You can ask the majority of mid handicappers what the most important golf shot is, and they will likely say their drive. A driver for mid handicappers is what gets the hole started the right way. Without this driver heading towards the target and setting up an approach from the fairway, the game gets challenging.

Even though most mid handicappers realize the importance of putting, it is the driver that stands out as the most important. The good news for mid handicappers is that some amazing golf drivers are on the market right now. We have put together a list featuring the best golf driver for mid handicappers; there will, without a doubt, be an option on this list for your game.

Golf Driver For Mid Handicapper

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver Men

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The best overall golf driver for the mid handicapper is the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max. There are some really impressive features in this driver that help it stand out from the crowd. For starters, the new Forged Ring Construction gives the entire club a more aerodynamic shape than the TaylorMade SIM Max driver.

In addition to just changing the shape, the new design has helped to increase the MOI. With a full carbon crown and the weighting and ability to get power with this SIM 2 Max is quite impressive. The Speed Injected Twist Face also ensures that the sweet spot is very responsive to a hit from almost any swing speed.

TaylorMade continues forward with the Speed Pocket Technology to help maximize ball speeds and ensure the club is extra forgiving. If you are a player that tends to miss the ball a little low on the face, the SIM 2 Max can help to fix the issue.


  • Lightweight and strong aluminum multi-material construction
  • Inertia generator for more clubhead speed
  • Just the right mix of speed and forgiveness for mid-handicap golfers


  • Expensive since it is a new release and one of the best golf drivers on the market

Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Driver

image of cobra golf 2020 men's speedzone extreme driver - AEC Info
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Cobra puts out some of the most affordable golf drivers for mid handicappers. The Speedzone Driver focuses on power, aerodynamic capabilities, a low center of gravity, and much more ball speed. This is everything a mid handicap golfer could need in their game.

We love the adjustability of the golf drivers Cobra produces. If you want to change the launch angle or the ball flight, you can simply do so. In addition, the Speedzone driver was built for a variety of swing speeds and can be a driver that you keep in your bag for years to come.


  • Infinity edge face makes for a very large sweet spot
  • High ball speeds for any swing speed
  • Accuracy and precision for the mid handicap golfer


  • The shape is more streamlined than the previous but still takes a bit to get used to

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

image of callaway golf 2020 mavrik max driver - AEC Info
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Even though the Callaway Mavrik Max is not the newest golf driver for mid handicappers, it has some of the most impressive feel and performance. If you want a club that is consistent and easy to hit every time you step up to the ball, this club will do it. Combining the Epic Flash technology with a new Jailbreak set up the trampoline like effect is something that golfers have not yet felt in a driver.

Callaway is very big into their artificial intelligence technology at this point. They have learned how to properly place the center of gravity in each driver to maximize spin, launch angle, and distance. The Mavrik Max has adjustability perfect for the mid handicappers, and it was just recently lowered in price.


  • Great stock golf shaft options to choose from
  • Internal Jailbreak bars to promote fast ball speed
  • A.I. to help fine tune the center of gravity, sound, and feel of the club


  • The new Epic Speed has a bit more ball speed coming off the face

Cobra Golf- King RADSPEED XB Driver

image of cobra golf- king radspeed driver - AEC Info
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The Cobra Golf King Radspeed XB Driver is a brand new addition to replace the Cobra SPeedzone. The first thing you will notice about the Radspeed is the radial weight technology. This is essentially a very specific position of the weight to ensure better speed, forgiveness, and ball flight. We are impressed with the changes that Cobra has made with this club.

In addition, you will see the continuation of the CNC Milled infinity face. When you look at the head of the golf driver, the sweet spot takes up nearly the entire club. This is one of the best golf drivers who need a bit more forgiveness in their game.


  • Lighter weight than previous models for increased ball speed
  • Incredible adjustability in the Cobra heads (including adjustable weights)
  • Carbon crown on the clubhead is thinner than ever before
  • Cobra Connect technology


  • Can take a bit of time to fine tune the settings you need on the club

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Driver

image of callaway golf 2021 epic speed driver - AEC Info
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The Callaway Epic Speed driver is the latest and greatest from Callaway. From a performance standpoint, the Epic Speed could be further up at the top of this list. The only thing that brought it down a few steps was the price. This driver is priced a bit steep, and many mid handicappers won’t be able to justify the increased price over the Mavrik.

The Jailbreak technology has returned in the Epic Speed; however, it is a new Jailbreak Speed Frame concept. The idea is that there is now both vertical and horizontal stability in the club head face. This is something that any mid handicapper will benefit from. At impact, you want to ensure that you have stability, power, and MOI; the Epic Speed has it all.


  • New aerodynamic golf head
  • Triaxial carbon crown and toe for lighter weight
  • Advanced use of artificial intelligence
  • Precise and accurate driver


  • Expensive for a new release may be hard to justify the cost if you have recently upgraded

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

image of cleveland launcher turbo 3 wood - AEC Info
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You can tell by our list of the best drivers for mid handicappers that golf driver technology gets a bit complicated. There are constantly new technologies and adjustability that can make owning and using a driver very overwhelming.

Luckily, Cleveland comes in to save the day with the Launcher Turbo Driver. This driver delivers speed and accuracy without the fluff. You won’t have to worry about adjusting the driver’s head or ensuring the weights are in the right place. Simply step up and enjoy the deep weighting technology and the Hi bore Crown. Although many mid handicappers admit that Cleveland is not the longest driver on the market, it certainly has some of the best consistency.


