True Temper is, without a doubt, one of the best golf shaft manufacturers in the game. However, with the number of shafts that this brand manufacturers, it can be difficult to figure out which one is for your game.

The True Temper Project X 6.0 and the True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 golf shafts are two of the most popular stock iron shafts. However, most golfers have no idea of the differences between these two shafts. If you are still undecided between Project X 6.0 and the DG S300, we have you covered.


Project X 6.0: At A Glance

image of project x 6.0 golf shaft - AEC Info
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The Project X 6.0 is a popular golf shaft choice for the faster swinging player looking for a more penetrating ball flight. The Project X has been known for its stability and consistent performance for many years. With the Project X 6.0, expect to find an excellent fit for the golfer with the faster tempo looking for low trajectory and low spin.


  • Can help a faster swinging player keep ball flight down
  • Lower spin
  • Stiff shaft
  • Maximized control and accuracy


  • Won’t always produce the highest distances for players

Dynamic Gold S300 Golf Shaft: At A Glance

image of true temper dynamic gold s300 golf shaft - AEC Info
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As great as the Project X 6.0 is, the DG S300 still remains the most popular iron shaft in the game. Golfers that are just starting and those that have played their entire lives can use the S300 shafts with great success.

The Dynamic Gold is a tour weighted shaft for golfers looking for a lower flight and optimal control. The golfers playing with the S300 shafts are usually those that have moderate swing speeds and can use a little help in topping out their ball speed.


  • Strong but playable in stems of stiffness
  • Allows for plenty of control
  • Impressive penetrating ball flight
  • One of the best golf iron shafts in the game
  • It can be used by high and low handicappers


  • Not as great of a golf shaft for those that have a fast transition from the top of the swing

Project X 6.0 vs. S300: Weight

The Project X 6.0 is 120 grams, while the S300 is 130 grams. Many golfers don’t know the S300 is also available in an S200 and an S400 golf shaft for those that are looking for a heavier or lighter shaft without changing the overall performance of the stiff shaft profile.

The Dynamic Gold S300 is a heavier shaft, so it should result in lower ball flight. However, when testing, you will notice that the S300 and the Project X 6.0 have very similar penetrating ball flights. The fact that the Project X 6.0 is ten grams lighter can help those in between the stiffness profile of a stiff and regular shaft.

If you happen to be unsure if stiff flex or regular flex is the best for your game, but you have a fast transition from backswing to downswing, the Project X 6.0 is the better shaft. 

Project X 6.0 vs. S300: Fitting

Both the Project X 6.0 and the S300 come in both a tapered tip and a parallel tip golf shaft. If you are interested in reshafting your golf clubs, these come with raw lengths, and you can put them in the clubs that you need the new shaft in.

Overall, from a fitting standpoint, there is almost no difference between these two golf shafts, and you can make them work with whatever model irons you are currently playing with.

Project X 6.0 vs. S300: Ball Flight/Trajectory

The Project X 6.0 claims to have more of a penetrating ball flight and that the most significant difference between the 6.0 and the S300 is the fact that you can image of s300 golf shaft vs project x 6.0 golf shaft - AEC Info control the ball a bit more with the 6.0. In the mid irons or long irons, it is crucial to have the ability to control the ball flight. Golfers that know they can hit the ball high or low will get quite a confidence boost on the course.

When we tested the shafts, the more popular choice for a lower ball flight was the Project X 6.0. However, with a standard DG S300 shaft in place, the golf shots were still very easy to control. The mid trajectory is standard, and then you can adjust further to get the ball down further.

Other shafts on the market like the Nippon N.S. Line, Dynamic Gold X100 shafts, or even the Dynamic Gold XP S300 will offer quite a few options for dialed-in trajectory.

Trajectory with the Project X 6.0 was slightly lower, but not enough difference between shafts to rule out the Dynamic Gold S300. 

Project X 6.0 vs. S300: Feel

Feel is a subjective thing for golfers, and the choice of the shaft that you end up with will have to be something that matches your tempo and overall swing mechanics. When we tested the Dynamic Gold Shaft vs. the Project X, we found the True Temper Dynamic Gold to be a little softer and a bit better for those with average ball speed.

The Project X 6.0 is a faster feeling shaft with great features for golfers with a quick swing. Even if your swing speed is not the fastest on the course, but you know you transition from top to bottom quickly, the Project X 6.0 can help with ball dispersion and improve overall golf ball data.

The Dynamic Gold S300 has a better overall feel and ball trajectory for the average player; the Project X 6.0 remains an excellent choice for the quick swinger. 

Project X 6.0 vs. S300: Spin

Golfers looking for a consistent spin from their shots can rely on both the Project X 6.0 and the Dynamic Gold S300. The lowest spin rates for iron golf shafts are found on both iron shafts. In fact, when you put them in the hands of consistent golfers, the identical spin rates on some shots are pretty impressive.

Spin levels will vary based on swing speed, and golfers that have a tendency to balloon a golf shot may like the Project X 6.0 a bit better. Faster swing speeds tend to feel as though they have more control with the Project X 6.0 in their hands.

However, for the golfer looking for extra distance and a combination of control and distance, the Dynamic Gold S300 will provide that with its low to moderate spin rates.

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Conclusion: Project X 6.0 vs. S300

In the end, it is hard to call either of these golf shafts the true winner. Most players will not experience any loss of distance when switching from one to another. For those newer to the game and looking for better all-around performance the Dynamic Gold S300 would be our choice.

image of project x 6.0 golf shaft - AEC Info

Golfers with lots of quick movements in their swings should consider the Project X 6.0. The great thing about both golf shafts is that the performance for golfers when it comes to consistency and accuracy will be pretty impressive.