We reviewed and ranked the PING golf bags that we found to be the most impressive.

Each golfer has their own unique preferences. However, all golfers consider storage capacity, weight, the number of dividers and pockets, plus the quality of the material. The New PING Hoofer Lite Stand Bag is an example that blends functionality with versatility. But let’s see what other bags PING has to offer.

 Best PING golf bags – Reviewed

Ping 4 Series Golf Stand Bag

image of ping 4 series golf stand bag - AEC Info
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The Ping 4 Series Golf Stand Bag is a lightweight and smart option for the golfer that loves to walk the course. The top diameter of the Ping 4 Series is a bit narrower than other golf bags on the market, coming in around eight inches.

Since the top is a bit smaller, it is only divided into four sections. There are two dividers that run the length of the golf bag. Although this is not going to provide as much protection for your clubs as a fourteen-way stand bag, it certainly doesn’t mean your clubs are going to be damaged.

Since the Ping 4 Series is meant for walking, it has very comfortable shoulder straps that are easy to adjust. In addition, a protective hip pad helps to keep the bag from bumping into you as you walk around the course. The stand that the bag comes with is very sturdy, and you can purchase this Ping 4 series in a variety of colors. For quality and ease of use, the Ping 4 Series is a great choice to consider.


  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Supportive hip pad
  • It comes with a rain hood


  • Only has 2 full-length dividers

PING New Hoofer Stand Golf Bag

image of ping new hoofer stand golf bag - AEC Info
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Ping is known for releasing their Hoofer Bag in some limited styles and designs. This camouflage Ping bag is a new release and one that will undoubtedly set you apart while on the golf course. The Ping Hoofer stand comes with eleven pockets, and it has plenty of storage and organizational components.

One of our favorite things about the Hoofer Multicam Stand is that it has a top access magnetic slip pocket. This is a great place to store a rangefinder so that you will have easy access. Most people that purchase a Hoofer bag like this are going to be walkers; with the total weight being 5.5 pounds, this is a smart choice for walking the golf course.

When you want to ride or take a caddy, the convenient backpack strap will convert to a single strap to make this possible. If you are a fan of camo, the Ping Hoofer Stand Bag is the perfect choice for your game.


  • Lightweight and suitable for walking
  • Has many pockets
  • Unique fabric and design


  • Hoofer Bags tend to be some of the more expensive stand bags

PING Hoofer 14 Way Golf Stand Bag

image of ping 2020 hoofer 14 way golf stand bag - AEC Info
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One of the newest releases from Ping is the Hoofer 14 Way Golf Stand Bag. This stand bag has a 14 way top, and it weighs 5.5lbs. The Hoofer bags are known for having lots of pockets in all the right places. When you walk the course and carry your bag, organization and storage are essential.

The 14 way top of the Ping Hoofer allows players to keep all of their clubs in their own individual section of the bag. If you have graphite shafts that you are trying to protect, this will be a smart thing to consider.

There are two valuables pockets on the 14 Way Stand bag, and one is a velour-lined 300D polyester. You can keep your valuables, both protected and dry should you run into a patch of bad weather on the course. The Ping Hoofer 14 way is available in various colors, and it is a bag built to last.


  • 14 way top
  • Weighs 5.5 lbs
  • Has easy conversion from single to shoulder strap
  • Good for golf cart and walking


  • The price of the new Ping bags is relatively high

PING Hoofer Craz E Lite Stand Bag

image of ping hoofer craz e lite stand bag - AEC Info
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If you are a golfer who is tired of lugging a heavy bag around the course, the Ping Hoofer Craz E Lite is your next golf bag. This is the lightest Hoofer that Pint has ever created. Although you may find some very light golf bags on the market, the Hoofer is usually in the mid-weight range.

This range is because of the technology, pockets, and design of the Hoofer. Luckily Ping was able to get the weight on the Craz E down to just 3 pounds. When you lift this bag for the first time, you will be surprised by how incredibly light it is.

For golfers that think walking the golf course would be too difficult on their shoulders or back, the Ping Craz E could truly be life-changing. The new fabric used on the Craz E Lite is designed to be a bit more durable even though it is incredibly lightweight.

We love the Craz E Lite as a walking bag for players that normally play in a cart. Having one of these as something to throw on for a quick nine or eighteen-hole walk is a really smart investment.


