Golf Putting Green is a well known higher-end option that is 4ft wide by 10ft long. You will easily be able to accommodate a wide variety of putts using this particular model. In addition, the fact that it is made with synthetic grass and a nylon edge means that it will last for years to come.

We love how easy it is to get the Gracetech to clean up and run at the perfect speed for an indoor putting mat. You will notice that you can quickly put this green away or keep it out, but it does tend to wrinkle if you fold it up too often.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Good speed
  • Thick high quality materials
  • 3 set of golf hole cups and flags


  • Not as portable as other mats

Rukket Golf Putting Green

image of rukket sports 2-in-1 putting green - AEC Info
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The Rukket Golf Putting green is a really interesting product that is both a training tool and a putting green. On the left side of the mat, you can work on your putting stroke and practice with the track; on the right side, you can independently work on your putting stroke. Having the ability to train and get to practice on the true roll surface is a great combination to have in place.

The Rukket golf putting green has an easy automatic ball return track and makes it enjoyable to work on your putting speed and distance control. In addition, this is a reputable company that has a 100% lifetime warranty on your putting green.


  • Great combination of indoor putting green and training tool
  • Plenty of room to work on your putting stroke
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Will require a large surface area to set up one of these indoor putting greens

PERFECT PRACTICE Perfect Putting Mat

image of perfect practice perfect putting mat - AEC Info
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If you follow professional golf, you may know the name Dustin Johnson as being one of the best putters on tour. The Perfect Practice Putting mat is a product that Dustin Johnson supports using for your home or office. The Perfect Practice mats have a very pure roll to them, and they are lined with markings on the putting surface.

The markings are designed to help golfers that are looking to keep their putting stroke on track. This is one of the best putting mats for those working on perfecting the mechanics of their putting stroke. The Perfect Practice also works well for both left-handed and right-handed golfers.

AEC Info recently reviewed the Perfect Practice Putting Mat which you can Check out here.


  • Has alignment guides to improve accuracy during practice time
  • Portable indoor putting mat
  • It comes in a few different sizes
  • Has an automatic return


  • Putting mat can feel a little thing when put on a hard surface

Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green

image of abco tech indoor golf putting green - AEC Info
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One of the features that many golfers look for in the best indoor putting green is the auto golf ball return functionality. Having the golf ball roll back to you after you miss or make a putt is a great option to make repeated strokes without losing your place.

The turf on the Abco Tech is designed to feel very much like a true putting green. This is an important feature for transferring what you learn on your indoor putting green to the golf course the next time you play. Overall the length and the functionality of the Abco make it an option that any serious golfers should consider.


  • It feels like a true outdoor putting surface
  • Easy to move mat around
  • Two different sized holes for varied difficulty
  • It stays in place quite well and is made with long-lasting materials


  • Two different turf colors can be distracting

The Best Putting Mat Is….

image of putt-a-bout grassroots par three putting green - AEC Info

PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Putting Green

The Putt A Bout Grassroots putting mat stands out as one of the best indoor putting greens on the market. With this mat, you are going to get a consistent and true roll and plenty of room to work on things like alignment, stroke acceleration, and distance control. We love that this mat sits flat enough to feel as though you are working on a real putting green. With a few different targets and perfect green speed, you will have difficulty finding a better option for your game.

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Buying Guide

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can purchase an indoor putting mat with confidence. There are some great options on the market, and to narrow them down, there are a few key features that you must understand.


The size of the putting mat is quite important. The best golf mats on the market will allow you to have at least five or more feet to work on distance control and a realistic roll. The longer putting mats sometimes get narrow. This is why we like the practice mat options that have about a 3 foot surface and then 9 feet of length.

Always make sure that you have room in your office or home to accommodate your putting mat. Pay attention to the fact that many of these mats are made for right handed golfers, and that can impact your ability to play well.


It is important to ensure that the perfect practice green for your home has a material that feels like an actual putting green. Green speeds vary from one golf course to the next. Ensuring that your putting mat is made with a durable and soft material that feels like an actual green will only help you get better on the golf course. Some putting mats have different greens which help with speed control.

Additional Features

Golf putting greens can have more than one hole, they can be portable, and some will even have a fringe around the outside to practice a putt from the fringe. Some putting greens have alignment aids and distance makers in place, but these will sometimes be considered training aids.

Having a few putting cups, true roll technology, and a premium green surface are the most important features of putting green.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get about the best indoor putting greens on the market.

Are At Home Putting Mats Worth It?

Casual golfers that wants to get better at golf needs to work on their putting. Getting to a real green and working on your putting a few days a week can be very difficult to work out. Sometimes it is much easier to get in the putting practice you need if you have an indoor mat. Overall these putting greens are well worth it.

Does Indoor Putting Green Help?

An indoor putting green will help make a big difference for the shorter putts in your game. Long putts need a country club green to be able to hit those long putts. However, those short putts are the ones that help golfers get their golf game to the next level. If you are taking two or more putts per green, an indoor putting mat will help.

What Is The Difference Between an Indoor Putting Green And A Putting Mat?

An indoor putting green tends to have more room than an indoor putting mat hence it’s ideal for those with extra space at home. The mat is usually a long strip of fake turf that allows you to work on a straight putt. The indoor putting green gives golfers some putts from different angles.

How Do I Care For My Indoor Putting Green?

Constant maintenance of the indoor putting green is crucial. Vacuum your putting green or mat before and after practice being careful not to puncture it. Then roll it up nicely and store it in a storage bag to keep its shape.