Over the last several years, Sandy River Golf Course was a great public golf course in Chesterville, Maine.  Unfortunately, the golf course has closed and the Sandy River Golf Course website was taken down.

Now AEC Info – Golf reviews looks to provide you with the best reviews of Golf courses, products, equipment and golf clubs to help you make an educated decision before you buy any of these products. 

Our goal with AEC Info over the last 3 years has been to provide our readers with high-quality content with informative information to help you be a better educated consumer. 

Basically, we want to be the first website you visit before you buy anything related to the world of golf.  Although this is a pretty ambitious goal, the team is dedicated to making that happen. 

There are several articles that are closely related, and we are excited to share our golf information with new readers and visitors to our website.

In addition, we will be sharing our reviews and experience with various Golf related products and services including:

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