Golf is a game that you can play for your entire life. However, as you get older, the way that you play the game is going to change considerably. Unfortunately, as we age, it gets complicated to hit a golf driver with the same distance that you always have.

The way bodies change it often leads to a decrease in swing speed and, from there, a decrease in distance. If you are a senior golfer looking to maintain your distance with your drives, we have some options that could make a big difference. Drivers for seniors have come a long way, and taking advantage of this technology is a very smart move.

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Best distance drivers for seniors

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver

image of taylormade sim 2 max driver - AEC Info
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It may come as no surprise that one of the best drivers for seniors is the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max driver. The SIM 2 Max is built to increase swing speed and ball speed. With this club in your hand, you are going to be able to get a long more distance from your shots, simply because of the golf club itself.

The new forged ring design makes this club stand out from the original SIM Max driver of last year. The new design has changed the crown weighing a bit to help increase MOI at impact. In addition, the new Inertia Generator gets the club moving through the air quite a bit quicker.

Between the Speed Injected Twist Face, Speed Pocket, and Split Mass Weighting, this technology from TaylorMade is all about speed. The best driver for seniors has to contain some speed-enhancing technology, and there is no question that the SIM 2 Max driver can do it.

It should come as no surprise that the Sim Max 2 has been chosen by AEC Info in several different “Best Driver” categories including Mid Handicap golfers and was in our top 2 for the best drivers for 2022. 


  • Also, one of the best golf drivers for forgiveness
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Will increase clubhead speed
  • Also available in a draw bias model


  • It tends to be priced a little high

Callaway Mavrik Driver

image of callaway golf 2020 mavrik max driver - AEC Info
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Although the Mavrik is not the latest Callaway release for senior golfers, it is one of the most fairly priced and highest performing drivers for seniors. The Callaway Mavrik was built using Artificial Intelligence to try and help increase swing speed and ball speed.

The Jailbreak Technology used in the clubhead helps the face feel almost like a trampoline when the ball comes off of it. In addition, the spin that this driver produces is quite low, and you will see a tremendous amount of roll with the Mavrik driver.


  • Cyclone Aero shape
  • High ball speeds
  • Created with AI for higher MOI
  • Very good feel coming off the club face
  • Price has dropped


  • It May not have as much distance as the Epic series.

Cobra Radspeed Driver Matte Black

image of cobra radspeed driver matte black - AEC Info
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Another important characteristic of a golf driver for seniors is adjustability. Having an adjustable loft sleeve or adjustable weights will help fine-tune the performance should it change from day to day. All golfers will see changes in performance from time to time, but it happens for the senior golfer more often.

The Cobra Radspeed is built with a ton of adjustability, a CNC Milled Infinity Face, and Radial Weighing Technology. These things are done to increase the forgiveness in this best driver for seniors and give players the confidence they need to help maintain distance. This is one of the most technologically advanced drivers from Cobra, and it is worth considering for senior golfers.


  • Very easy to launch
  • Lots of adjustability
  • Highest ball speed of any of the Cobra drivers


  • It takes a while to get used to the adjustability and how it works

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

image of callaway golf 2021 epic speed driver - AEC Info
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If you are looking for golf drivers that help you maintain distance, a club with the name Speed in the title is obviously a good option to consider. Epic Speed drivers for senior golfers have started to change minds about what is possible regarding distance on the golf course. The Callaway Epic Speed Driver features advanced aerodynamic head construction that brings some of the highest clubhead speed changes we have seen.

Senior golfers that have felt as though nothing can help them get their ball speed and clubhead speed back to where it once was will enjoy what this golf club has to offer. Between AI, increased stability in the club head, and high launch, the Epic Speed is a great driver for seniors.


  • Some of the highest clubhead speed on the market
  • Very stable and high performing at impact
  • Great looking driver head
  • Advanced Jailbreak technology


  • The newest release is quite expensive

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

image of cleveland launcher turbo hb driver - AEC Info
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Although all of the options on our list of the best drivers for seniors will work for the senior player, the Cleveland HB Turbo Driver feels as though it was built specifically for a senior player. The Launcher HB Turbo does not feature an adjustable loft sleeve, and this is because of an effort to decrease weight and increase swing speed. The best drivers for seniors are lightweight and easy to swing, and the HB Turbo is one of them.

In addition, players will notice the Hi Bore Crown is in place to help lower the center of gravity and get a bit more ball flight from the club as well. Golfers that hit more of a line drive from the tee will notice an increase in the launch.


  • Lightweight hosel
  • Counter balanced golf shaft design
  • Very low center of gravity to help increase forgiveness


  • Not having adjustable is not always the best fit for senior golfers

Cobra Golf F-Max Driver

image of cobra golf f-max driver - AEC Info
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Sometimes the idea of getting distance from your golf drivers is difficult because of the fact that you can’t seem to get the ball to fly straight. Many seniors struggle to maintain distance simply because they slice the ball. It is very hard to hit the ball a long way with the spin that a slice puts on a golf ball. Luckily this F Max Driver can help fix that.

The Cobra F Max is one of the lightest golf drivers for seniors. In fact, even Cobra admits to this being the most lightweight club they make for a senior golfer. In addition, the club head is offset to help promote a straighter ball flight for senior golfers. Between the carbon crown and the back heel weighting, this is a driver for seniors that will help give confidence from the tee.


