When buying a new putter you have to consider whether or not the mallet or the blade is better for your game. For golfers with a straight back straight through putting stroke, the mallet putter is a perfect choice. The mallet putter will help with stability, consistency, and distance control; the mallet putter is a perfect choice.

There are so many new mallet putters on the market. More and more golf manufacturers realize that the mallet putter is the preferred putter of choice for a large majority of players. Let’s take a look at the best mallet putter for your game.

Mallet Putters In Review

Cobra Golf King Vintage Putters Torino

image of cobra golf 2021 king vintage putters torino - AEC Info
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The best mallet putter today is the King Vintage Torino. The Cobra Golf putters in this series have the all-new 3D printing technology used on the face of the club. The 3D printing has allowed for a very precise pattern that can help ensure that the putts get started on the right line and stay on that line.

The King Vintage Torino uses 304 stainless steel and the new Sik Aluminium Face Insert. The idea behind this face insert is that your putts will feel very accurate and consistent. The feel is something that players adjust very quickly to, regardless of putting stroke style.

One of the things that really helps the King Vintage Putters stand out as the best on the market is the adjustability of the club. There are two 20g wights on the head that can be adjusted to make the putter feel heavier or lighter. You can essentially build yourself a custom putter with the Torino in your bag.

Last but certainly not least, the Cobra Connect Grip allows you to keep excellent stats on your putting. With the Cobra Connect Grip, you will be able to log in to your smart device and get the latest information on your putting stroke and how it can be improved.


  • New premium materials
  • Cobra connect technology
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Easy alignment


  • Expensive new putter release

Cleveland Golf Frontline Cero Putter

image of cleveland golf frontline cero putter - AEC Info
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Whenever we talk about products for the short game, Cleveland makes the list. Cleveland Golf has always put out great chipping and putting tools to help the amateur golfer. The Frontline Cero Putter is an extended mallet design with lots of forward weighting.

The forward weighting on the Cleveland Frontline can help improve stability and make it easier for golfers to keep the ball on the line. If you want to hit more accurate putts, the Cero can help.

In addition, Cleveland included their speed-optimized face. This means that even if you miss the center of the club head, you will still get some consistent speed when the ball starts to roll. Another great feature of the Cero is the ability to line the ball up towards the hole; that line on top of the putter is quite long and can help players with a better visual on how to get the ball in the hole.


  • Alignment is very easy
  • Stable at impact
  • Forward weights help improve MOI
  • Sleek looking design


  • Feel coming off the clubface is a little harder than other models

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter

image of odyssey golf 2021 white hot og putter - AEC Info
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It indeed says something about a company and a putter when a model needs to be re-released. Golfers everywhere have loved the White Hot golf putters that have been on the market for many years. The White Hot face has a very pure feel and consistent role.

The putters have been released with some modern technology and choices, but the same Odyssey feel that we all fell in love with. The Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Rossie is one of the best overall choices on the market.

We love the Rossie because it is a classic-looking mallet, not too large, perfect for the golfer that likes to keep things simple. If you want to purchase the White Hot OG in a Stroke Lab premium shaft, you even have that option.


  • Original White Hot feel and sound
  • Silver PVD finish with milling
  • Comes in stepless shaft or multi material stroke lab
  • Several models of the White Hot OG Putters to choose from


  • Alignment lines on the OG are not as long as other models

Odyssey O-Works Marxman Putter

image of odyssey golf 2021 white hot og putter - AEC Info
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This is a putter designed with feedback from experiences on tour across many years and championships. It features a microhinge face insert to achieve a better roll and topspin, along with a toe hang mallet for those who like to feel the rotation in their strokes. The company offers a two-year guarantee on this putter to highlight the quality of the manufacturing.


  • It has a smooth rolling experience with no skipping or bouncing after contact with the ball
  • It has a good feel because of the microhinge insert
  • Extended points on the back make aiming the putter simple
  • It has a great hit sound
  • It is well-balanced, and the mallet head assists with blade alignment on backswings


  • The microhinge insert is too soft
  • The head weight of the putter is too light
  • It is expensive to purchase
  • The cover comes off too easily

Pinemeadow PGX SL Putter

image of pinemeadow pgx sl putter - AEC Info
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This is a putter for beginners that emphasizes alignment and accuracy. It features a twin ORB alignment system built into the head, and it also has an offset ‘Plumber Neck’ hosel to enhance alignment further.

The PGX has a green and black spider grip manufactured from polyurethane and fiber layers, increasing the firmness, comfort, and shock absorption of the putter. Plus, it features a headcover for when it’s not in use.


  • The top line enables finer alignment when taking shots
  • It gives a consistent and improved rolling experience
  • It’s good value for money
  • It’s good for casual golfing


  • It suffers wear and tear easily, especially the paintwork
  • You will need to adjust the lie angle for your stroke
  • It has a short shaft
  • It is too light, and this worsens the feel

Cleveland Huntington Beach #11 SOFT Putter

image of cleveland huntington beach #11 soft putter - AEC Info
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This is a putter that’s built for speed and softness. It’s Speed Optimised Face Technology ensures an even consistency no matter where the ball is struck, and this aids the speed of the ball.

The putter’s weight is strategically distributed, so the center of gravity is in the right place. This ensures a solid feel, improved stability, and straighter putting. Grooves inside the head, milled in a diamond shape, ensure the roll stays true.