  • Lightest Hoofer bag
  • Durable fabric
  • Comfortable strap
  • Built for walking


  • It is a bit tight when it comes to pocket space

PING L8 Single Strap Stand Golf Bag White Color

image of ping l8 single strap stand golf bag white color - AEC Info
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The Ping L8 Single Strap was not available for a few years, but it is currently back on the market. This is a carry bag that Ping first introduced over 30 years ago. The idea is that you can take this single strap, throw it over your shoulder and head out on the course.

Everything about this bag is simple and high quality. The top of the bag has a four-way top that allows you to have some separation in between the clubs without adding extra weight to the bag. The L8 has five pockets, and they even include a full-length, dual zipper apparel pocket.

Don’t let the size of this bag bother you. There is still plenty of room to keep your belongings and get around the golf course in style. For those loyal Ping fans that have been with the company from the start, the L8 is a perfect choice to consider.


  • 5 pockets
  • Velour lined top
  • 4 way divider
  • Single strap simplicity


  • Difficult to use for daily course walking, can fatigue the one shoulder

PING Hoofer Lite Stand Bag 

image of ping hoofer lite stand bag 2020 - AEC Info
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Just shortly after its release, the Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag has become one of the most popular golf bags this year. No wonder though, as it combines high functionality blended with durability and simplicity. It is intended for golfers who often hit the course and love walking, thanks to the lightweight design (it weighs only 5lbs), cushioned hip pad, and padded shoulder straps. The straps are convertible from a backpack style to a single-strap carry.

The four-way, full-length dividers allow decent club organization, while the extra 7 pockets add convenience and practical use. These include a full-length apparel pocket, waterproof valuables pocket, insulated water-bottle pocket, and other storage areas. You can also attach it to a cart as it has a Cart strap channel.

  • High-impact polypropylene frame (hard plastic) and mesh cover
  • More spacious than most stand bags
  • Customizable, all-weather stand bag

PING DLX Cart Bag 

image of ping dlx cart bag 2019 - AEC Info
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This golf bag combines luxurious comfort and great storage for a golf cart bag. Although it has a heftier price tag, it is entirely justified by the 15 pockets and sturdy polyurethane exterior. There’s a velour-lined pocket for valuables, a magnetic drop-down ball pocket, and a set of pockets for shoes, apparel, rangefinder rand cooler.

Its top is a dream come true for practicality. There are 14 club dividers plus a very accommodating putter well. Soft molded lift-assist handles are attached to the stop and trunk, and also includes a matching rain hood. It’s topped off with an umbrella slot and a pass-through for your cart strap.

  • More pockets than any other bag.
  • Soft molded lift handles.
  • Polyurethane exterior.


image of ping dlx 2020 cart bag - AEC Info
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If you are in the market for a premium, have-it-all Ping golf bag, then the latest DLX model has a lot to boast. Made from premium materials and an anti-flex wall that guarantees long-term use and durability, the DLX is all you have ever wanted from a tour-inspired cart bag.

The total of 14 various-sized pockets that could hold almost anything that you might think of getting to the course, include two large apparel pockets, a valuable pocket, and a super sizable, insulated beverage pocket for about 12 cans. There are also two molded, ergonomic grip handles and a Cart strap pass-through that ensures cart safety when strapped to a cart.

However, the most impressive feature of the DLX is the 15-way top divider that comes with full-length dividers that provide space for all golf clubs. Plus, it has a “putter well” designed to accommodate putters with oversized grips.

  • Tour-inspired, premium materials
  • 15-way, full-length dividers
  • Extra-large insulated pocket

PING Pioneer Cart Bag

image of ping 2019 pioneer cart bag - AEC Info
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This is a slightly lower-priced alternative to the Traverse 191. It doesn’t have the polyurethane exterior, but it does feature 14 spacious pockets. These include a magnetic rangefinder pocket, a drop-down ball pocket, and a cooler pocket. It’s 15-way club divider also provides space for a large putter.

It comes with a matching rain hood like you’ve come to expect. There are lift assist handles on the top and trunk, as well as a carrying strap. A pass-through for your cart strap is integrated within, so you can always access your clubs.

  • Quality cart bag.
  • Spacious pockets.
  • 15-way club divider.

Ping Traverse Cart Bag

PING New 2019 Traverse 191
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The Traverse 191 is the best value out of all PING golf bags. Looking at the top, there are 14 full-length dividers with plenty of space to hold all of your clubs securely. It also features two wells for your putter and any other club with a thicker grip.

