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As an avid golfer, I can tell you one phenomenon that never changes for players of the game — the eternal and perpetual purchasing of new golf balls. Whether through loss or wear and tear, golfers of all levels are always replacing them. Brand-new balls are not cheap, either, especially when you count up the total you use each year.

I found a solution to this problem years ago, in the form of a company called Lost Golf Balls. Founded in 1992, the company collects lost balls from top American courses, processes them, repackages and sells them right back as “pre-owned” through their website. Unless you require a brand new ball coming right out of the box, is a great resource for you.

Things to Consider Before Visiting

A box of a dozen brand-new Titleist Pro V1 balls will set you back roughly $50 before adding any additional extras like personalized numbers, colors, and logos. The Pro V1s from Lost Golf Balls, so lovingly lost and then recovered on America’s best courses, sell for about a third, or possibly half of that, depending on the condition and year of balls you choose.

If you want to reduce your unnecessary golf spending and get your hands on high-quality brand-name balls, many of which are very close to new in condition, for massively reduced rates, then this is the platform for you. I have been purchasing golf balls from this site for years, and I have always been pleased with the product and the speed in which they are shipped.

Features and Benefits of the Site

The site doesn’t offer anything especially unique in terms of design or landing page presentation. It’s as you’d expect an e-commerce platform to look. Top of the landing page is all special offers and the latest deals, which I have no doubts you’ll end up clicking at least one every time.

Under that, it’s all links to shop pages and special offers on top brands. You can pay with all major credit cards and online payment methods like PayPal. There’s nothing to blow your mind visually. It’s just a great website to pick up high quality used golf balls as an extremely reduced rate.

A little novelty, for those interested, is the About Us page, which shows you where they get their balls. I found this interesting since I’ve played about half the courses on there, which include PGA Tour courses like Spyglass Hill and Silverado Resort and Spa. You may get lucky and recover one of the balls you lost out there. Now, kindly recovered, cleaned, and restored by your team at Lost Golf Balls.

Once you’ve visited the homepage and registered, the shopping function couldn’t be easier. One thing I love is that the site is run by golfers, who know what us fellow players want the most. That’s why they put the top names — Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Bridgestone, etc. — prominently on the homepage so you can click however many dozen balls you want to add to your cart.

A further benefit is the cost to quality ratio that is stacked so heavily in favor of the consumer. When you consider that it’s possible to lose a ball right out of the box the first time you use it to tee off on any hole of the course, you start to realize something important. Second-hand golf balls, in many cases, are half a degree from brand new.

Furthermore, they may have started with lost balls, but they have built up an impressive selection of accessories and even novelty golf-themed t-shirts, making this site into something of a one-stop-shop for golfers of all levels. It’s no fuss, no muss.

You May Have A Problem If You Do Not Like Logo Balls

After several orders, I have only really found one fault, and it really has not been that big of an issue for me. Several of the golf balls have logos on them. Some of my friends often comment about the “big ass logo” on some of my golf balls, but it really has never been an issue for me. I find it interesting to see some of the logos from courses and Country clubs around the country.

Depending on the quality of balls you purchase, you will often encounter balls with markings on them. I often laugh thinking about the player who used the ball prior to me, took the time to mark it up all pretty, only to hit it once and lose it in the water or ravine. I still put my little red dot on the number, but there are times when there are other markings and that is something you should be aware of.

The website is a straightforward platform that does exactly what it says on the landing page. My bank balance has never been more grateful for the savings I’m making, which I think is important for many since golf isn’t a cheap hobby.

My Final Word:

If you’re looking for a no-frills, user-friendly platform on which to get brand-name balls at massively discounted rates per dozen, or in large quantities, then is the perfect place for you. I’m not a tech-head or computer whizz, and I always thought there were some things I’d always buy from the Pro Shop, but I’m hooked on this platform now.

I recommend you to try it for yourself if only for the pure ease and simplicity of it. You can restock your spare ball collection for a fraction of what you’d pay for new. And better yet, you can become part of a more sustainable sport that reuses and wastes less. This is good news for all of us out there on the links.

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Check it Out Here