  • The soft feel creates satisfying putts even on mis-hits
  • It has clean lines
  • Its balanced weight and slight toe hang make it great for arcing and straight strokes
  • The head and the grip work well together


  • The softness can take getting used to if you’re accustomed to hitting hard
  • The head of the putter lacks weight
  • It is vulnerable to wear and tear when hitting against the irons

Evnroll Golf-ER8 Tour Mallet Putter

image of evnroll golf-er8 tour mallet putter - AEC Info
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This is a mid-sized mallet putter built for touring professionally, with a balanced swing weight according to its length. It has a custom non-taper grip, available in both light and heavy versions. It has a 70-degree lie angle and a 22-degree toe hang. It is made of stainless steel. It comes with a headcover.


  • It has excellent distance control
  • The head weight is customized for the length
  • It creates a smooth rolling experience
  • It is easy to align because of the dots on either side of the centerline
  • The grip is chunky and gives a tacky feel
  • Contact with the ball is soft straight off the face
  • It has high stability


  • It has a heavy head
  • It is expensive

Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter

image of odyssey stroke lab black putter - AEC Info
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This is another putter that is built for speed. It has a distinctive mallet shape to assist performance. The shaft is manufactured from various materials to enhance the balance and add more consistency in each stroke. It has a very high MOI resulting from these materials, which reduces twisting on off-center strokes. And the microhinge star insert creates a firmer feel and better sound.


  • It has great balance
  • The ball stays true after contact because of the construction
  • It works well on both long and short putts
  • It looks pleasant to the eye thanks to the rich finish
  • It is easy to align the putter with the ball


  • It is expensive
  • The weight of the putter is too light
  • The feel is also too light
  • It is not comfortable

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter

image of ray cook golf- silver ray sr500 putter - AEC Info
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This is one of the most affordable putters available on the market. It comes with a headcover, and the lie angle is 70 degrees. It is also a household name, named after Ray Cook, a golfer and inventor. Bold lines and dark undertones make it simple to align. And there is a paddle style grip to improve the comfort and feel.


  • It is excellent value for money
  • It has a decent weight distribution
  • The grip is an appropriate size
  • The offset increases the balance


  • The paint chips easily
  • The headcover is poor quality
  • The screws are not real, only pressed in
  • The sound is tinny on longer putts
  • It is an imitation of another brand
  • The adjustable weights on the back are decorative, not real

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

image of taylormade golf spider x putter - AEC Info
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This is a putter that’s great for reducing your handicap. It has an improved steel-framed head that is 30% heavier than previous models to reduce twisting. It also has a True Path Alignment System to assist in visualizing the target line so that putting can be improved. It also has more stability thanks to its extreme perimeter weighting.


  • It has a choice of three weight ports of 2g, 6g or 12g to allow the feel and stability to be personalized
  • The feel is great, especially with the additional weight added
  • The alignment features and twist reduction are useful for those with high handicaps
  • It is used by the professionals


  • It is expensive
  • It is not good value for money if you are already satisfied with your handicap

The Best Mallet Putter Is…

image of cobra golf king vintage putters - AEC Info

Cobra Golf King Vintage Torino

The Cobra Golf King Vintage Torino is the best overall mallet putter on the market this year. The technology that Cobra used to create this golf putter is unlike anything that we have seen on the golf market before. Players will find that they get adjustability, distance control, ease of use, and a very consistent roll of the clubface.

Cobra has not always been known for its putter technology; however, it looks like things are changing, and it will soon be well on its way to becoming one of the leaders in this category of golf equipment.

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Are Mallet Putters Better Than A Standard Putter?

The blade putter and mallet putter are two of the most common putters available. The blade features a straight blade-like head with a narrow body, whereas mallets have more complex designs and larger club heads.

Because of the larger heads, you can get different designs such as a half-circle and a square back. Blade putters have more weight closer to the heel, so are better if you have an arcing stroke.

Mallet putters keep the face square for longer, so are better if you have a straight stroke. So neither is better, it simply depends on your putting style.

The Grip

Golf grips are one of the most important elements of your golfing experience and a crucial component of your putter. The outer diameter, core size, shape, taper, material, and style of your grip all affect your ability to establish a consistent swinging pattern, an essential ingredient of good golf.

This means there’s a lot to consider, but you must take the time to find a grip that suits your playing style. If you don’t have the right grip, even on your best mallet putter, you won’t score well in your games.

This is because, without the proper grip, you won’t establish a consistent swinging pattern when you hit the ball. You’ll end up making more mistakes than you would otherwise. And then you’ll regret not having a good grip.

Grips give you more control and precision when you play golf, which makes them essential for anyone who wants to achieve golfing success.

Are Mallet Putters More Forgiving?

The short answer to this question is yes. As of 2018, 9 out of the 10 top players in the world were using mallet putters because of their superior MOI scores. This means moment of inertia, and putters with a higher MOI contain technology and materials that are much better for face alignment and distance control.

Mallet putters also reduce face rotation. However, if you consistently make contact in the right place when putting, a blade putter should be sufficient. A mallet can also be too weighty for some. But they are, in general, more forgiving than blade putters.

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What Is The Best Putter For An Average Golfer?

If you’re worse than a pro but better than a novice, you’ll want a putter that is easy to feel, doesn’t weigh too much, helps with alignment, and has a comfortable and firm grip, while being good value for money. This will allow you to improve at a faster rate than you were previously and help you target your weak areas. The best suggestion if your performance is average would be the Pinemeadow PGL SX Putter reviewed above. Despite some of the drawbacks, it is made with alignment and accuracy in mind, along with having a specially made grip.