Golf irons make up the majority of any golf set. Therefore, choosing the right set of golf irons becomes very important. When looking for irons for high handicappers, features like distance, forgiveness, and consistency are quite important.

Choosing the Best irons for high handicap golfers can be overwhelming. There are dozens of irons for high handicappers out there, but we’ve put together a list of our favorites. As always, AEC Info keeps in mind the budget, the feel, and the performance of the best clubs for high handicappers.

High Handicap Golf Irons

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max OS Irons Set

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he best overall golf irons for high handicappers are the TaylorMade Sim 2 Max OS. The Sim 2 series is a complete update from the original TaylorMade Sim, and the new design is something that every skill level should consider for their new irons.

TaylorMade irons typically stand out because they produce higher golf ball speeds than other golf irons on the market. With the Sim 2 Max OS, in addition to the faster ball speed, you will also maximize launch angle and distance with the extra forgiveness of these irons.

The oversized club head and wide soles tends to give golfers the best chance of hitting the ball up in the air as well. If you happen to slice your iron shots just a little, the offset nature of the Sim 2 Max OS will help to straighten things out.


  • New cap back design for a better look at feel
  • Strategically placed center of gravity
  • Great for high swing speed and slow speeds
  • One of the most forgiving irons ever produced by TaylorMade


  • Newer release, so pricing will be higher than original Sim Max irons

Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set

image of callaway golf 2020 mavrik iron set - AEC Info
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You may be surprised to see the Callaway golf irons as the best value for high handicappers. Not long ago, these golf irons were offered at a more premium amount for higher handicappers. The Mavrik iron set is now the best value because the pricing has dropped considerably.

A high handicapper looking for incredible technology, extra distance, and consistency will benefit from these game improvement irons. The Mavrik was the first Callaway irons to be developed using artificial intelligence. With the perfectly placed center of gravity and the 360 Face cup technology, these golf clubs for high handicappers make golf fun again.


  • Pricing has dropped from the initial release
  • Great for slower swing speed players
  • Custom tungsten weights in each club head
  • Urethane microspheres for better feel


  • Do not have as much distance as newer Apex style

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set

image of callaway big bertha b21 iron set - AEC Info
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For many years a golf club for a high handicapper didn’t really exist. All golfer irons were made for mid handicap golfers, and better and high handicap irons may have just been slightly modified for maximum forgiveness and be easy to hit.

In today’s world of golf, high handicappers will have a wide range of choices specifically targeted at them. These clubs provide maximum distance for the beginner golfer. 

The newest release for a lower and moderate swing speed golfer and those that struggle to hit straighter shots is the Big Bertha B21 iron. The B21 cavity back irons were created with artificial intelligence and impressive face architecture.

If you used the original Big Bertha irons to improve your game, you would love what these have to offer.


  • Impressive ball speeds
  • It helps players get the ball in the air
  • Long irons have a wider sole


  • Not the best choice when trying to hit a draw or a fade on demand

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set

image of cleveland launcher hb turbo iron set - AEC Info
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When shopping for a high handicap golfer, you will see game improvement and super game improvement golf clubs. This Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron set is a super game improvement club designed for higher ball flight and easy performance from the rough.

The Launcher Turbo HB irons are hybrid irons, so the short game clubs will take a bit of time to get used to. However, the Hi Bore crown is progressive on each club, giving players a better look and more control of their shots.


  • Hollow construction for more forgiveness and distance
  • Very easy to launch
  • Impressive performance from difficult lies


  • Short irons are difficult to get spin

Cobra Golf Men’s Speedzone Iron Set

image of cobra golf 2020 men's speedzone iron set - AEC Info
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High handicap golfers should never be surprised to find Cobra golf clubs on their list of best golf irons. For many years Cobra has focused their technology on golfers that need the most forgiveness in a set of golf irons. With the Speedzone Iron set, the new carbon topline, speed back shaping, and PowerShell Technology combine to increase performance levels significantly.

The Speedzone iron set is one the best game improvement irons for mid to high handicappers. Even if your handicap starts to drop, the speed and distance that the Speedzone provides will help you for years to come. This set of clubs is also high-performing around the green, providing great turf interaction from various lies.


  • Impressive feel with the co mold medallion
  • Long carry distance
  • Easy to hit iron
  • Perimeter weighting


  • Speedback shaping can be a little difficult to get used to

Cobra Golf T-Rail Combo Set

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Cobra has managed to grab yet another spot on our list of the best golf irons for high handicappers. The Cobra T Rail Combo set is another hybrid choice similar to the Launcher HB Irons. You will notice that the high launch capabilities of the T Rail are quite impressive.

The T Rail is designed with the Baffler Rail technology from Cobra. The Baffler Rail technology has been an impressive technology on Cobra irons for many years; it was about time to include this in a set of high handicap golf irons. If you struggle to hit the golf ball consistently and get the ball up and down around the green, the T Rail could be a perfect choice.


