When you stand on the first tee ready to hit a perfect drive down the middle, and you end up topping it, the result is quite embarrassing and frustrating. Topping a golf shot is one of the worst misses in the game, especially when done with a driver.

Golfers who are working on their golf swing, are new to the game, or simply struggle with topping the golf ball will want to stay tuned. We have all the best information about how to stop topping the driver.

image of topping the golf driver - AEC InfoUnfortunately for golfers, there are several different reasons that you may be topping the driver. The main reasons that golfers top the golf ball are related to the equipment used, poor weight shift, improper ball position, a reverse pivot, and a fear of the impact position.

It is important to determine the cause of the issue so that you can quickly implement the fix. Let’s examine each of these in more detail so that you can stop topping the golf ball today!


Common causes and fixes for golfers ghat top the driver

We all want a good golf swing where the club head and golf ball make great contact. However, not all golf swings are the same, and it can take a bit of practice to get yourself into a consistent and repeatable motion. Here are the common causes and fixes for golf shots that are topped with a driver.

Improper ball position

There is no denying the fact that the golf ball should be placed in the front of your stance when hitting with a driver. However, many golfers take this to the extreme. The front of your stance means the inside of your front foot, not the opposite side of your left foot.

If the ball is too far forward in your stance, when you get the club up through the impact position, you may end up missing the ball and making more contact. If you want to stop topping the ball, try moving the ball back just a bit in your stance.

Amateur golfers struggle with getting the correct posture, ball position, stance, and setup. The problem is that if you can’t get the address position down, you will have a hard time finishing your swing arc ultimately and hitting a perfect golf shot.

Reverse pivot

The reverse pivot is a very common issue for amateur golfers. The problem with a reverse pivot is that it causes an improper weight shift and transfer and leavesimage of stop topping the golf driver - how-to - AEC Info the golfer hitting a bit too much up on the ball. When this happens, players have a hard time making contact with the center of the club face.

With the reverse pivot, the golf club into the impact position at too steep of an upward angle, and the bottom of the golf driver is where contact is made. A reverse pivot is not always an easy fix but ensures that you have a great setup and stance, and then allowing for the proper weight transfer back will certainly help to fix it.

Poor weight shift

Golfers that are right-handed should be working on keeping their head steady and trying to maintain correct posture through the golf ball. However, with all of these things to focus on, many players forget to transfer their weight to their left side as they swing through.

If your weight hangs back for just a second too long, you will notice significant changes in your golf game and the ability to get distance and proper shot direction. The best possible thing to do is to make an efficient and effective weight transfer as you move through impact.

When a golfer completes the top of their golf swing, they will want to ensure that they can then start that weight transfer to the left side. Don’t wait too long or let the weight hang back because the end result will be topping the golf ball.

Wrong golf equipment

The wrong golf equipment can sometimes lead to a golfer topping the driver. The most common issue you will see here is a driver that is too short or too lightweight. Having the wrong golf equipment is an easy fix and will only require a quick club fitting to know if you have the proper equipment in your hands.

Golf drivers are expensive, but you may not have to replace the entire thing. The most common reason for topping a driver (because of equipment) is that the club is too short. Golf clubs can be extended as long as the work is done by a qualified professional that understands how to balance out the weight.

Sometimes the golf equipment is the real reason behind a golf swing issue, which should not be ignored.

Fear of impact

Although the fear of impact is typically not as big of a problem for the driver as for the irons, this is an issue to watch. If you are nervous about what the club face and golf ball will do when they make contact, you may look up too soon and move out of that impact position.

Fear of impact is a problem, and it is a frustrating one that will take some time to overcome. The more you play golf and learn to trust the club head and the club face that you have in place, the better your chances of getting over this fear.

This is a common issue for those dealing with injuries such as Tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.  If you are afraid of making contact with the ground for fear of inflicting pain upon yourself, you may lift up slightly as you are about to make contact.  Several writers at AEC Info have been dealing with this exact issue for years, which encouraged us to write about the problem.

Quickest way to correct a topped drive

If you find that topping the ball only happens once in a while, it could simply be related to a fast tempo and improper swing arc. Try to control your swing a little the next time and finish in balance; chances are you will end up getting rid of the top rather quickly.

If your topped drive is a continual problem, have a friend take a quick video of your swing. Look for the issues we talked about in the video of your swing and see if something stands out. For many golfers, it is the stance and posture that will be the first things to fix.

If all else fails, schedule a lesson with a local professional that will likely have your swing fixed in a matter of minutes.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you can stop topping the driver. The top is such a frustrating shot, and the ball hardly goes anywhere. Therefore it makes sense to get this flaw fixed as quickly as possible. The best place to start looking for a fix for most players is in the setup and the stance.

Once you have these worked out, you can look for any other outstanding problems in the golf swing. A topped shot does not need to ruin your day on the golf course, simply know the causes, and you can quickly put a fix in place.