Orange Whip Swing Trainer - 2020, Review
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The Orange Whip Swing Trainer is an ideal training aid for swing plane, short game, and approach. Golfing is not an easy game, but you can enjoy your time on the course and lower your score with the help of the Orange Whip. The way to perfect your swing is to master coordination, balance, timing, flexibility, and rhythm/tempo. You CAN learn to be a better golfer.

Features and Benefits of Orange Whip Swing Trainer

  • Original golf training aid rated number 1: When you choose Orange Whip, the sky is your limit. It has been ranked as the topmost swing trainer by PGA and LPGA Professionals.
  • Proprietary counter-weighted system: The golf swing trainer is designed to strengthen golf muscles as well as improve the flexibility of the body through the patented weighted and counter-weighted mechanics. It is one of a kind, with the ability to reduce injury and enhance the range of motion. You can build up your power as you learn how to maintain control.
  • Working up the athletic swing: Thanks to a proprietary responsive shaft, you can coordinate your rhythm between the lower and upper torso. Repeated swings allow your body to develop a balanced and unique tempo for steady shots on the putting green.
  • Feedback on the spot: If you are experiencing wobbles in your golf swing, the Orange Whip is the perfect aid to build consistent rhythm, and balance Receive feedback immediately with every swing.
  • Superior quality: This golf trainer stands out in terms of quality. It is handmade using tried-and-tested American techniques. The flexible shaft is a patented and counter-weighted system. Created with endurance in mind, it comes with a warranty for 2 years.
  • Improved rhythm, timing, and balance: Eliminate that wobbly swing as you get better at synchronizing the upper body, arms, and the lower body. It is a convenient way to achieve better muscle memory and coordination.
  • High agility and minimum injuries: With a counter-weighted technology, it is possible to increase the range of movement hence lowering the chances of injuries due. As you train, concentrate on a natural swing without being conscious of the clubface position. That is how you start practicing a stable swing from the beginning to the end.
  • Power and consistency: Golf muscles require low-intensity training, which is what the Orange Whip Swing Trainer delivers. It works out the oblique muscles, latissimus dorsi, and the core. No more guesswork on what gym workouts can enhance your golfing skills. Simply use this tool for more practical exercises.
  • Exiting and straightforward: The reason Orange Whip has been voted as the best golf training aid by the Professional Golfers Association is that it is simple and fun to use. Hundreds of Tour Pros claim that it works. You, too, can practice like the pros and experience a massive improvement in your golf scores. The feedback is instantaneous. In case your swing is wiggling or going off-balance, the swing trainer can get you on the right track, allowing you to achieve proper sequence and feel more physically fit. These results are immediate.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer review, 2020Why Choose The Orange Whip Swing Trainer?

Users have voted the Orange Whip as the ideal golf trainer for warm-ups and curbing back pain. After playing golf for a long time, it is normal to feel exhausted and have pain in your back. Many users have confirmed this training aid has helped them play their best, especially for left-handed golfers.

Most of the backache issues are caused by the exercising of muscles on one section of the body. Fortunately, the Orange whip helps to swing the other side of the body, thus maintaining balance. If you don’t believe us, check the reviews for yourself. Excellent feedback has been posted online concerning improved tempo and timing in the golf swing. If the swing is off-balance, it is very easy to detect when using this whip.

The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift this year.

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