Children can start golfing as early as 3 years old. Most formal golf lessons begin at the kindergarten level (5-6 years old); however, children tend to swing the golf club a lot earlier. Does your child take away your golf club to attempt a swing?

It’s time to get them their own equipment! To avoid unnecessary hurdles, the most important purchase is the golf club/driver – manufacturers make golf clubs for children as well. This guide focuses on the best golf clubs for kids: golf clubs that are specifically designed for kids under 13 years old.

What Age Can A Kid Start Playing Golf?

Children can start golfing as early as 3 years old – there are smaller golf clubs made for them. There are 3 categories of golf clubs: Children’s golf clubs, teenager’s golf clubs, and adult’s golf clubs.  You could also ad a sub-categories, golf clubs for men and women. 

But, you must know the difference between Ladies and Men’s clubs. . Children’s golf clubs can be half the size of adult golf clubs while teenager and adult ones are virtually identical.

  • Children golf clubs: For children aged 3-12 years old.
  • Teenager golf clubs: For teenagers aged 13-19 years old.
  • Adult golf clubs: For grown adults aged 19+ years old.

How To Know If A Child Is Ready To Start Practicing?

Observe your child’s behavior – if they try to rip away your club to take a swing themselves, they’re ready to start practicing. Once you pick an appropriate golf club for them, they’ll be able to swing a lot easier. Even grandparents can golf: golf is not a 20-60 year old only sport.

Lessons for children start at 5-6 years old (kindergarten level) depending on the area.

How To Measure Golf Clubs For Kids?

Measure your child from their toes to their naval and breastbone – this should be the size of the golf club. The drivers/golf clubs are measured from the heel – this is the resting on the ground to the grip cap. If the measurements you took from your child match those of the golf club, that golf club will be ideal for them.

Pro Tip: Buy the smallest golf club in your child’s age group – smaller golf clubs will be easy for your child to control to be safe on your purchase (without taking measurements).

The team at AEC Info also wrote an article on the importance of club fitting. 

Best golf club for kids

Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Set

image of callaway xj junior golf set level 3 - AEC Info
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Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set is an excellent starter youth golf kit because it features 2 age-group kits: One for 5 to 8 year old children (usually under 5′) and one for 9 to 12 year old children (for children over 5′). The XL Hot set is an extremely popular set due to a combination of modern materials, all-around packaging, and multi-age options.


  • 360cc Driver: The main driver has a large hitting area that provides excellent performance for long drives and maximum forgiveness.
  • Fairway Technology: The manufacturer utilizes wood and hybrid technology to elevate the ball fast with minimal effort, enabling children longer distances on medium swings. If a child struggles with long-distance swings, this technology will make it easier on them.
  • 7 iron (short) and 9 iron (long) clubs: The package includes 2 iron clubs and a 54-degree sand wedge for maximum control.
  • Putter: The putter features Callaway’s “Odyssey 2 ball design” to maximize accuracy.
  • Large secure bag: The bag is optimal and sturdy, featuring a 5-way top, 5 zippered pockets, a water bottle holder, rain hood and dual strap for security. The bag is very lightweight.


  • Too tall for kids in 9-12 year old range: The range of the 9 to 12 year old package is almost suitable for teenagers, and if you have a kid on the low end of this range (less than 5′) you should consider going to a golf shop to get a few inches cut off the clubs for optimal performance.

Cleveland Golf Junior Set

image of cleveland golf junior set - AEC Info
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The Cleveland Golf Junior Set is a right-hand medium set designed for children aged 7-9 years old. The Cleveland Kit is optimal for children 44″-53″ tall meaning it can be used by 9-12 year olds who are on the shorter end of their range.


  • Large driver: The driver is 18-degrees and built using sturdy materials.
  • Hybrid: 28-degree hybrid included in the package.
  • 7 & 9 iron clubs: 7 (short) and 9 (long) iron clubs included for maximum flexibility on the course.
  • Wedge: The wedge is 56 degrees.
  • Putter: One putter is included in the package.
  • Large stand bag: The bag is built of sturdy premium materials, features 5 zipper pockets on the size, and it can be converted to a stand, to keep it from resting on the floor.


  • Tiny for 5′ + children: If your child is edging over the 5′ line in the 7-9 year old category, you should consider getting a bigger set as this one might be too tiny for them.

Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children

image of precise x7 junior complete golf set - AEC Info
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PreciseGolf X7 Junior Golf Club Set is one of the most versatile and equipped junior sets – it covers3 main age groups starting at 3-5 years old and coverage for both left-handed and right-handed mini-golfers. PreciseGolf packs their kits with a lot of advanced technology: PreciseGolf technology results in high launches with minimal effort and fun for the young golfer. Their clubs are lightweight and forgiving, which make them ideal for first-time golfers.


  • 3 age groups: 3-5 years old, 6-8 years old, and 8-12 years old.:All young groups are covered – you can choose from extremely small clubs for the 3-5 category or larger ones for the 8-12 category. The 3-5 year clubs are ideal for children under 35″ and the 6-8 are ideal for children between 35-50″. The 8-12 group is for children starting at 5′.
  • 5 clubs per package, each package features all 5 essentials: one driver, two irons (one marked ‘short’ and another ‘long’), hybrid, and putter.
  • Premium stand bag: The bag has a sleek look with many pockets and can be converted to a stand by pulling the legs from the side.


