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The first Ping i200’s are now two years old. They’ve been immensely popular with golfers and even professional tour players. The i200’s are Ping’s most played iron on tour.

Golfers seeking improved shot control combined with a shiny new premium look will get the most out of Ping’s new i210. This upgraded set of irons is not a revolution, but more of an upgrade to the i200. The refined Ping i210 irons are a nice bang for the money with an improved head shape combined with progressive offset aims.

Ping launched the overhauled i200 series in early 2017. This brought major improvements such as complete aesthetic refinements, all-new boosted MOI, and improved forgiveness. Ping usually took years before updating its series, but seventeen months since the initial release, they decided to replace their flagship i200 with a new and modified i210.

As a consumer, you’re naturally wary of fast product cycles where the company seems to reveal new products every year and rushes equipment. However, is the i210 rushed, or is it a massive upgrade compared to the previous i200? Another example of Ping taking their time would be with the Ping G410 Driver.

Ping has certainly never rushed its product cycles in the past, as the S55 took several years to replace its S56 predecessor. The i210 irons are a step up compared to the i200, but at first sight, it’s hard to tell the difference. If we had to put a label on it, this release certainly leans more towards an upgrade to the irons compared to an overhaul.

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  • Made For Low To Mid Handicappers If you enjoy a silky smooth feel on your shots and very precise shot making, the all-new i210 irons are the most bang for your buck.
  • The new release is slotted for golfers who want to combine good feel and workability, however, need something that forgives more than the iBlade series.
  • Almost 30% of Ping’s professional staff that play on the professional circuits are rocking the new i200 series – and they’ve all already switched to the i210.
  • ‘Luxury’ 431 Stainless Steel Construction Engineers at PING went out their way to enhance the “premium” factor on the new i210 release. They take advantage of Ping’s patented multi-material construction that utilizes a 431 stainless-steel head combined with a soft insert made of elastomer. The custom tuning port also saw a volume enhancement, essentially boosting the parameter that you have for weighting and increasing the swingweight adjustment.
  • Increased Face Contact Compared to the i200, the i210 allows for 30% larger insert and this boosts face contact by a margin of 25%. The new elastomer then provides a very “soft” and comfortable feeling. The shape was also refined and enhanced.


  • High Offset If you’re sensitive to power upon liftoff, the offset might seem a bit too “excessive” for you.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Ping i210 Irons

“The i210 is a natural evolution of the i200.”

Your performance on the course will see improvements. The Ping i210’s new compact, player-friendly shape is designed to improve shots, increase accuracy, precision, and give you a good “feel” – caused by the soft elastometer insert, which is now larger and wedged in the back cavity.

Does the larger elastomer port affect performance too? Yes – it’s now much wider and yields better perimeter weighting. This also translated to a better feel as there’s soft material on the face.

Features & Benefits – What The i210 Represents

You’ll notice Lee Westwood and Tyrell Hatton rocking this new bad-boy. Ping boosted the off-center hit stability. If this is a big problem for you, your swings will improve drastically.

Ping pulled it off by changing their conventional 17-4 steel, which was hard and replaced it with a new stainless steel casting that is combined with milled grooves. This thoroughly changes the set. Golfers get higher precision and more consistency with this upgrade.

One of the developers of the new i210 claimed: “Groove geometries can really affect the consistency of the spin. This is what the change is about”. He added, “That’s why we chose to implement different geometries on wedges – we tried to tighten the spacing on the pitching and U wedges.”
Ping presents the i210 under a “Power Spec” arrangement; however, this is identical to the i200. The main power-booster here is the new “Retro Spec” array at 47° PW. This change is aimed at good wedge players who want a 3-wedge setup and golfers who could use a bit of additional spin/bounce for their set.

Should You Spend More Compared To I200?

Let’s get real. Why should you shell out the few extra dollars to replace the i200? The sole justification is the new 431 stainless steel – this is the big game-changer.