  • It helps to increase clubhead speed
  • Very lightweight design in shaft, grip, and head weight
  • Best golf driver for reducing a slice


  • Not quite as much ball speed as the Radspeed driver

Senior Men’s Majek High Launch Golf K Series

image of senior men's majek high launch golf k series - AEC Info
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If budget is a concern of yours when looking at the best drivers for seniors, then the Majek brand could be a great option to consider. This is a large, USGA Conforming, 460 cc head driver built with the senior golfer in mind. From the lightweight shaft to the senior midsize grip, the Majek is here to help senior golfers maintain and increase distance.

One of the things that senior golfers really like about this club is the updated and modern look to the club head. Although this features modern technology, the club head still looks a bit like a classic driver. The lofts in the Majek High Launch are optimized for the senior golfers that struggle to get enough ball flight.


  • It comes with a midsize grip
  • High performing club head with a lot of ball speed
  • Higher lofted driver specifically for the senior golfer


  • Technology is very lightweight, not for the faster swinging senior golfer

Wilson Staff LaunchPad Men’s Golf Driver

image of wilson staff launchpad men's golf driver - AEC Info
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Last but certainly not least is the Wilson Staff LaunchPad Men’s Golf Driver. This is one of the best drivers for seniors that need higher launch and lightweight golf technology. The name LaunchPad was a perfect choice for this driver with the way the ball launches off of the club face.

The Wilson LaunchPad is another draw bias clubhead choice. If you are a senior golfer that struggles to get the ball straight, the LaunchPad will help. In addition, the technology offered in this golf driver comes at a very fair price. Players who have difficulty increasing swing speed and straightening their shots out will love the new Wilson Staff LaunchPad.


  • Very lightweight technology for senior golfers
  • High and straight ball flight
  • It helps players increase swing speed
  • One of the best drivers for seniors on a budget
  • Deep weighting technology for extra distance


  • Feel is not as good as something like the TaylorMade SIM 2

And The Winner Is…

SIM 2 Max Driver

image of taylormade sim 2 max driver - AEC Info

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose a driver best suited for a senior golfer. There is some really great choice on the market for senior players, and they all claim to bring more distance. However, we feel that nobody does it quite like TaylorMade with their SIM 2 Max driver.

Regardless of your swing speed and your performance preferences for a golf driver, the SIM 2 Max can help any golfer maintain distance. The Twist Face Technology, combined with other speed-enhancing parameters found in this driver, helps to increase distance, forgiveness, and overall performance in the SIM 2.

Senior golfers should grab one of these before they are all gone.

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Buyers guide

Now that you know the best golf drivers for seniors looking to maintain distance, it’s time to narrow them down. All of these clubs can be a great choice, but ensuring that you get something that matches your swing speed, visual preferences, and golf game weaknesses is essential.


Not all senior golfers need to use a senior shaft in their driver. To improve distance and accuracy, senior golfers need a closely matched shaft to their swing speed. Therefore something with a regular shaft can sometimes be good for those with slightly more club head speed.

Before senior players purchase a new driver, it is good to understand the impacts of the flex shaft and what a slower swing speed needs. Having an idea of what your swing speed is, makes sense for a senior golfer who is shopping for new drivers. Most players will end up with the senior flex shafts to help promote ball speed.


Adjustability in a club can make it feel as though it is a custom golf club. However, adjustability does add weight to the club. If you are worried about the extra weight, look for the Cleveland HB Turbo with the Hibore crown. Overall, most senior golfers will find that adjustability has helped produce low spin and increase speed and distance.


The price of a golf driver for seniors looking to maintain distance can be anywhere from $250 to $550. Finding the driver best suited to your needs is more important than the total price paid. If you find a great driver that happens to be a little lower in price, go for it!


Many golf drivers for seniors will be sold with lofts of 10.5 degrees and above. In fact, the degrees of loft in a senior driver can sometimes go about 13 degrees. The degree loft on the club will impact speed and distance. Choose something that gives you enough loft for the forgiveness you need but doesn’t go too high up that it involves you losing some distance.

Frequently asked 1uestions

Now that you have a better idea of which driver to use let’s look at a few of the most commonly asked questions about a senior golf driver.

Do senior players need a low spin driver?

Senior golfers typically have a slow swing and struggle to get the distance off the tee that they need. Slower swing speeds need to take advantage of all the roll they can get on the golf course. The senior golf driver with low spin will roll on the turf for quite some time, even after the ball lands.

Does forgiveness matter when trying to maintain distance?

Forgiveness and distance go hand in hand. The best drivers on the market for senior golfers are going to have large sweet spots and a very forgiving face. Having a large sweet spot will ensure more center hits and essential give players a better feel and sound at impact. These differences will also lead to increased distance.

How can a senior golfer get more distance?

There are several ways that a senior golfer can get more distance in their game. Here are a few of the most common to consider.

  • Play with a senior flex shaft (see our comparison of stiff vs regular shaft)
  • Workout and stay in shape to increase strength and speed
  • Look at new technology that comes to the market
  • Choose the proper loft for the new driver
  • Ensure a driver is built with forgiveness and a large sweet spot
  • Take lessons to see if your slow swing is a cause of a swing error or flaw
  • Play with a lightweight golf club that will increase ball speeds

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