The new Pyramid iCOR putter has hit the market, and it is known for uncanny accuracy, a great-feeling face insert, and a consistent roll. We want to look deeper into the technology the iCOR offers and whether or not this could be a good putter for your golf game. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Pyramid iCOR Putter.

What is the Pyramid iCOR putter?

The Pyramid iCOR putter is a new release designed to work as a self-correcting golf putter. The brand-new Pyramid iCOR putter is made with aircraft-grade aluminum, three sets of grooves, and a speed-correcting compound to make putting considerably simpler than it has been.

The Pyramid iCOR has a large sweet spot, and even when you don’t strike the center of the putt, expect it to travel on your line. The Pyramid putter is available in blade and mallet models.

Features of the Pyramid iCOR putter

Many standard putter brands claim to have excellent and forgiving putters. But if you think your current forgiving putter could use an upgrade, here are the key features of the Pyramid iCOR.

Face insert

The face insert is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and has three sets of patented grooves. One is angled diagonally towards the toe, another angled toward the heel, and another runs horizontally across its center.

The iCOR’s auto-correcting grooves (diagonal grooves), deliver a small correcting side spin on an off-center strike, while the horizontal grooves deliver a topspin avoiding bouncing or skidding as the ball rolls. Think of it as the ball getting caught in the groove and holding it on its line.

ICOR Speed correcting compound

image of pyramid icor series golf club heat chart - AEC Info

On the face, Pyramid designers and engineers added a proprietary compound, increasing the Coefficient of Restitution (COR). Generally, a higher COR translates to minimal energy loss on miss-hits.

The proprietary compound creates a huge sweet spot across the face and ensures every off-center strike rolls as far as a solid strike (the material closes the gap to a fraction of an inch).

Eye-line milled alignment guide

What good is a pure roll if you aren’t on the right track? The Pyramid Putter has more than just a line on the top of the putter; it has a spot for you to focus your eyes.

Although most putters have aiming guides to help you align the blade with the target, they don’t do a good job. You’ll often find yourself having your eyes too far inside the ball, creating a push, or too far, creating a pull.

Luckily, the Pyramid iCOR allows you to set up with your eyes directly over the ball. This is important for hiding putts where you need them. Even better, the iCOR’s alignment guide allows you to match the ball with the sweet spot which enhances your distance control and accuracy.

No taper grip with silicone

Finally, grips on putters have come a long way in the last few years, and the new Pyramid iCOR features one of the best ones yet; a no-taper grip with plenty of tac. The larger-than-normal grip gives you light and steady pressure while limiting your wrist movements.

image of pyramid icor series golf club grip technology chart - AEC Info

This helps put your shoulders and arms in command resulting in a consistently smooth pendulum stroke. Pyramid Golf believes in using high-quality components in their putters, and you will notice the grip has superior texture, feel, and longevity.

Difference between original Pyramid and Pyramid iCOR putter

If you loved the original Pyramid Putter but are ready for an upgrade, it’s worth learning the differences between these clubs.

The original Pyramid Putter is made from Cast Stainless Steel instead of aircraft-grade aluminum material. It also lacks the new Speed Compound technology in the Pyramid iCOR, which helps with distance control.

Even better, the Pyramid iCOR has a Hi Moment of Inertia (MOI) mallet design that doesn’t twist as much.

With the success of the original Pyramid putters, it was important to create something that was still a heavy putter with great consistency. However, the changes needed improved distance control, more stability, and better feeling and sound. It seems as though the Pyramid iCOR accomplishes all three.

Who should play with Pyramid iCOR

Luckily the Pyramid iCOR has benefits for golfers at different levels. However, with the large sweet spot and the incredible straight-roll technology, we recommend the iCOR for mid-to-high handicappers seeking consistency in their putting game. If one straight putt goes left and another right, you may get less dispersion if you switch.

Final thoughts

The Pyramid iCOR putter is available for sale directly from Pyramid. With a direct-to-consumer product, expect slightly more competitive pricing with high-quality material. If your putting game needs a bit of a refresh, look at what Pyramid offers.

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