Lag shot review

Each time a single training aid comes to the market, we find it important to give it a try. With so many training aids on the market, it’s crucial to find the options that are worth investing in. Most of the time, after taking a few swings with a golf instructional aid, we can tell if it will have any real impact on our golf game.

3 clubs used for Lag Shot review

One of the training aids that recently caught our eye is the Lag Shot golf training aid. At first glance, the Lag Shot Training clubs may seem like a simple club designed to help with Golf swing tempo and Golf swing speed.
However, we were surprised by how much this golf swing aid could do for our Golf swing sequence in the short period of time we had it in our hands..

We will tell you everything you want to know about this product, including whether or not it is worth buying.

What is a lag shot golf training aid?

The Lag Shot Golf training aid is a club with a special whippy shaft designed to improve tempo, transitions, distance, the proper feel, and overall performance in the golf swing. The key technology in Lag Shot that makes it stand out from other training aids is its very flexible shaft.
This shaft is designed to help the golfer to create lag in their swing through momentum and feel.  Interestingly, this is a training aid that will have the length, loft, and similar weight as your traditional golf clubs. Unlike many other training aids in this sector, the Lag Shot does not have a weighted club head; instead, this impressive whippy shaft is completely revolutionary in the golf training aid category.

Features | Benefits

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To understand if the Lag Shot golf training aid can really help your game, it’s essential to take into consideration the technology that this club offers. Here are the most important things to consider before purchasing your Lag Shot.

Improve transition

One of the golfing swing areas where players struggle most is the transition from backswing to downswing. With the characteristics of a whippy graphite shaft, golfers can feel their clubs naturally drop into the slots and swing through on the correct planes.

Increase club head speed

With the way the Lag Shot forces you to get your club into the proper position and improve the load in your backswing, you will make your swing more efficient. Imagine getting the chance to hit golf balls one or even two club-lengths further simply because your swing plane is now in the proper position.

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Can hit balls with it

One of our favorite features of the Lag Shot golf training aid is the fact you can use it to practice hitting balls. Hitting golf balls with the Lag Shot means that you will transfer what you learned to your next golf shot with your traditional golf club, while still being able to focus on your grip and other golf swing mechanics.

So many training aids focus on working on a movement or a feel and then attempting to transfer that feeling to your conscious swing with a normal club. With this Ultimate training aid there is no transferring. With the Whippy shaft, the Performance Training Club you will learn the motions and feelings while hitting actual golf balls.

Training videos

How many golf training aids have you invested in that left you wondering if you were even using it properly? The Lag Shot clubs come with a video training series and lessons by golf trainer and PGA teaching pro Adam Bazalgette to help you improve your overall effectiveness with this device.

video of lag shot training videos - AEC Info

Check out the intro video on Lag Shot Golf here.

Watching videos will help Amateur Golfers understand the most effective way to use the Lag shot swing trainer during your practice sessions to improve your ball striking, create a smoother tempo, help you identify the right feel of the club, help you make solid contact, improving your Shots with precision accuracy to hit more Greens in regulation and help you achieve consistent results.

The online golf video training will help everyone from beginner to advanced golfer create effortless power. Sometimes as little as ten swings can help players start to get the Natural Swing feeling they need; others decide to incorporate this aid into their weekly practice routine.

No swing thoughts

With the way the Lag Shot is designed, it is purely about feel. Players that swing the Lag Shot iron or Lag Shot driver will feel exactly what they need to do on the golf course without having to think about it. The more you practice with the Lag Shot, the easier it is to get a consistent golf swing without thinking about it.

Create lag in golf swing | Natural lag

Throughout our Lag Shot Golf review, you will notice some key areas of the game that this training device can help with. However, the number one benefit is to help players create natural lag.

Lag in a golf swing is created by the angle of the club, wrists, and arms. For most players, it looks and feels like the way that the club drags behind a bit as you come into the impact position.

When your golf swing has a great lag, you will be using the power of the club and your swing to get increased distance and excellent control of your golf shots.

Lagshot options and models

There are several areas of the golf game where it can be essential to create lag in your golf swing. Therefore it is essential to look at the technology offered to customers and decide which area of your game to work on first. Here are some of the Lag Shot models to choose from.

Lag shot golf clubs used for review

Lag shot 7 iron

Lag Shot 7 Iron
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The Lag Shot 7 iron is the same weight, length, and loft as a standard 7 iron. The club has a sleek-looking, cavity back style black club head that can be used to hit actual golf balls. You can swing the club without hitting balls and still notice benefits.

The Lag Shot 7 iron is best for golfers that are struggle with too much movement, lack of distance, and poor tempo in their golf irons shots. If you need to control the golf ball more and increase overall swing speed and confidence, the Lag Shot is a smart training aid to consider.


