It’s hard to find two professional golfers that swing the club exactly the same way. Although there are recommended practices for how to swing a golf club, no two swings are the same.

The swing path that you use on the golf course will determine how you hit the ball and where it ends up.

One of the most common swing path options is an inside out golf swing. Average golfers who take an inside-out swing during the Golf swing sequence tend to see better results, more consistency, and increased ball flight.

If you are looking to perfect your stroke with an inside-out golf swing while learning how you can get your swing on this path, we have all the answers that you need.

What is an inside outside golf swing?

An inside out golf swing is when your swing path starts on the inside or to the left of the target line and finishes on the outside or to the right of the target line. The concept with this type of swing is to make solid contact with the ball more in the back left-hand corner of the golf ball with a square club face.

The in-to-out swing path allows players to swing the club out slightly right of the target and get a full and complete motion of their hands and arms.

The outside-in swing is mostly referring to the path of the club, although there are certain things you can do with our setup and alignment to help master the impact position and recreate this golf shot more often.

Benefits of an inside out swing

Learning how to make a perfect swing from the inside out will take some practice and time working on your swing path drills. However, there are plenty of benefits to learning this skill, making it something you will want to bring out on the course the next time you play.

The three main benefits of the inside out golf move are power, control, and consistency.

Distance – Power

Since the golf ball is being hit from the proper location, and there is plenty of potential energy stored in the golf club, players swinging inside out will get extra distance and ball speed. Typically speaking, it is easier to get speed in your swing when the club is slightly more inside.

In addition, the inside out swing promotes more of a draw, which provides additional distance and power.

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Control is important if you are trying to get the ball to go where you want it. When you take the club on a more inside-out club path, the body stays more connected. This lets amateur golfers know that their elbow is tucked in, their wrists are in control, and their hips turn through the ball as they should.

As soon as the club starts to go more outside, the position of the body is typically off, and you don’t get straighter shots.

Consistent shots

It is hard to hit a straight shot consistently. The best way to do it is to have your swing in a good position and try to repeat it as often as possible. The in-to-out swing path is a much more consistent club path to stay on than the outside in.

The outside in your golf club will get away from your body, and there is no telling what path it will be on as you try and hit accurate shots. If you are one of those players that shoots a 90 one week and an 80 the next, your swing path could easily be the issue that is causing bad shots.

Tips to swing more inside out

It can be difficult when you are first learning the inside out golf swing. If you don’t take the club back along the proper path, it can lead to many inconsistent shots. Here are a few tips to swing more inside out.

  • Start your golf backswing low and slow so that it gets on a more inside path
  • Turn the left shoulder slightly right of the target line at setup
  • Learn to release the club and throw it out towards the target on the downswing
  • Think about hitting the back lower left corner of the golf ball
  • Use a drill with club head covers under your arms and try to keep them in place as you take your perfect backswing
  • A slight pause at the top of the swing can help reroute the club and get it in the proper position for the downswing
  • Use an alignment stick to make sure you’re lined up to your target line
  • Encourage the complete shoulder and hip rotation through the hitting zone

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Inside out faq’s

Here are a few questions that may help you understand the inside out golf swing and whether or not it is a good solution for you. A In-to-out golf swing plane can take a little longer to learn, but the benefits will be well worth the time.

Should a golf swing be inside out or outside in?

Your golf shots should be inside out as opposed to outside in. The inside out movement promotes a bit more of a draw ball flight, and the distance is more consistent. The outside in can bring an unpredictable slice to some players. It is also harder to keep the ball on the target line when swinging with an outside in swing.

Is an inside out golf swing bad?

An inside out golf swing is a good thing. As long as you are aiming properly down the target line and the club face is square, an inside out move on the golf ball is a good thing.

Making sure that your golf club is aimed slightly right of the target can also help if you produce a draw ball flight with your inside out swing.

Can beginners learn an in-to-out swing?

A beginner golfer needs to first focus on how to hit the golf ball. Once that is in place, beginners can try and learn about swing paths and taking the golf club on the inside out swing path.

The sooner a beginner can learn to adjust their golf swing and get it on the proper path, with a square club face, the better they will be at golf.


Hopefully, you now feel like you understand the inside out golf swing path a little more than you once did. The inside out swing will allow you to hit the golf down the target line, often with a bit of a draw.

This is a great choice for both a right handed player and a left-handed golfers.

Swinging the club on the proper in-to-out swing path makes the golf games a much better overall experience. Start implementing some simple drills into your practice swing routine so that you can start taking a more inside outside swing path.

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