Don’t Misread Another Putt Again!

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Do you struggle with your putting? Do you have trouble reading greens on your home course? For many of us, the putting stroke is not our biggest problem when it comes to making more putts. The problem we face is not being able to read a green, which impacts our ability to make the putt and kills our confidence.

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The pros rely on their caddies to help read the greens, but they also rely on green-reading books. What if you could have the same technology, with the precision used by the pros to have a green reading book at your home course? Would that help you sink a few more putts and lower your scores? Then the Strackaline Greens Guide may be perfect for you.

We recently purchased the Strackaline Greens Guide for our course in Maryland, and our first few rounds were pretty exciting. We wanted to share our experience with you when you are looking to buy one for yourself.

Consider Before Buying A Green Reading Book

Although the Strakaline may seem like a great product, it is not for everyone. If you play different courses often, then this may not be an excellent solution for you. When you purchase the Greens Guide from Strackaline, they are customized to each course. So playing different golf courses frequently really wouldn’t make sense for you.

The Strakaline Golf green-reading book is ideal for members of a Country Club that play the course many times throughout the year and would benefit from knowing the subtle changes in the greens. It would also make sense from a Club Pro’s perspective to use during tournaments and special events for pin sheets. The pros are using this technology on weekends, and your club can do the same.

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Take the guesswork out of reading greens

image of strakaline greens guides review - AEC InfoA member of the Strakaline team digitally maps the Strakaline Golf green reading book for your course. Each hole is mapped individually with the most advanced 3d laser scanners. The information you have in your hand is precise, and your confidence will soar as you know precisely what direction each putt is going to break.

As you become more familiar with your green reading book, your putting will improve, and you will save
multiple strokes per round.

Using a green guide will speed up your play. So not only will you putt it better, you will play faster. These books are trusted by the top PGA tour Professionals and caddies along with the top NCAA coaches and teams. Your book will be USGA legal in your course or any course in the world.

The Strakaline yardage book is and has been the #1 Golf reading book in the world since 2007. Proof with a collegiate case study that a greens guide will speed up your play. After a few rounds, you should be able to do all of your bookwork before you step on the green, which will help speed up play. The learning curve is short. After a few rounds, you will feel comfortable reading all of your putts.

Strakaline has a free instructional video. In a little over 10 minutes, you will know exactly how to use your guide. Hundreds of courses to choose from with more being added monthly

Increased confidence, Less Putts = Lower Scores


  • #1 Golf Reading book on Tour
  • Same technology as used on PGA Tour
  • USGA Legal
  • Your home course digitally mapped
  • Available in book form and digitally
  • More confidence with every putt
  • Remove guesswork on the greens
  • Increase the speed of play
  • Short learning curve
  • Hundreds of courses to choose from


  • Not all courses are mapped
  • Slightly expensive
  • A paper book can damage easily
  • It will take a few rounds to use correctly.

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Alternatives to the Strakaline

It would be easy to argue that the Strakaline Green reading books don’t have competition because the technology used is so superior. However, there are always other alternatives that could be helpful and possibly save you money.

Greenslopes appears to be a worthy competitor of Strakaline, but they do not have as many courses, and the level of detail in the books is night and day. If you are looking for a reasonably basic book with some direction, this would be fine. The other issue we had was we couldn’t even get a book in the state of Maryland as they have yet to map any courses in the state.

There are several apps that you can get online through your mobile phone that provide you with the slope and contour of the greens. We used Golflogix before purchasing a Strakaline and found it was not as detailed, and we felt odd carrying our cell phone to the green every hole. Besides, it drained our battery. Taking a book in your back pocket along with your scorecard is completely acceptable.

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Your other alternative could be just to come up with a better routine and really dig into the mindset of the short game, putting, and a number of other stroke saving options through David Pelz’s putting Bible.  We have both books, and even though Pelz’s is pretty good, we prefer the Strackaline.


Why We Like the Strakaline Golf Green Reading Book

It is not a surprise that technology is now taking over the greens, has it has done in the past several years with the golf swing. Swing analyzers and launch monitors now use technology to determine what club, launch angle, loft, and even what ball is best suited for our game.

Technology can help us become a better golf green reader, which can make us better golfers. The green mapping books and Straka yardage books provide the contour of the golf greens, the area around the green, elevation changes, and most importantly, the direction your ball should be moving during the last 10 feet of your putt. All of this to help you become a better player.

If you are searching for a unique Gift for Dad this Christmas, the Strakaline may be a perfect Accessory for him to add to his . Be sure to also check out our recent take on the most comfortable shoes for golf, the most forgiving Golf irons, golf cart bags,  enclosures and covers, and our in-depth research on Golf wedges. Please be sure to check back often for updates.

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Find out if your golf course has been mapped out at Strackaline here.