SKLZ Impact Golf Balls - Review, 2020, 12 Pack - AEC Info
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If you are stuck at home, or a better way to think about it…..Safe at home, then now is the perfect opportunity for you to work on your game. If you are limited on space, a great and inexpensive purchase are SKLZ Impact Golf Balls.

  • The SKLZ Impact Golf Balls provides you with a ton of at home benefits right now.
  • They last much longer than traditional plastic training balls.
  • The limited-flight design allows you to take full swings without hitting the ball 150 yards.
  • Perfect for at home training sessions in your yard or golf net.
  • The SKLZ Impact Golf Balls are regulation size
  • Built to last much longer than one season
  • Designed for limited flight capability
  • More effective golf training in less space
  • Can use everyday in your home or office
  • A very inexpensive way to practice golf in and around the home

How Far Do the SKLZ Impact Golf Balls Fly when you hit them?

Sklz golf ball

When you prepare to hit these golf balls for the first time, you may be concerned with the distance they travel. If you are an average golfer like me, you are going to hit your 8 iron about 15 yards, and you may smoke your driver about 30 yards. You can take a full swing and still know you will not be taking out your neighbors window.

Can you use the SKLZ Impact Golf Balls for putting indoors?

You will not be using these golf balls for putting as they do not roll true.

Is it safe to you the SKLZ Impact Golf Balls in your house?

You can have some fun social distancing in your house by hitting some lob wedges and low chips, and you will likely be pretty safe to not dent any walls or bust any television screens. However, this is just my opinion, and you may be some stud who hits it 355 into the wind, and you may try to prove me wrong. Use these balls indoors at your own risk. I would have never thought a Playing card could bust through a piece of wood, so you never know what can happen.

Check it Out On Amazon