  • Forged club face
  • Long irons perform exactly like hybrids
  • High launch across the entire set


  • The iron head will look a bit bulky at first

Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Iron Set

image of tour edge hot launch c521 iron set - AEC Info
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Although the Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 iron set will work for any age golfer, we love this set for senior golfers. Senior players need a large sweet spot, high ball speed, and lightweight graphite shafts; these Tour Edge C521 will give you all of that and more.

The C521 is a classic-looking set of irons with a traditional cavity back design. If you have not upgraded your clubs in a long time and want improved ball flight and speed, these are the best irons to choose. In addition, Tour Edge is more than fair about the pricing they charge for a set of golf irons like this.


  • Very soft stainless steel club head
  • High ball speed coming off the face
  • Very affordable set of golf irons
  • Long distance cavity back with a large sweet spot


  • It won’t have the same distance as the SIM Max series.

Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Iron Set

image of cleveland golf launcher uhx iron set - AEC Info
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If the concept of a hybrid set of irons is not the best choice for you, then the progressive UHX iron set could be the next best choice. The Cleveland Launcher UHX iron set has players’ like feel and look, but it performs like a game improvement iron. The UHX features a high-strength steel face and gives golfers incredible distance and forgiveness.

Even though the clubhead is slightly smaller than other golf clubs for high handicap golfers, you still get a large sweet spot and a deep weight distribution. Essentially you can hit the ball straighter and longer even with this club head size.


  • Tour Zip Grooves for better greenside performance
  • V-shaped sole
  • Laser milling for maximum spin


  • Some say the feel is not as pure as other Topgolf iron choices

The Best Golf Irons for High Handicappers Are…

image of taylormade sim 2 max os irons set - AEC Info

TaylorMade SIM Max 2 OS irons

The best overall golf irons for a high handicap golfer are the TaylorMade SIM Max 2 OS irons. The clubs have incredible distance technology, great feel, and the high launch capabilities that all higher handicap golfers are going to need.

TaylorMade leads the golf world when it comes to speed and distance. If you are a high handicap player who has not updated your clubs in many years, the distance you get with the SIM 2 Max OS may be a bit overwhelming at first. Don’t shy away from technology like this; embrace it to help you go from high-handicap to mid-handicap as quickly as possible.

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Buyers Guide

Now that the hard part of narrowing down these golf irons is done, you simply need to choose one that will work for you. Truly with the technology on the market today, it is hard to go wrong with the iron choice that you make. However, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

Iron Type

There are several different golf irons types to choose from. Players in the high handicap category should likely pick a cavity back or hybrid golf iron. Some of the forged blade styles are not great for getting the ball in the air or hitting things consistently.

Hybrid irons are a perfect choice if you know that you are stronger with the hybrids in your bag. Most of the time, hybrids are even easier to hit than cavity backs, but they do provide a different level of feel. You will have to find something that mixes feel, forgiveness, and distance performance for your game.


The golf shaft is such an important feature in the golf irons you choose. Many high handicappers go with a graphite shaft to help them improve their distance performance. With a graphite shaft, it is also a bit easier to get a higher ball flight.  The irons we reviewed come with a stock shaft, but there are several shaft options available.

Steel shafts provide more control and are a better choice for golfers that have a higher swing speed. With a regular flex steel shaft, don’t be surprised if the club feels a little heavier; it should not decrease the distance you can hit.

Set Makeup

Golf irons sets are no longer sold simply in the 4-PW set makeup. Today clubs are put together to match the specific preferences of the golfer using them. Most high handicap golfers are going to want to purchase at least the 5- pitching wedge. In addition, a gap wedge or approach wedge is usually a smart choice. Some golfers will replace the approach wedge with a sand wedge.

Most of the time, the 4 iron will be best as a hybrid to help promote more distance and better consistency. Most high handicappers don’t have the swing speeds necessary to compress the long irons properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we mentioned, purchasing a set of golf irons is a big decision. These clubs make up more than half of the golf equipment that you will own. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and investigate before making your purchase.

What makes an iron forgiving?

A golf iron is forgiving when it has a large sweet spot, distance-enhancing technology, draw bias, offset, and a lower centre of gravity. The sole design can reduce fat shots and a larger head to promote center strikes and get the ball airborne quickly.

If you are interested in a set of irons and you see that these are the iron features, the forgiveness should be quite impressive. The great thing about modern golf technology is that forgiveness and distance technology can be combined.

What handicap is considered high?

A high handicap golfer is typically a player with a 20 handicap or higher. Once you can start to break into the lower nineties and high eighties just a bit, your handicap will likely move into the mid handicap range.

Higher handicappers and beginners are often grouped into the same category when it comes to the best irons. However, some higher handicappers have been playing the game for years and know exactly what they are looking for in a golf iron.

Additional Golf Iron Reviews

Should high handicappers play with a 4 iron?

It is best for high handicappers to leave the 4 iron out of the bag. The 4 iron is difficult to hit, and it can end up turning a golf hole into a disaster. If you are hitting with a 4 iron and realize that the shots are extremely inconsistent, simply replace it with a hybrid.

You will only gain performance by switching to the hybrid golf club.