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You don’t have to be a seasoned golfer to be playing with premium, tour-quality golf balls. However, our lack of golf skills usually means that at least half of those overpriced golf balls will end up in the woods or the water hazards. So, it doesn’t make much sense to invest in lavish golf balls that will soon be gone, does it?

If you consider premium just those golf balls made by Titleist, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, or Callaway, you’ll probably say yes to the question above. If you’ve been long enough on the course, you must have heard at least something about inexpensive, premium golf balls, such as Snell or Vice.

Unfortunately, for many golfers, the price is the only indication of whether a particular model is worthy or not, and never give a second thought of cheaper alternatives.

Well, I do hope that this article will be insightful enough so that you can at least give Snail or Vice golf balls a chance and test their performance unless you are particularly loyal to a specif brand, of course.

Let’s now take a better look at what makes Snail and Vice golf balls comparable to Titleist or TaylorMade premium golf balls.

Snell MTB-X Golf Balls
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Snell MTB/ MTB-X Key Features

  • 3-piece construction
  • Smaller, low compression core
  • Thicker and firmer mantle layer for more spin
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Cast Urethane Cover
  • Available in white and yellow
Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls
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Vice Pro Key Features

  • 3-piece construction
  • High Energy Speed Core for extra speed
  • 318-dimple design for aerodynamic ball flight
  • Cast urethane cover
  • Excellent grip control
  • Available in white, yellow and red

Snell Golf Balls

When the first Snell golf balls appeared about five years ago, nobody took Dean Snell as seriously as now. It wasn’t easy for him to promote his new, affordable, premium golf balls for almost half the price. Once you realize he was the man who contributed to designing the legendary Pro V1, you perceive Snell golf balls differently.

Low Price, High Quality

If you ever posed a question to this concept, you’re not the first one, but the fact that Snell Golf has over 40 golf balls patents will clear many things up.

So, Dean Snell’s idea is to offer affordable prices of tour-quality golf balls since the company’s marketing strategy is to sell directly without extra expenditure on sponsorships.

Snell Golf Range

The success Snell Golf has had with the refined version of the initial Tour Ball released in 2018, ranked the company high. The My Tour Ball line (MTB black) and (MTB red) for higher spins, match the performance of the Pro V1 or TaylorMade TP5.

The latest MTB X and MTB Black have finally got everyone’s attention when Golf Digest gave them GOLD on the 2020 Golf Ball Hotlist for innovation, performance, demand, and feel.

The MTB line

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls
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The Original MTB line features a three-piece construction constituting a mid-to-low compression core, a mantle layer, and a cast urethane layer.

The premium feel and performance come from the cast urethane cover used only in tour-quality golf balls. It affects the short game spin and control, and with these balls, it is all about the greenside control.


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The mantle layer makes the difference between this model and the previous one. In this model, it features a higher compression compared it the MTB Black, which has a softer compression. This leads to feel and performance differences. The MTB-X is thicker and firmer, leading to higher spin with the short and mid irons.

Off the tee, you can expect faster speed, low, ball spin, and controlled ball flight even during windy conditions.

Vice Golf Balls

In the attempt to compete with Titleist Pro V1, big and small companies have come up with a variety of performance, material, design, and price features. For some, it might look like David trying to fight Goliath, and even with that perspective ahead, we’ve seen some success stories.

The German company Vice has been among those that have determined to go ahead and attack the market with the best they have- premium quality and lower prices. This combination has always led to success, as we’ve seen it with Snell and now with Vice golf balls.

Vice offers three ball-type varieties: Driver balls for more speed and velocity, Tour balls for all-around performance, something like the NXT Tour, and Pro balls that resemble the Pro V1.

Are Vice Golf Balls Good?

Vice golf balls have been studied extensively by Vice and found to be just as good or better than the more popular Titleist golf balls. Vice golf balls are competitive with Titleist with each level of balls, but the price tag of a Vice golf ball is only a small fraction of the cost of Titleist.

Vice Tour

Vice Tour
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It is an all-round golf ball that is designed to appeal to golfers of all swing speeds. It is a 3-piece construction featuring a low compression core that maximizes energy and speed. It ensures more ball speed and low driver spin.

The mantle is made from a very thin and flexible DuPont Surlyn that increases the stability of the ball flight and additionally minimizes the spin.

The cover is made from the same material as the mantle. This material is exceptionally durable, cut resistant, and sturdy. The ball’s aerodynamic properties are enhanced with the 392-dimple design, which delivers a combination of long carry, minimum dispersion, and greenside control.

Vice Pro

Vice Pro
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Unlike the Tour line, the Pro line features cast urethane cover, which is usually found in premium models and features exceptional feel and spin control. The High Energy Spin Core is also here, but with increased off-the-tee performance.

Vice Drive

Vice Drive
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Intended for high to mid handicappers who don’t boast high speed, the Vice Drive balls offer added speed and distance thanks to the low compression core and soft feel.

This model features two-piece construction of Soft Energy Speed Core (ESC) and DuPont Surlyn cover that is exceptionally durable and cut resistant. The 312-large dimple pattern adds stability and more aerodynamic properties.

How do Vice Golf Balls compare to Snell?

If we compare the two companies’ premium balls, we can see an exceptional similarity in their performance and design features. Both models consist of three layers, a soft core, a mantle that is speed-enhancing, and a cast urethane cover.

When compared to Pro V1, Titleist, both Snell MTB and Vice Pro deliver similar distance gains and low spin with the High handicap, Golf driver and long irons. The MTB-X is firmer and behaves similarly to the Pro V1x, Titleist, which means firmer feel and more spin in the approach shots. The Snell MTB feels softer, which is excellent for distance gains, even though it delivers less control on the green.

The low compression core of the Vice Pro is also speed-enhancing, and the results are comparable with those of Snell MTB. The spin on the approaching shots is well-performing, even though the MTB-X has more enhanced spin, and therefore, you can exercise more control.

The most attractive part of these premium balls is their price range. Both companies have decided to offer increased quality for a lower price, and that’s what has got golfers’ attention. You can still play with premium, tour-quality, get similar feel and performance for even quarter the price.

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