  • Relatively heavy: X7 packages are relatively heavy for each category, and kids will have to develop some strength before they can use the clubs.

Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set w/ Golf Bag

image of wilson 2017 profile complete junior right hand golf set - AEC Info
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The Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set is a large 9-piece set designed for junior golfers aged 11-14 years old. If your child is starting to outgrow their 8-12 year old clubs (usually 5′ is the cutoff) this is an excellent upgrade for the category as a 5′ child would find it comfortable and be able to grow with the set. The Wilson features well-polished clubs with graphite shafts and versatile clubs.


  • Top 9 essentials: The Wilson package includes all essentials for the course: The main driver (41″) – ideal for 5′ children. The hybrid – 38″, two irons (long – 37″, short 36″), one wedge – 34″ and one putter – 30″. The sizes provide versatility for children aged 11-14 years old.
  • Stand bag: The bag can be converted to a stand; it’s relatively lightweight and comes with double straps for added security.


  • Oversized bag: This package can be overwhelming for girls as it features 9 pieces, and the bag is a bit heavier than others – the total package weighs 10 pounds. It can be overwhelming for kids who move around the course often.

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set w/ Bag

image of tour edge hl-j junior complete golf set with bag - AEC Info
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Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf is an economical, 6-piece golf set for children aged 11-14 years old. The Tour Edge is a technologically-advanced set with a high-flying driver, perfect for children over 5′ that are currently outgrowing their 8-12 year old clubs.


  • 350cc MOI driver: The highlight is the powerful 350cc MOI driver – providing effortless high-flying drives for children. If a child struggles to produce long-flying drives, this high-powered driver can help them increase their distance.
  • Wood and hybrid technology: The clubs utilize oversized iron for maximum forgiveness, and on the internals feature fairway wood that launches a ball into the air effortlessly. Hybrid technology ensures a low center of gravity for shots that are easy to hit.
  • Mallet style putter: This putter will ensure accurate putting on the course.
  • Stand bag: The bag is relatively lightweight and converts to a stand.


  • Stand bag quality: The quality of the stand bag is worse compared to other sets, and the zipper pockets are more prone to ripping.

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set (Age 8-12, Orange)

image of intech lancer golf set junior flex yellow - AEC Info
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The Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set is an orange-black deluxe 10-piece set that combines all essentials in one package for children aged 8-12 years old. If a child is close to 5′ this is an ideal upgrade as it’s designed for children upgrading from their first 3-6 year old sets.


  • Essentials package (10 pieces): The Intech Lancer package is one of the largest packages featuring 10 separate pieces: 37″ Main driver, 37″ hybrid, 2 iron clubs, and 1 putter.
  • Deluxe stand bag: The bag is beautifully stitched with orange-black color that converts to a stand. The bag also has a double-strap for security while carrying.


  • Sizable package: The Lancer set will be hard to carry for children under 5′ – if the child is around 48″ they might find it great for transitioning, but shorter children might find this bag uncomfortable.

Nitro Golf Junior Crossfire 8 Piece Complete Set with Bag

image of nitro golf crossfire junior golf set - AEC Info
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The Nitro Golf Junior Crossfire 8 Piece Set is a versatile kit aimed at children aged 9-12. This set is ideal for children who wish to replace shorter clubs without overstretching themselves. It features 8 essential pieces for right-handed golfers. (This one only has 8 pieces, really a super starter set.)


  • 8-piece essentials: The kit includes 1 main driver, 1 hybrid, 2 iron clubs (one ‘short’ and one’ long), 1 junior putter, a convertible carry bag and 2 golf club covers.
  • Easy maintenance: The clubs utilize steel and graphite materials which can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth.


  • Too small for kids over 5’1″: The real age cutoff on this set is around 11 years old. The Nitro is ideal for boys around 5′ but might feel too small for boys hitting 5’11”.

And The Best Golf Clubs For Kids are…

Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set

image of callaway xj junior golf set level 3 - AEC Info
Want a set for your child you can’t go wrong with? Go with the Callaway Boys XJ Junior Set. This set is a “premium” set that comes with a 360cc driver. This driver is much more powerful than other drivers in packages among the best golf clubs for kids. The collection is also multi-age, and the same clubs are available in different sizes. The Callaway Boys XJ is available for children aged 5-8 years old and 8-12 years old. Parents can quickly determine if their child is fit for the former. If the child is under 5′ tall, then the 5-8 year old set is ideal, while if the child is over 5′ tall, the 8-12 year old set is perfect for them.

The Callaway Boys XJ is built using sturdy, contemporary materials that give it a sleek and expensive appearance. The Fairway technology gives children an advantage because Callaway developed a system that pushes the ball further with minimal swing effort – this makes swinging more fun for children because they don’t have to struggle with long-distance shots and can make them like a pro. The bag on the Callaway is also superior to other bags because it features numerous add-ons: a water bottle slot to keep them hydrated, a rain hood to keep their equipment safe while it pours and a dual strap to secure the bag on their back while they’re carrying it. Overall the Callaway Boys XJ is the best choice for a parent who wants the best for their child: easy play, modern design, and safety features at a relatively affordable price tag.

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