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If you are suffering from Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow, you know how painful it can be and how much of an impact it can have on your golf game. For the last three years, I have suffered from Tennis Elbow in my left arm and have tried everything possible to relieve the pain. There are three products that I would recommend to get this pain under control.

This Tennis Elbow Brace For Tendonitis from PlayActive is one of them.

You wear this brace and with the Velcro strap you put the largest part of the brand on the most sensitive spot of your arm. You can play a round with this and it causes very little distraction. It can also be worn to bed or at work. The key to to have this elbow brace put pressure on the area that is causing the most pain.

While dealing with this issue for three years, I have tried many remedies to help eliminate the pain. After a recent visit to the doctor, he stressed the importance of wearing a brace like this during every round. I can’t tell you his exact reasoning, but he was adamant that a brace like this was necessary.

We liked that this Tennis Elbow brace comes as a value package with two elbow braces along with two extra straps that are interchangeable. Not that you need them, but there are very clear instructions on how to use these elbow braces. There is also an E-Guide that also provides instructions on how to use as well as additional insight and tips in dealing with and helping to alleviate elbow pain. They also had a money back guarantee with no questions asked.

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Experience Immediate Elbow Pain Relief with PlayActive Sports Elbow Support Braces!

Improved Design: We recently improved the construction of our braces, making them even better than before! In addition, all braces now come standard with an EXTRA pair of support straps. With one pair of Small-Medium straps and one pair of Medium-Large straps, our braces will fit forearms of almost all sizes.

How do our support braces stand out from competing brands?

  • Two-Pack. You will receive TWO premium Elbow Support Braces. Keep one in your sports bag and one at home, simply keep one as a backup, or give one away to a friend!
  • E-Guide and Instructions. Our Elbow braces come with an E-Guide and clear Instructions on how to use our braces. Additionally, the Guide will provide tips and insights in dealing with elbow pains.
  • Superior Quality. Our braces are made to last and their quality cannot be compared to cheaper alternatives. Our improved hook & loop straps will make sure your elbow band stays in place, even after many uses.
  • Fully Adjustable. The Two-Strap design makes our braces very easy to adjust. They can provide anywhere from light to very strong targeted support.
  • Compression Pad. The compression pad in each brace is soft enough to feel comfortable but firm enough to provide adequate support. Braces with compression pads have shown to be far more effective than braces without one.

Common uses: Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Pickleball, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, WOD, Triathlons, Obstacle Races, Racquetball, Badminton, Squash, Football, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Hiking, Fishing, Rowing, Pool, Billiard, repetitive stress motion injuries, extensive computer mouse usage.

Your purchase includes: Two Premium Elbow Braces, Two Extra Straps, Clear (printed) Instructions and a digital E-Guide (delivered via Email).

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