It has a polyester exterior and includes a matching rain hood. There’s a lift handle built into it as well as a pass-through for your cart strap, so it’s a pretty convenient cart bag. Its 13 pockets include a roomy cooler pocket and a velour-lined valuables pocket, as well as space for your rangefinder. The gusseted ball pocket functions well, and it features a quality zipper.

  • 14 club dividers, plus two wells.
  • Polyurethane exterior.
  • Best value.

PING Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag

image of ping 2018 hoofer 14 carry stand golf bag - AEC Info
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This style of PING golf bags is a carry stand, meaning it’s meant to be comfortable to carry with you. It shines in this category with a cross buckle strap for backpack carrying. It also quickly converts, so you can carry it with a single strap if you prefer. There’s also the classic PING pass-through for your cart strap.

The top has 12 regular-sized club dividers with two larger wells. It comes with a rain hood that stashes away neatly, a water bottle pocket, and a magnetic rangefinder pocket.

  • Best value hybrid bag.
  • Most spacious carry bag.

PING Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag

PING Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag
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This PING golf bag is much lighter than other options at only five pounds and is ideal for carrying. Its shoulder straps feature a redesigned and more convenient connector. Its material is composed of PING’s new SensorCool technology, which is designed to keep you dry throughout your game. There’s also a cushioned hip pad to support you as you walk.

It has seven pockets and four full-length dividers. It’s not as accommodating in terms of clubs and accessories, but you still have room for your clubs, a putter, apparel, water bottle, and more. There’s even a pen and umbrella holder.

  • Best extra features for carry bags.
  • Lightest and most comfortable to carry.

The best PING golf bag is…

Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag 2020

image of ping hoofer lite stand bag 2020 - AEC Info

PING is ultimately the best when it comes to golf bags, which makes it difficult to discern which PING golf bag is clearly the best. However, after reviewing the above bags, we chose the Hoofer Lite Stand Bag for its spaciousness, durability, simplicity, and best overall value.

It’s a very lightweight stand bag that can be carried as a backpack or transformed into a single strap unit, and there’s even a strap channel to fasten it to a cart. It features a strong polyurethane exterior, and its 7 pockets are perfectly designed for optimal practical use on the course. The full-length apparel pocket, the velour-lined valuables pocket, and the insulation pocket are just a couple of succinct examples of how it maximizes value for the price.

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Choosing the Best Ping Golf Club Bag

As you know, there are multiple types of the Best womens golf bag as well as men’s, and PING delivers a quality version for each. The Hoofer Lite stand golf bag is ideal for walking, especially if you don’t have access to a cart. On the other hand, the PING DLX is much more spacious and convenient as a cart bag.

You might even look into a hybrid like the Hoofer 14 carry stand golf bag. It’s a spacious and very accommodating for your Golf club and also features PING’s specially designed cart strap pass-through.

They’re all built for quality and to cater to your preference.

Some additional factors to consider are the number of clubs you have, the width of their grips, and the other accessories you like to have on hand.

What are the most valuable features for each type of golf bag?

To start, carry bags need to be light without sacrificing to much space. The golf bags that we reviewed are much more spacious than a Sunday bag and allow you to carry your laser rangefinder, a couple of cold ones, and a few other important accessories.

However, just because you have the lightest Stand golf bag doesn’t mean it’s necessarily comfortable to carry. The PING Hoofer 14, for example, is much larger than a five-pound option. But it has backpack shoulder straps as well as a single strap, which might make it easier to carry than a hybrid from another brand.

On the spacious side, we’re looking for PING golf bags that hold everything you could ever need on a golf course. A change of shoes, a safe place for your valuables, rangefinder, GPS, and a refreshing assortment of beverages is just the beginning.

When we look at the PING Pioneer, we see practicality and value. It’s not as durable as the Traverse 191, but it has the space for your clubs. You also get 14 pockets, so it meets two of our most important qualities. However, it does sacrifice the more luxurious elements like a velour-lined valuables pocket, large cooler pocket, and soft-grip lifting handles.

What are the advantages of a durable golf bag?

Presumably, we look to replace our golf bags when our old ones wear out. Even then, there’s nothing wrong with expanding your selection. Maybe you want a bag specific for a walking game, and one for when using a cart.

As you know, a sturdy, well-made exterior will protect your bag from tearing and aging. PING fits all of their Golf bag rain cover hoods, and offer a choice between polyester and the more durable polyurethane. Either way, you’re getting a quality golf bag, where even the zippers are built to last.