Updated on June 26th, 2023 at 02:23 pm

The lag shot and G force swing trainer are two of the most popular golf training aids on the market today. Both devices claim to help you improve your golf game by helping you develop a more consistent backswing and follow-through.

However, which device is better for improving your golf swing? In this article we will compare these two products side by side so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

The Lag Shot is a golf club with a weighted head attached to it. When you hit the ball, the weight of the head causes the club to rotate backwards (or lag) in the direction of the swing. This rotation forces the hands to move forward into the correct position at impact.

The G Force Swing Trainer is a golf club with weights attached to the shaft instead of the head. It rotates when swung like a normal club but has a spring loaded mechanism that allows the club to return to its original position after hitting the ball.

In addition to being able to see how well each product works, we also want to know if either of them actually work. So let’s get started!

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Lag Shot


  • It helps golfers to naturally add lag
  • Can easily transfer these swing mechanics to the golf course
  • More distance for most players
  • It comes with training videos


  • It is a little heavier than traditional irons

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G Force


  • USGA Conforming will allow golfers to play golf with the clubhead
  • It comes in a few different version
  • Training videos are included
  • It helps golfers make a better transition


  • Shipping can take a long time
  • The lighter weight is not a fit for all golfers


Let’s take a closer look at some of the differences between these two Golf training aids and see which one might be better for you. Both the Lag Shot and the Gravity Swing Trainer are very similar in the functionality they provide golfers. Here’s what you need to know.

Improving takeaway

It’s good to have a variety of different types of swings when you’re working with a swing trainer. Not only do the lag shot and g force push for a faster tempo, but they can also improve your takeaway.

Because the Lag Shot has a slightly heavier weight than the regular iron, golfers can keep their clubs low and slow on the downswing. Not allowing the wrists to break and the hands to move around so quickly at the beginning of the swing will help improve consistency and your short golf game, helping you hit more Greens in Regulation.image of best golf swing trainer 2021 - AEC Info

The Lag Shot is better for improving takeaway.

Flexibility in shaft

Both the Lag Shot and G Force have a very flexible shaft, but they’re not interchangeable. The idea of a more flexible shaft than an average club allows golfers to get some more lag and increased distance. If you can control your swing with this flexible shaft in place, you can get effortless clubhead speed.

Although the GForce and the Lag Shot both have great flexibility in the shaft, we felt that the G Force’s slightly lightweight design allowed for greater flexibility and a whippy shaft. This makes it a good choice even for the slower swing speed amateur golfers.

The G Force offers slightly more flexibility in the shaft.

Hitting real golf balls

image of lagshot swing trainer - AEC Info

Using a golf swing training aid helps golf players learn how to load the golf club with power and then use it to hit real golf balls, compared to just practice swings. If you hit real golf balls, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned at the golf course.

Both the Lag Shot and the G Force allow golfers to hit actual golf balls with their training aid golf club in hand. This is much more effective than something like the Orange Whip that allows players to swing but not actually hit a golf ball.

The G Force is USGA conforming and allows players to put the golf club into play in their bag.

However, even though the G Force is USGA conforming, we found the Lag Shot held up better over time and allowed for the correct sequencing of the golf swing.

You can see our in-depth report here on our Lag Shot review here. In addition, the Lag Shot comes in a variety of options including:

Lag Shot 7 iron
Lag Shot wedge
Lag Shot Driver

The Lag Shot is a better single training aid for hitting real golf balls.


Club Selection

The Lag Shot and G Force come with more than one golf club loft. Both of these training aids come in a 7 iron, wedge, and driver model. However, the Lag Shot even comes with options for a junior, a woman golfer, left handed players, and taller golfers.

The best club to start with is the 7 iron. This is where you will find the most value and the easiest to transition from your practice sessions to the golf course. The 7 iron can be used to practice all iron shots, but some people realize the importance of a lag in their short game and also want to incorporate the Lag Shot or G Force wedge.

The driver adds in another layer of performance because of how different the ball striking is with a driver in your hands on your golf shot. If you want to hit the ball straight and work with the video training series, the three clubs should be used in combination with each other.

G Force has recently released a new putter with the same basic technologies as the wedges and the irons. Of all the training aids offered by G Force, we found this one to be the least effective.

The Lag Shot offers a larger club selection.


The team at AEC Info prefers the Lag Shot compared to the G Force.

The Lag shot forces golfers to fix their golf swing naturally. Simply hit balls with it, and the club’s feel will do the work for you. Your swing path on both the down swing and the back swing will be significantly improved by incorporating this training aid.

For more information on the winner, check out our in-depth review of the Lag Shot golf swing trainer. Or to see how it measures up vs the other training aids, see our comparison of the Orange whip vs the Lag Shot.

In addition, golfers will find that their short game sees some great improvements from using this technology. The weighting of the Lag Shot golf training aid is heavier than the G Force, but we see this as a positive.

The ability to get distance from the flexibility in the club and consistency and strength from the weight help put the Lag Shot above the G Force in most categories.

Neither are on Golf Digest’s hot list for 2022, but from a golf instructional perspective, the everyday golfer will benefit greatly from the blue shaft training aids.

Using a golf training device that does not deviate from your traditional golf swing is a major reason why the Lag Shot is so effective. The next time you think about buying a golf training aid to fix your game, give the Lag Shot a try instead.