Single length irons seem like a very unique concept for some players. For so many years, golfers have been under the impression that variable length irons help to create different distances and ball flights in the shots that we hit. Although this can be true at times, single length irons have quite a few benefits to offer.

We will look at the positives and negatives of single length irons to help you determine if these clubs will improve your game. If you have not tried a single length iron, you will want to after reading our information.

A single length iron can improve the game of many mid to high handicappers by making setup and stance more simplistic. Without a single length iron in your hand, the stance and setup with each club are going to vary. When you play with single length clubs, the ball position, width of stance, and overall setup can remain relatively the same with any club in your hand.

For those that struggle to feel as though they are in the right position to swing the club each time, one length irons can be a tremendous benefit. Even some PGA Tour professionals like Bryson Dechambeau find that the one length irons are a good fit for their games.

It’s important to understand exactly what a single length iron is and the benefits that it can have on your game.

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What Is A Single Length Iron?

A single length iron refers to a set of golf irons that will be the same length as the 7 iron. The 7 iron is typically considered the middle of the iron set and a golf club that all players are comfortable with.

This means that the clubs that are typically considered short irons in your golf set are going to be a bit longer than usual, and the longer irons will be a bit shorter than usual.

A set of single length iron clubs should still be fitted to ensure that they are the proper length for your height and arm length.

Benefits of Single Length Irons

There are several benefits to the single length irons that are worth considering. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing your entire life, here are the things that you need to think about and understand.

Lower Lofted Irons Are Easy to Hit

A lower lofted club typically has very little forgiveness. This is why when you try and swing your five or four iron, you will find that they don’t go quite as far or as straight as something like your 7 iron. If this happens to you, you are not alone.

Most golfers struggle to hit their long irons consistently. The players that are good at these types of shots typically have very fast swing speeds. However, when playing with the single length irons, the clubs are shorter and therefore much easier to swing.

Golfers with slower swing speeds like some of the writers at AEC Info are finally able to hit solid four and five iron shots.

Easier For Beginners To Learn The Game

Being a golf beginner is incredibly difficult. You will spend hours trying to understand the fundamentals of the game and then even more time learning the scoring, terminology, and etiquette. Beginner golf is so difficult that it makes some players quit.

However, single length clubs have become a popular choice for me golfers. When playing with a variable length golf club, it is hard to get a feel for where the ball position should be and how ball flight and distance are impacted by setup and stance.

Curious to see how you far you hit it? Be sure to check out our Golf club distance chart here.

When playing with a one length iron, there is really one basic setup that needs to be repeated.

More Consistency

Golfers that switch to the one length iron find that they have much more consistency than they did with traditional length irons. As golf clubs get longer, they get harder to hit, bringing about some trouble with consistency.

Golfers start to swing harder, and this never ends up working out all that well. Instead, it makes sense to find equipment that allows you to swing with great tempo and control. The one length set of irons can help to provide this.

Setup & Ball Position Hardly Changes

From one swing to another, the ball position and the setup for each of your one length irons are barely going to change. With variable length irons, when you switch from a 4 iron down to a pitching wedge, the difference in the stance and setup is quite significant.

If you are a golfer that gets frustrated by having to make changes from one swing to the next, the one length iron sets are the way to go.

Are There Any Negatives To Playing With Single Length Irons?

Although there are some great benefits to one length irons, they are not for everybody. There are two reasons that many golfers decide that these irons are not for them.

The first reason is that single length irons are limited. There are only a few companies currently offering this technology. If you are not a fan of these club heads, you will have to pay to have a set made custom to the one length specifications.

Although this is possible, it means that the single length irons could end up costing you quite a bit of extra money.

Another reason that some golfers wills stay away from the single length irons is that the shorter irons can be a bit harder to control. It certainly takes a bit of time to get accustomed to this type of technology. In the beginning, the golf clubs may feel a bit uncomfortable until you are used to a pitching wedge feeling as long as a 7 iron.

This is a set of golf clubs that you will likely want to try out prior to purchasing an entire set.


We have done quite a bit of testing with single length irons, and when given to most mid to high handicapper players, the differences are quite significant. If you can get used to this unique technology and learn to play with clubs that are all the same length, your game will get more consistent.

Although this type of technology tends to appeal to the players that need help with consistency, if golfers on the PGA Tour are also using it, that is quite a powerful message. If you find that your 7 iron is your favorite club in your golf bag, it may be time to take a look at a set of single length golf clubs.

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