Picture a place where you can enjoy a game of golf while enjoying your favorite drink or meal with your friends. Somewhere where you can have family-friendly fun while practicing your game. PopStroke is that place.

image of popstroke mini golf - AEC InfoPopStroke is a unique family entertainment facility that merges golf with food and beverages. Each PopStroke facility boasts of two (2) 18-hole putting courses, a children’s playground, a full-service restaurant with several bars, an ice cream parlor, and several outdoor games.

In the rest of this post, we go into further detail on what to expect at PopStroke golf; therefore, answer the question, “what is PopStroke golf?”


PopStroke is based on a golf and casual dining concept.

PopStroke founder Greg Bartoli explains that PopStroke golf is built on the philosophy of making golf more accessible to people.

Bartoli explains that PopStroke’s goal is to provide a real putting experience where people can have fun and practice their game without the pressure of a traditional golf course or the ticky-tacky, gimmicky experience of modern putting courses.

Co-founder and designer of most of the courses, Tiger Woods, explains that PopStroke is meant to be a place where friends and family come together to create memories around the beautiful game of golf.


At a PopStroke facility, expect to find two 18-hole putting courses; The Tiger Red Course and The Tiger Black Course. Each course is designed with synthetic turfs, fairways, bunkers, and a rough to emulate a traditional course.

The Tiger Black course is designed for beginners and people looking to introduce their kids to the game. The course is also relatively flat, making it wheelchair friendly. The Black course also has softened contours, making for easier putts.

The Tiger Red Course, on the other hand, is designed to challenge even experienced golfers. The course has steep slopes, multiple tiers, and contour elements that make each putt more difficult.

And to make the golfing experience more competitive, the PopStroke app automatically tracks and records players’ scores, allowing you to see how you stack against your friends.
In addition to the putting courses, PopStroke facilities also have several family-friendly activities and amenities, including a full-service restaurant and bar.

Restaurant and Bars

PopStroke facilities offer a full-service restaurant with several bars, including a course-side bar and an ice cream parlor.

The restaurant offers a menu with familiar American plates. Expect to find Cheeseburgers, traditional and boneless wings, salads, pizzas, seafood, and other American cuisines.
PopStroke also offers a selection of adult beverages, including craft beer, cocktails, and wine.

And that’s not all!

With the PopStroke app, you can order food and drinks, which can be delivered on the course—no more missing out on the game while you wait for your food to arrive!

And if that’s not enough!

All PopStroke facilities also come with an ice cream parlor that offers a selection of 24 ice cream flavors and milkshakes.

In addition to the restaurant and bars, PopStroke also offers birthday parties and event packages.


PopStroke facilities also have several outdoor games and a children’s playground.

Games include Cornhole, ping pong, and foosball, among others. And to keep the little ones entertained, PopStroke has a children’s playground with swings and slides.
And that’s not all!

The restaurant and bar have large TVs, making PopStroke the perfect spot for sports fans to watch their favorite teams while enjoying a round of golf.

If you feel like taking full swings, you and ten friends can rent one of the three large Golfzon simulator bays for $40-$60 per hour.


  • Sarasota

  • Fort Myers

  • Orlando

  • Port Saint Lucie

  • Tampa Bay

  • Glendale

  • Scottsdale

  • Houston

PopStroke currently has locations in Port St. Lucie, Florida; Fort Myers, Florida; Sarasota, Florida; Orlando, Florida; and Tampa Bay, Florida. They also plan to open facilities in several other states, including Texas and Arizona.

Pricing and Cost

PopStroke golf facilities have a range of prices, depending on what you want to do at the facility.

An all-day pass for unlimited access to the two courses costs $25. To access one 18-hole course, you’ll have to part with $20.

If you have a military ID or are a senior, it will cost you $15 to access the facilities. Children under the age of five pay $12, while those between 6-12 years pay $16. Groups of 10 get a discount, each paying $18.

If you want to visit the restaurant and bars, there is no cost other than what you spend on food and drinks.

Events and Parties

In addition to birthday parties and event packages, PopStroke also hosts several weekly and annual events.

Every Monday is senior day. Anyone above the age of 60 years pays $15 to access the course.

Tuesday is kids’ day. For only $16, you get access to the golf course and ice cream for the kids.

Wednesday is college night, where anyone with a college ID pays $15 to access the facility.

Other than the weekly events, PopStroke also has a three-day international putting contest for both teams and individuals. For the individual contest, the winner takes home $25,000, while the team championship winners take home $100,000.

Tiger Woods and PopStroke

Former investment banker Greg Bartoli founded PopStroke in 2018. Six months after the launch of the first location in Port. St. Lucie, Tiger Woods became an investor in the company through his firm, TGR Ventures.

As an investor and ambassador, Woods is involved in designing and programming PopStroke golf courses.

The Port St. Lucie location is the only one that Woods never designed. Woods and his TGR design firm have designed the Sarasota, Tampa, and Orlando facilities.

Game Duration

A single round of PopStroke golf lasts for one hour and will cost you $15. If you want to play both 18-hole courses, it will take two hours and cost $20.

But if you want to access the facility all day, it will cost you $22, and you can play as many rounds as you like.

Final Thoughts

PopStroke offers a unique and fun experience for golf enthusiasts and non-golfers alike. With its restaurant, bar, outdoor games, children’s playground, and various events, PopStroke is the perfect spot for friends and family to spend some quality time together. Be sure to check out the rest of AEC Info.