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Golf swing training aids can help players take a few swings and start to feel a change in their game. There is no questioning the fact that golf is difficult, and if you are finding that you need a little help with your flexibility, balance, tempo, and even lag, we have two great options for you.

The Lag Shot Golf Swing Training Aid and the Orange Whip are two very popular options for training aids in 2023. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences and give you a better idea of which one would work for your game.

The Lag Shot
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Lag shot at a glance

The Lag Shot is a golf training aid that will add Lag to your golf swings. Lag is difficult for golfers to feel, yet the flexible shaft in the Lag Shot naturally adds more Lag than a normal club. Having more Lag in your swing will increase the ability to get distance, have you hit more accurate shots, and have more of a simple transition from the backswing to the downswing.

Lag Shot feels like a traditional seven iron as opposed to training aid.


  • It helps golfers to naturally add Lag
  • Can easily transfer these swing mechanics to the golf course
  • More distance for most players
  • It comes with training videos
  • Great warm-up club
  • Great for hitting balls before and after a round


  • It can be a little heavier than traditional irons

Orange Whip at a glance

The Orange Whip is a training aid that many golfers have started to use as a warm-up device for their game. The Orange Whip has a flexible shaft that helps improve rhythm and coordination. In addition, there is a weight on the end that will mimic the club head and help provide more feedback into a player’s game. The Orange Whip is a high quality golf training aid that is used both on the driving range and at home.


  • A highly rated golf training device
  • Counterweight design
  • It helps to increase strength while simultaneously improving tempo
  • Instant feedback for golfers
  • It fits in your golf bag


  • Not the best option for hitting golf balls
  • Feedback is not always as strong as the training aid cannot be used with golf balls

Orange whip vs lag shot comparison

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Lag Shot and the Orange Whip, it’s time to take a look at which of these could be better for your golf swing and golf game. As we have said, technology from both of these clubs is quite good, but there is something about the Lag Shot Golf Training Aid that Orange Whip does not have, and it’s essential for golfers to keep in mind.

 Improving takeaway

The Lag Shot works exceptionally well to help players that need to improve their takeaway. With a very flexible golf shaft and the weight in the club head, it is very apparent which line you start the club on and how the club is moving back along the plane.

With the Lag Shot in your hands, it’s impossible to have a real hand-centered takeaway that decreases power and consistency. Instead, this club forces you to use your larger muscles and improve your overall path with the club. The Orange Whip can help with this same thing, but it’s a little harder to visualize because it does not have a club head.

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The Lag Shot is best for improving takeaway!  


The great thing about the Orange Whip is that you can truly use it anywhere. If you have the ceiling clearance in your office, bring this to work and take a few swings with it between meetings. However, the downside here is that when you want to hit balls, you can’t use the Orange Whip.

The Orange Whip will not allow players to get the same feedback because of the general construction of the training aid. The Lag Shot, on the other hand, makes the perfect warm-up club. Prior to a round, you can take a few swings with the Lag Shot and significantly improve your Golf swing tempo.

The Lag Shot has better usability.


Tempo, like Lag, is one of those difficult golf swing concepts that take players quite a bit of time to understand. When someone tries to work on their tempo, they often slow their swing down. However, this is ineffective and will not lead to accurate golf shots.

Instead, the tempo is a feeling of a balanced swing with a golf club that has excellent pace and great stability. IF you are a player that tends to transition from the backswing to the downswing in a quick or inconsistent way, working on swing tempo will help you hit more accurate golf shots.

When it comes to tempo, both the Lag Shot and the Orange Whip can help, but the Orange Whip stands out as the best overall.

The Orange Whip is best for tempo.

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Swing speed increases

When you look at the Lag Shot website, you will notice that they pride themselves on increasing Lag, which increases distance. However, we have found that working with this training aid has helped us improve overall driver swing speed and iron swing speed. The swing trainer simply makes your golf swing more efficient, which leads to increases in speed.

The Lag Shot forces you to make your down swing more efficient and therefore increases your speed. The fact that the Lag Shot is a hittable training aid can also improve practice sessions and help players get the feeling that they need.

The lag shot increases swing speed


The Lag Shot and the Orange Whip can offer golfers some impressive performance. However, from our experience with these two training devices, the Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer stands out as the best overall choice. The fact that you can take practice swings or hit a golf ball improves the overall functionality and effectiveness of the training club.

We love that the Lag Shot comes in both a driver and wedge version so that you can work on different aspects of your game. One of the biggest problems with golf training aids is that golfers can’t transfer what they have learned to the golf course. With the Lag Shot, this won’t be a problem. Simply take some swings with your Lag Shot, and then put your traditional golf club in your hand.

You will feel the difference immediately!

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