Introducing your child, niece, or neighbor’s kid to the exhilarating world of golf is an investment in the future of this beloved sport. The journey to becoming a skilled golfer starts with nurturing the passion for the game in young hearts and equipping them with the right tools to hone their skills.

We understand the importance of junior golf and the role it plays in shaping tomorrow’s champions. To ensure that the little ones embark on their golfing adventure with the best foot forward, we’ve meticulously curated a collection of top-notch junior golf sets.

Each set has been handpicked for its quality, performance, and ability to inspire young golfers to reach their full potential.

So, don’t let your aspiring golfers miss out on the opportunity to excel in the game they love. Equip them with one of our expertly-selected junior golf sets and watch their passion for golf blossom into greatness.

Best Junior Golf Clubs

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Set

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The Callaway Golf XJ Junior Set is one of the most well-known golf sets in the game. The great thing about Callaway golf products is that you know you are always going to get quality. Quality equipment, explicitly made for junior golfers, is almost guaranteed to make the game a lot more fun.

The six-piece set is going to include a driver, fairway wood, 7 iron, 9 irons, sand wedge, and a putter. This is precisely the number of clubs that a kid would need to get started in the game. The addition of the sand wedge is probably our favorite part of the Callaway Golf XJ Junior set. Without the sand wedge, greenside practice gets quite difficult.


  • Very lightweight clubs
  • Helps with both distance and forgiveness
  • Good set makeup
  • High quality golf clubs
  • It comes in a few different sizes


  • Name brand Callaway clubs are usually priced a bit higher
  • No opportunity to add other single clubs to the set

Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

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One of the most challenging things about being a junior golfer is how much you grow. From one week to the next, you are going to grow, and it means that your golf clubs won’t last you all that long. This is frustrating when you just start getting good at the game and then need to have the clubs replaced because of your height. Luckily Wilson golf has been able to help solve this issue.

Wilson puts out an entire line of junior golf clubs called the JGI junior clubs. These clubs are made in affordable and high quality sets from the youngest kids (around age 5) all the way to the teenagers. Each set has a different combination of clubs that are perfectly matched to the age level and maturity of the player using it.


  • Come with a great set makeup for a junior golfer
  • Each set comes with a high performing driver
  • The ball launches quite high


  • Are not always the lightest options for junior golfers

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set

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Tour Edge is known for making great golf clubs at a very fair price. When Tour Edge makes a club, they don’t spend nearly as much on the marketing and advertising costs as they do on developing and creating the product. This typically means that those that know about Tour Edge end up with a great product for a great price.

The Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Bag is a perfect option for any young children interested in the game of golf. This set luckily comes with several different size options, and it has a very high-performing driver in each set.

Kids will start to fall in love with the game if they can hit a shot with a high performing driver that flies far and goes towards the target. If the Tour Edge can provide that for your junior player, take advantage of the technology.


  • Good set makeups for each individual age
  • Durable and high quality products with the junior golfer in mind
  • Advanced technology, wide sole, high launch


  • The wedges are more forgiving as opposed to being precise

Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Set

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When it comes to junior golf clubs, Aspire is one of the top-ranked. They offer quality sets that are versatile and suitable for children of different ages. There are five age groups, from 3 to 13, and eight color options. The standard clubs include a driver, a 7 iron, a pitching wedge, and a putter, while the hybrid is the only club absent from the youngest-age sets.

All the golf clubs within one set match the weight, length, and size of that specific age group, offering the best possible features to make the game of golf fun and inspiring. The clubs come with graphite shafts in various strengths and weights. All of them feature the Progressive Flex System that matches the flex of the specific age group.

The head sizes and their weights vary too, so those intended for the younger players are lighter and smaller, while those aimed at junior age groups are larger and heavier. The clubs are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and the company claims that even though they are 15% bigger than the standard junior golf clubs, they are lighter. This makes them easy to hit, easy to launch the ball, and extremely forgiving.

All sets come with an ultralight stand bag with straps that can be carried like a backpack and headcovers for the driver and the fairway wood.


  • Designed to match the appropriate age of your golfer
  • Five age groups and eight color options
  • Made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Age-adapted shafts and matching flex
  • Lightweight stand bag with straps


  • None

Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Set

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Precise M7 Junior set is an excellent set that comes in three available sizes distinguished by colors. The red one is the most basic, and it is truly a starter set intended for children aged 3 to 5. It comes with four clubs (driver, fairway wood, 7 iron, and a putter, headcovers, and a stand bag.
The green set is intended for junior golfers aged 6 to 8, and it comes with an extra club – a pitching wedge. The orange set is designed for children aged 9 -12 and comes with the same number of clubs, but the size is 31″ compared to 28″ for the orange and 23″ for the red set.

All the clubs are made by utilizing adult technology and featuring the latest game improvement technology. The club heads are made from stainless steel and adapted to fit the appropriate child’s age. To make each shot easy and fun, the 7 iron and the 9 iron feature perimeter weighting and a large sweet spot, while the driver has extra lofts for easier launch.


  • Three different sizes distinguished by color for three age groups
  • Stainless steel clubheads
  • Lightweight clubs with extra loft
  • Lightweight stand bag with a strap


  • Just three colors limited by age.

