If you are in the market for a high-end launch monitor for practicing your game, improving your score, or simply to use with golf simulators, two of the models you have likely come across are the SkyTrak and the TrackMan.

Both the SkyTrak and the TrackMan have some incredible benefits when it comes to the golf club and golf ball analysis; however, they are very different Golf launch monitors. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the SkyTrak vs. TrackMan and see which of these is the better investment for your game. 


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Now that you have a better idea as to what both launch monitor systems have to offer, let’s look at the pros and cons to help you determine which is best for your needs. 


  • One of the more affordable golf launch monitors on the market
  • Will work well for game improvement or simulator setup
  • Long list of key parameters and ball data
  • Accurate golf simulator features and software
  • Fits in the price range a bit better for the majority of golfers
  • Easy access to ball performance and progress
  • Instant feedback


  • No option for video recordings
  • Limited to ball data parameters, not club data
  • May not have the accuracy and functionality needed for club fitting
  • Can have some inaccurate readings if the indoor space is not properly configured


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  • Additional features that other launch monitors don’t have
  • Accurate ball flight data
  • Accurate club data
  • Outdoor TrackMan options are available
  • Amazing golf simulator experiences
  • Analysis with swing plane
  • The industry standard for golf launch monitors
  • Ability to hook up additional cameras
  • Will work on the putting green as well


  • Advanced metrics take some time to understand
  • One of the most expensive and advanced models on the market may not be worth the extra cost for some golfers
  • Base cost increases considerably when adding other features
  • Must have a 5-figure budget

Comparison: Which Is Best For You? 

Although you get instant feedback and an amazing simulator experience from both models, the TrackMan is the better launch monitor. With the built-in camera, impressive capabilities, and actual carry distances, your game can be significantly improved with the use of the TrackMan.

If you can afford it, it’s well worth the money. For the recreational golfer or casual golfer, the SkyTrak tends to be the more popular choice. 

Benefits of SkyTrak and TrackMan

The SkyTrak and TrackMan do a great job of tacking ball data. Things like ball speed, ball flight, flight path, and even launch direction are easy for the average golfer to see and understand.

However, the differences in the way SkyTrak and the TrackMan collect data will have an impact on their overall performance.

Indoor/Outdoor Functionality

Luckily both of these launch monitors are able to be used both indoors and outdoors. Golfers have a lot of choices when it comes to a portable launch monitor, but the ability to use it indoors for a golf simulator setup or outdoors as the range is essential.

Ball Data

We found that measurements like club head speed and spin rate will be very accurate with both the TrackMan and SkyTrak. However, there are advanced features when it comes to club path and club data because of the dual radar technology that Trackman uses. Things like the angle of descent seemed a bit more accurate with the Trackman radar systems.

Video Analysis

Trackman also offers players the ability to record video data and then analyze it using their software system. This is partly what makes the Trackman more popular for the professional golfer and the SkyTrak more popular for amateur golfers.

SkyTrak vs Trackman – Accuracy

The overall accuracy of both the SkyTrak and Trackman is considerably better than other launch monitors on the market. An accurate launch monitor is essential for club fitters, teachers, and industry leaders in the game of golf.

Accurate readings from the Trackman are the standard by which all other golf launch monitors are measured. This, of course, costs thousands of dollars, but if you are serious about changing your golf swing and improving scores, it will be money well spent.

Even though the Trackman is considered to be the most accurate choice of launch monitors, for the average golfer’s golf game, the results and numbers the SkyTrak gives are plenty good enough and will work well with simulation software.

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SkyTrak vs. Trackman – Features

The SkyTrak and the Trackman both offer some similar features like a virtual driving range, skill levels, and an area where you can keep track of your progress.  But the significant price difference between the two models likely has you wondering what features the TrackMan has that the SkyTrak does not.

Those features are video capabilities as well as putting analysis and custom branding.

Putting Analysis

The ability to use your launch monitor for putting is quite rare. Many indoor launch monitors and even popular launch monitors for outdoor use will not allow for putting tracking or technology. With the TrackMan system, you can do complete skills assessments and see where your putting needs improvement.

Video Analysis

With the ability to connect to six external cameras, the Trackman is better suited for video launch monitor options. Whether you are looking to record your swing and put it next to a professional or simply looking for some feedback on your launch angle, club speed, etc., and need to visualize it, the Trackman is the better model.

Custom Branding

Many people who purchase Trackman and use it in real life are golf professionals and club fitters. With the levels of accuracy and wide range of features that this launch monitor provides, it is one of the highest quality launch monitors in the industry.

The custom branding allows professionals to grow their business with their name next to the Trackman logo and help local golfers know why their lessons and fittings will stand out.

The most significant difference here is that Trackman is the best option on the professional market, whereas SkyTrak is built for the home market.

SkyTrak vs. Trackman – Price

The SkyTrak will typically retail for around $2000. It is a fantastic launch monitor in this price range and has excellent options for game tracking and simulator setup. When playing rounds of golf with the SkyTrak launch monitor in place, you will get images and results awfully close to your actual flight.

The Trackman Launch monitors typically start around $18,000, and they go up from there depending on if you are looking for indoor or outdoor use. This is not a very affordable launch monitor. Although it is hard to put a price tag on accuracy with launch monitors, it is important to realize that Trackman is the gold standard in the industry, and because of that, you will pay for it.

SkyTrak vs. Trackman- Usability

A golfer will need advanced swing knowledge to be able to get accurate feedback and an understanding of the essential metrics that the Trackman provides. For those that are new to the game of golf, this is just too much information to take in.

The SkyTrak, on the other hand, offers real-time data and information that works for a range of budgets and keeps the information a bit simpler. The extra features of the Trackman are not necessary for those that won’t understand the aspects of the additional club head data.

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