  • Naturally adds lag to your swing without feeling forced
  • Encourages a one-piece takeaway to get the swing started on the plane
  • Effortless and straightforward transition from backswing to downswing
  • Increase in power without having to swing harder
  • Increased accuracy with the more efficient and consistent golf swing

Lag shot driver

Lag Shot Driver
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#1 Swing Trainer in Golf™ – Does it deserve this title?

The Lag Shot driver is a training tool designed to help golfers that struggle with accuracy and distance off the tee. To load the club properly with a driver in your hands, it can take a certain amount of feeling and natural ability. This training club creates that feeling without you having to think about it.

There is no way to create a perfect golf swing, but the Lag Shot Driver will undoubtedly help create more accurate golf shots. In addition, you can use the Lag Shot driver during your practice sessions and actually hit golf balls with it.

  • It helps to improve overall golf tempo and create a more efficient transition from backswing to downswing
  • Flexible shaft ensures that players can feel the club drop into the proper slow on the downswing
  • Let’s golfers feel where the club head is much more than other golf training aids
  • Naturally creates more club head speed while creating lag
  • The golf club is not weighted, so transitioning back to the other driver in your golf bag is effortless
  • It can help slow down out of control golf swings and direct clubhead speed efficiently

Lag shot wedge

Lag Shot Wedge
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There are some similarities between the Lag Shot iron and the Lag Shot wedge. Each of these clubs helps encourage certain swing positions and helps the avid golfer improve their abilities. The great thing about the Lag Shot wedge is the design of the club that allows for higher lofted greenside shots and practice of chipping and pitching.


  • Improves overall feel and consistency in the short game
  • It helps players stay more connected on the takeaway and throughout the short game shots
  • Removes jerky movements that occur in a golf chip or pitch shot
  • Helps improve accuracy and proximity to the pin
  • Teaches golfers the importance of more lag in the short game

Bottom Line

Is the Lag shot worth It?

As you can imagine, we review several different training aids each year. Some of these aids are less than impressive, and we struggle to understand how they can help a golfer.

With just a few swings of the Lag Shot, you will immediately get the feeling that the investors were trying to create when they put this device together.

The concept of lag and power in a golf swing is a very difficult thing to teach, but the whippy blue shaft in the Lag Shot does this for you. Whether you like to practice at the driving range or simply want an at home swing training device, the Lag Shot should suit your needs quite well.

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The lag shot makes golf training aids for all golfers

The Lag Shot driver, iron, and wedge are the three most popular options in this swing trainer. However, there are three other options that may be a better fit for some golfers.

  • Lag Shot Lady – Click Here: Same technology featured in the lag shot club with the length and weighting of a ladies seven iron.
  • Lag Shot Junior –  Click Here: Helps juniors ages 11-15 create more lag and improve muscle memory as a young player in the most formidable years.
  • Lag Shot XL – Click Here:  Golfers taller than 6’1″ will enjoy the longer training club that ensures practice swings and practice drills do not change the overall posture and setup of the player.

Lag Shot frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the Lag Shot golf training aid. It’s good to question the technology and ensure that a club is for you before making a purchase.

Is the Lag Shot training aid any good?

The Lag Shot Golf swing training aid is a True game-changer and is surprisingly good at helping golfers create lag, distance, and accuracy in their game. Similar to the technology you see in the Orange Whip Swing Trainer, expect the Lag shot is a hittable training aid.

You will learn much quicker with a golf training aid that allows you to hit real golf balls. PGA teaching professionals, including Adam Bazalgette, have started promoting and supporting this aid.

How Fast is Shipping?

The Lag Shot will be packaged and shipped typically on the day you purchase the product.  When we ordered the original 7 iron, we received the product in less than 5 days.  When we ordered the Lag Shot Driver and Lag Shot Lady, the shipping took a little over a week. 

How does lag shot training aid work?

The whippy blue shaft in the Lag Shot helps golfers to feel where the club face is, how the shaft is positioned, the specific swing plane a golfer is on, and how to keep these positions as you enter impact.

It is amazing what a properly weighted shaft and club head can do to help a golfer naturally learn how to create lag and gain more distance.

Do high handicappers need a lag shot?

The great thing about the Lag Shot is that it works for both high handicappers and low handicappers. Any golfer who wants to improve their swing’s efficiency and effectiveness can benefit from the Lag Shot.

Thinking about buying the Lag shot but not sure if it is best for you?  Check out our other recent posts comparing the Lag Shot to vs Gforce as well as our popular comparison of it vs Orange Whip. Please be sure to visit again.