Confidence Junior V2 Golf Club Set

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The Confidence club sets are made to boost the youngest players’ golfing confidence and inspire those who find their joy on the course. The company offers four different sets of golf clubs for junior golfers that start from the age of three up to the age of thirteen.

What will attract your attention is the quality stand bag the golf clubs come with, as it has a 4-way divider, four pockets of different sizes, an umbrella holder, and one small Velcro pocket. It is lightweight with a double shoulder strap that makes carrying it much easier, making this club set a very good deal.

The titanium driver has extra lofts to quickly launch the ball, while the 7 and 9 irons have a wide sole and perimeter weighting. The mallet-style putter is balanced, forgiving with an excellent visual aid.


  • Quality, Deluxe stand bag with a 4-way divider
  • Ti-Matrix driver is lightweight, easy to use and very forgiving
  • The weight and length of clubs varies for every age group
  • Good value


  • Limited color choice
  • No sand wedge

Top Flite Junior Golf Club Set

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If your young golers are aged between 9 to 12, or 53″ high or above, then take a better look at this set. It contains six clubs and two headcovers that come in a deluxe stand bag which your junior will love it.

The technology used to make these junior golf clubs is the same one that Top Flite uses to make their adult clubs. The Ti driver and the hybrid are very aerodynamic, with higher lofts and low center of gravity for optimized forgiveness and more distance.

There’s a hybrid in the set that replaces long irons and is as forgiving and easy to launch the ball as a fairway wood. The 7 iron and the 9 iron feature perimeter weighting and wide sole design, while the sand wedge can help the budding golfers face and deal with the real golf challenges.
The mallet putter features unique alignment cutouts for more balance, accuracy, and consistency.

The bag features a 5-way top divider with four large pockets and padded dual carry straps for comfortable and balanced carry.


  • Intended for children aged 9 to 12
  • Aerodynamic driver and a hybrid
  • Perimeter weighting irons and a sand wedge
  • Deluxe bag and durable, nylon headcovers


  • Intended for just one, specific age group

RAM Golf Junior G-Force

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The company offers three sets intended for three age groups. The youngest age group ranges from the age of 4 to 6, and the set includes four clubs (driver, 7 iron, 9 iron, and a putter). Next is the set intended for golfers aged 7 to 9, and there are six clubs in the set (plus a hybrid and sand wedge).

A fairway wood is not included but the hybrid is a sufficient golf club for shots from the fairway. The third age group is for golfers up to 12, and the set also includes 6 clubs, just the length, and the weight varies from the other (younger age group) set.

Since the company is well aware that junior golf club sets need to meet the criteria for specific ages, the way these clubs are made matches the particular needs of a young golfer. The 14° driver can help young players get the ball up and high, while the 5-hybrid is versatile and easy to hit thanks to the perimeter weighting and the low center of gravity.

The irons and the wedge are forgiving, lightweight, and easy to swing. The putter is usually the club that comes with a steel shaft and visual alignment aid to help junior golfers train how to line up better.

All these clubs come in a quality stand bag with plenty of pockets and dual shoulder straps for balanced carry.


  • Three age-group junior golf club sets
  • Lightweight and forgiving clubs with low CG and perimeter weighting
  • Quality stand bag
  • Optimal number of clubs


  • Limited color options

And The Best Junior Golf Club Set Is…

image of aspire junior plus complete golf set - AEC Info

Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Set

Once your son or daughter starts playing golf, it is your job as parents to boost their interest. The best way to do that is to invest in quality clubs adapted to your child’s age and size, offering suitable weight, size, and forgiveness.

Aspire Junior Plus Golf Club Set is our top pick thanks to its exceptional versatility and focus on providing children with the highest quality clubs for their age. It offers five age-appropriate club sets and eight color options.

Since the clubs are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, they are lighter and easier to swing, while the graphite shaft and the age-appropriate flex boost your son or daughter’s abilities even further, the club set is very forgiving, making the game fun and exciting. Tag on a high-quality golf bag and a super affordable price – you get the best junior club set on the market.

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What To Pay Attention to When Buying Junior Golf Clubs?

PGA recommends that you pay particular attention to clubs length and weight as they are the key to a better swing and getting the ball airborne. Make sure that the clubs are fitted to your child’s height, and their weight is age-appropriate. Clubs made from lightweight materials (such as aluminum or titanium), combined with graphite shafts, and age-appropriate flex offer greater stability through the backswing.

The driver loft is another feature to consider. Higher lofts mean easier launch and more successful shots. You shouldn’t worry too much here as most junior golf clubs manufacturers offer higher-lofted clubs.

What Clubs Are In A Junior Golf Set?

The clubs that come with a junior golf set are usually determined based on the child’s age will. It is typically a driver or fairway wood, an iron, and then a putter for young children. This combination of golf clubs is all that a young kid really needs to get involved in the game.

As a child gets older and taller, more and more clubs can be introduced. Not until a child reaches the teen years do they really need a full set of clubs. If you have a young child that is interested in the game, remember that they don’t need more than three or four clubs to get started.

What Age Is A Child Ready For Junior Golf Clubs?

Most children are ready to start playing golf around four or five years old. Before this, a child rarely has enough coordination to hit great golf shots. Young children need lightweight and forgiving junior golf clubs. Playing with clubs that are heavy and bulky will be discouraging.

When you start a kid, make sure that you go slow, to begin with. If they only want to hit five golf balls the first time out, that is entirely understandable.