  • A great choice for the slower swing speed mid handicapper
  • Simple design that produces consistent results
  • Turbocharged face allows for high MOI and ball speed


  • Not the longest golf driver on the market

TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

image of taylormade sim max driver - AEC Info
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Even though the SIM 2 Max Driver won our top choice, it does not mean that the SIM Max driver doesn’t earn a spot on this list. Even though the technology featured in this club is a year old, it still has some amazing benefits for the mid handicapper. The Moment of Inertia on the TaylorMade SIM is one of the highest for mid handicappers 2021 has to offer.

We love the adjustable loft, the Twist Face, and of course, the Speed Pocket technology. If you have an average swing speed, the SIM Max will help you get more distance off the tee. The only real downside to the SIM Max is that the new shaping of the SIM 2 Max does help it to go a bit further.

If you can handle the difference of a few yards, you can save yourself some money going with the SIM Max golf driver.


  • Very high MOI
  • 2 Degree Loft Sleeve
  • Good choice for slower swing speeds
  • Price has dropped considerably since the release


  • Although it has an adjustable hosel, there are no adjustable weights

Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Driver

image of tour edge hot launch c521 driver - AEC Info
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When you need to save a bit of money on your next golf driver, the Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 could be your best option. Although this company puts out affordable choices for the mid handicap player, the options will not lack performance, speed, and distance.

The new C521 Driver has a very little offset, so the look is more appealing to the mid handicappers. If you have a medium tempo swing speed, this golf club is a perfect choice. The new Diamon Face technology helps to ensure that the clubface has the trampoline effect that you see on other top manufacturers’ new releases.

In addition, there is a back weight on the C521 that helps to increase forgiveness and provides a better launch as well. The Tour Edge C521 is a very stable club that offers higher ball flight as well. If you struggle with your drives off the tee and want an affordable replacement, this is a perfect choice.


  • Impressive ball speed and distance from a lower-priced driver
  • Weighting is set for increased MOI
  • New Diamond Face Technology for more speed


  • There is no adjustability in the head

And The Winner Is…

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max driver

image of taylormade sim 2 max driver men - AEC Info

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max driver is one of the most impressive clubs we have ever seen from TaylorMade. This driver easily took over the spot as the best golf driver for mid handicappers. If you currently struggle with either distance or forgiveness with your current club, the SIM 2 Max will likely make things easier on you. The new shaping of the SIM 2 Max combined with the impressive AI technology means that even if you miss the center of the clubface a bit, you still get great results. What mid handicapper would not benefit from technology like this!

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Mid Handicap Driver Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you now have a better feel for the best driver for a mid handicap golfer. The great news is that there are many amazing choices out there; the hard part is narrowing them down. When you decide for which driver to play, here are the criteria that you should be considering.


Most mid handicappers will have to choose between the stiff or regular flex shaft for their driver. However, these golf shaft combinations are much more complicated than they once were. The shaft that you choose must be the right weight and have the right kick point for your swing.

Some mid handicappers find the only way to test out the golf shaft performance is to use a launch monitor. You can use a launch monitor at a custom fitting or purchase your own to collect data when needed.

Draw Bias

A draw bias driver is one of the best golf drivers for those that slice the ball. If you are not someone that slices the ball consistently, stay away from the draw bias design. If you are a golfer who struggles with the occasional slice, look for something with adjustability so that you can set the driver accordingly.


Most of the golf drivers on our list had some form of adjustability. If your game is continually changing and you think that an adjustable driver can help you adapt a bit more, then it is a smart choice. Overall we like the technology that an adjustable driver can give a player; the only downside is the club’s weight. It is impossible to make an adjustable driver as lightweight as a non-adjustable club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we are asked most often about the golf drivers for mid handicappers and their capability.

Is 9.5 Or 10.5 Degree Better For A Mid Handicapper?

The 10.5-degree driver seems to be a better option for the average golfer. If you are purchasing a new driver and are undecided about the loft choices out there, go with something adjustable. This way, if you change your mind, you can set the club at 10.5, 9.5, or whatever works best for you.

Mid handicappers tend to have average swing speed and often benefit from a mid launch golf shot. Therefore the 10.5 seems to offer the best combination of ball flight and forgiveness.

Are New Golf Drivers Worth It For Mid Handicappers?

A new golf driver can be a large investment. Many people wonder when it is time to upgrade your golf driver. With technology changing almost daily, it’s hard to know the exact time. However, for most golfers, an upgrade every 5-7 years seems appropriate. By this point, the technology has changed enough that you will see a noticeable difference in the performance the golf clubs can offer.

What Is The Easiest Golf Driver To Hit?

The easiest golf drivers to hit tend to be the Cobra and Callaway gold drivers. Although TaylorMade does a great job of generating speed, Cobra and Callaway can sometimes win the forgiveness race. The interesting thing about the best golf drivers on the market is that you have to find one that works best for you. What may be forgiving for one person could be difficult for you to hit.

Thank you for visiting AEC Info. We hope we were able to help you make a decision on purchasing your next driver. In addition to drivers, we have also completed other reviews for mid-handicappers that you may want to check out including Mid handicap irons reviewed.

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