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Golfers are often surprised to learn that a golf tee can have an impact on their performance. Golf tees, golf balls, Golf shoes, golf gloves, and any other golf accessory that you can think of will likely have some kind of an impact on the game that you can play.

The reason behind this is that there are so many variables in golf; the more variables you can control and perfect, the better your chances of shooting lower scores.

One particular golf tee, the Martini Golf Tee, has people wondering if the technology really works and whether or not the higher price for these tees is worth it. Let’s take a look at the Martini tees and whether or not they work.

Martini golf tees work to help golfers hit their drivers straighter, and they are also made with a durable plastic material that can be used repeatedly. A few main selling points of the Martini golf tees make them stand out from other golf tees on the market. T

he Martini golf tees are not magic, and they must be a match for what you need in your game for you to see results and improvements.

Unbreakable Tees

One of the main benefits of the Martini golf tees is that you can use them over and over again. Since the tee is manufactured with a polymer resin blend, it tends to hold up to even the most powerful golf swings. Having a tee that can be used repeatedly is a good thing for your budget and for the environment as well.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of waste concerned when you analyze tee usage around the country.

Lower Resistance

Since the durable plastic resin material is more lightweight than wooden tees, you will experience less resistance when hitting your golf shots. Essentially your golf ball and golf club will have a better connection without having to worry about interference with a golf tee.

The lower resistance also happens because of the shape of the top of the Martini golf tees. These tees are shaped so that the ball can sit very naturally and balanced without being confined. Therefore when the golf ball and clubhead meet, the interaction produces lower resistance than it does with wood tees.

Step Tee Options

Martini Golf tees also come in step tee designs where you can control the height of the golf tee. For golfers that struggle to get their tee shots up in the air, sometimes the issue is just a matter of seeing the golf ball incorrectly. If you want to get a bit better height on your tee shots, the step tees are a good option to consider.

USGA Conforming

The Martini tees are USGA Conforming. This means that even though they can create more distance and accuracy for some players, they are still considered legal under the rules of golf. This is an important consideration if you are playing in tournaments or events.

Some tees on the market will be considered anti slice or distance-enhancing, and they will actually be non-conforming based on the standards of the USGA. This often happens if the performance benefit is just too much.

Luckily, you get some great performance benefits with the Martini tees, but you can still use the product in an event.

Do Martini Golf Tees Improve Accuracy?

It’s difficult for a golf tee to improve the accuracy of your shot. The way you tee the ball, how you aim, and ultimately how you swing will be much better ways to improve accuracy. Simply putting golf tees into the ground and expecting them to help you hit the ball straighter is a bit of a tough ask.

Most golfers are not finding that their Slices are reduced or that their ball flight is straighter. Many report higher ball flight due to the increased tee height and lighter material that these plastic tees are made of.

Do Martini Golf Tees Improve Distance?

Even though we didn’t see too much of a difference with accuracy when using the Martini tees, the distance factor was a bit easier to see. To say whether or not the martini tees will increase the distance, you have to consider what tees you are currently playing with.

If you are playing with a thick and heavy wood step tee, chances are there is quite a bit of resistance at impact, causing your clubhead to slow down.

Switching to the Martini tees could be a significant improvement. For most players, any change in distance, even if it is just a few yards, is going to be well worth the money spent. Martini golf tees are going to improve distance if you are not already using low resistance plastic tees.

For golfers that are already using plastic tees, you may like the durability and zero friction created by the Martini tees, but you are likely not going to see any significant difference in the overall performance.

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Are Martini Golf Tees Worth It?

When looking at the Martini tees, they may seem like a novelty item more than anything else. The tee shaped like a martini glass may have you confused about whether this is a give for a friend’s birthday or a way to increase your distance and accuracy on the golf course.

The Martini tees made with a plastic resin material are sold in a small pack and are quite a bit more money than other golf tees on the market. However, you can get through numerous rounds of golf using just one tee. The bag of tees could last you for months if you are careful about picking up your tees on the tee box.

Even though the Martini tees tend to cost a bit more money, they are a much better option than a wooden golf tee. You will notice that for a driver tee, you need something with zero friction. In addition, the tee much ensures that the contact between the club head and the golf ball is perfect.

The Martini tee does all of these things and allows you to keep the tee in play for more than one round of golf.

The bottom line is that if you are currently playing with a wooden tee and want to make the change to plastic, brush, or zero friction options, the Martini tees are a great choice. They conform to the rules of golf, are difficult to lose, and provide less restriction at impact. Martini tees are worth getting as opposed to wooden tees.

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