Stainless is way softer than the traditional 17-4 steel (which is good on its own, but different). The sole change boosts your weight for additional forgiveness, but it leaves way for a 30% more elastomer insert, which is 50% softer.

In essence, you get 25% more face contact that creates a pure feeling upon impact. The clear impact projects additional energy on the ball, which automatically increases your distance. If you struggle with accurate long-distance shots, you should give this driver a go! It’s literally made for you.

Ping went all-out on increasing performance on this new set. Ping used the Glide 2.0 specs as inspiration and gave their new i210’s sharper edge radiuses. The i210 also has tight groove spacing in the pitching and U-wedge with the purpose of increasing precision when it matters the most.

Additional improvements include lead edge and sole profiles, which were upgraded to boost the turf interaction for maximum distance control.

Small upgrades on this set include Ping’s trademark “HydroPearl Chrome 2.0” finish that makes water glide away, fully repelling it, and improving your consistency in wet conditions. Ping made a number of shafts available for the i210 Irons, which allow you to optimize your clubs to your ideal swing.

The highlight of this set is the AWT 2.0, which is an innovative shaft that uses steeper weight progression and a variable stop pattern, which enables high trajectories, maximum speed, and increases stability.

What About The Sound – Was That A “Major” Upgrade?

We tested the i200 and i210 next to each other to determine if this is, in fact, a tremendous difference. The result was not surprising. They were very similar, and the differences were minimal.

If sound is your main concern, you have no reason to upgrade. The i210 does feel softer and more muted, but this is not a staggering difference. The sound difference is only something you’d notice if you paid very close attention. The noticeable difference is that the i210 feels a lot quicker, due to the updated HydroPeal 2.0 finish.

What Are Golfers Saying?

“Pure Shots Haunted My Sleep – They Were So Good!”

A golfer who tested the 210 had nothing but praise: “The 210s with the new shaft are incredible – game-changing! I hit penetrating shots right at flags, I was afraid the power spec would produce a low flight, but I was glad to see it didn’t affect the flight.

The backspin was perfect. The feel is unlike any iron I’ve ever felt, pure shots haunted my sleep they were so good. Miss hits still found the green. The clubs arrived in 7 working days and are the nicest looking irons I have ever seen or hit.”

The newest Ping irons are lightyears ahead of one of Ping’s best performing clubs, the Ping Eye 2.


Ping’s new i210 boosts performance and feature improvements across-the-board compared to the “retired” i200. The i210 is not revolutionary compared to the still high-performing i200, but it features newer technology, which makes balls easier to hit, which in turn improves accuracy and boosts distance.

The look and feel have been overhauled and improved too. The Ping i210 irons are ideal for players who want extra forgiveness and could use a refinement over their former i200.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better understanding of what the Ping i210 is and how it can help your game, let’s answer a few of the most common questions about these golf irons. Ping makes some incredible choices for golfers; the hard part is narrowing down which is best for your game.

Are the i210 Irons Any Good?

The Ping i210 irons are great golf clubs for the mid to low handicapped player that is looking for more distance and control. With the Ping i210 golf clubs in the bag, players can hit the ball where they want with the ball flight they desire.

As always, with the Ping golf clubs, you are also going to get some tremendous feel. Ping is a company that is known for its ability to make a great feeling club that consistently performs as it should.


The Ping i210 golf iron is not the more forgiving of the Ping clubs, but it offers enough that it is not considered to be a tour model golf club. The Ping i210 would be considered to have average forgiveness for a mid handicap golfer. For a lower handicap player, the Ping i210 would have about as much forgiveness as they would want or need.

Forged or Cast?

The Ping i210 irons are forged. Quite a few of the Ping golf clubs are forged as this is a technology that tends to work best for Ping. With the Ping i210 irons, you will notice tremendous ability to perform the ball, and when you hit a great shot, the club will let you know.

The forged golf irons on the market will always appeal to the mid to low handicappers.