One of the most important things to remember when on the golf course is protection from the sun. Playing golf will mean that you have more than four hours of time with exposure to the sun, and a straw golf hat is a perfect way to ensure you have the coverage that you need.

A straw hat for golf must have a few key features that will help keep it on, allow for proper sun protection, and not be restrictive of the golf swing in any way. Don’t forget to use the Sunscreen.

Here are our top picks for the best straw golf hats on the market.  

Straw Golf Hats Reviews

Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Soaker Hat

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Straw golf hats are going to come in a variety of styles and shapes, and sizes. The best golf hats are the ones that stay in place while you swing and give you plenty of protection from the sun at the same time. Golf straw hats like the Dorman Pacific Co Men’s Soaker Hat with Mesh Sides will also keep you cool while you play.

This is an Aussie Style Soaker Hat, and you can dip it in water to keep you cooler as you play your round. It is going to stay cool the entire round of golf. In addition, there is an inner sweatband that will keep the hat on your head.


  • Can wet the hat for maximum comfort on the course
  • Reasonably priced straw golf hat
  • Best straw golf hat in the soaker style
  • Protection from harmful rays


  • Not an excellent choice for winter golf

American Hat Makers Florence Straw Sun Hat

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The American Hat Makers Florence Straw Sun Hat is an excellent mix between style and functionality. This is a fedora style hat that is breathable yet protects from UV ways. With wide brim golf hats, you have to ensure that the brim is not too wide and becomes restrictive in the swing; with the American Hat Makes Straw Hat, that won’t be an issue.

The lightweight design allows you to keep the American Hat Maker Florence Straw Sung golf hat on all day long and still not feel uncomfortable. For a hat that feels like c custom fit and has plenty of durability, the American Hat Makers Florence is a great option to consider.


  • Very long-lasting hat
  • Structured construction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Breathable material


  • Not as easy to wear as a bucket hat

Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat

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The Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer Cotton Mesh had is an excellent choice for those that want the chin cord on a hat. Golf sun hats are not always going to have the chin cord, which is because of the trouble with the cord getting in the way of the swing. However, many golfers like the cord for the wind experienced on the golf course.

If you find that a traditional bucket hat flies off your head on a windy day, make sure to get a cord on a golf straw hat. The 3″ brim on the Henschel Hat is an excellent option for more sun protection. In addition, the overall look of the Henschel Hats is a bit more upscale.


  • Large brim for maximum sun protection
  • Premium hat
  • Cord Helps hat to stay on
  • Lightweight material


  • Not a true quality straw hat

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Fairway Golf Hat

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Coolibar is one of the top names when it comes to unique men’s golf hats. Whether you are looking for bucket hats or straw golf hats, Coolibar will have options that work for you. The Men’s Fairway Golf Hat is very good at UPF protection. The Coolibar hats only use the highest quality materials when producing their best golf hat.

The moisture-wicking sweatband and mesh grommets ensure that there is plenty of airflow through the hat. In addition, the overall details of the hat make it one of the better-looking straw hat style golf hats on the market.


  • It comes in several different sizes
  • Specifically built for a golf game
  • Will keep your head cool
  • Wider brim than other hats


  • Coolibar products are typically some of the most expensive

Matte Toyo Ribbon Safari Sun Hat

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Some of the golf straw hats are made from straw, and others are made from similar materials to look like a straw hats. The Matte Toyo Ribbon Safari sun hat is an excellent option for those that are looking for excellent sun protection and lightweight and breathable material. One of our favorite benefits of this hat is the way that it looks from a fashion standpoint; it is very trendy.

The Matte Toyo Ribbon Safari Sun Hat could work for women golfers in addition to men golfers. The overall fit and design are very comfortable regardless of how you will be wearing the golf hat.


  • It comes in two colors
  • Stylish looking golf hat
  • Lightweight material


  • It should be offered in more sizes

Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat

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The Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat is a great option for the golfer that knows the importance of the right hat for a Sunday rough of golf. The Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat has a slightly more narrow brim than other options on our list; for those that are worried about being restricted, this is the way to go.

The interior wicking sweatband also helps to ensure that the hat does not make you uncomfortable as you wear it throughout the day. In addition, the Sunday Afternoons Havana hat is easily packable for your next golf trip. Many straw golf hats will get ruined if packed, so this is a great feature to consider.


  • Moisture-wicking sweatband
  • Breathable materials
  • Can easily pack


  • Smaller brim offers slightly less sun protection

Scala Men’s Raffia Gambler Hat

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The Scala Men’s Raffia Gambler hat is made with organic 100% raffia and palm fibers. The hat will help ensure that you stay cool yet protected from the sun. Perhaps the greatest feature of the Scala Men’s Raffia Gambler Hat is the Coolmax material. Some straw golf hats can be very warm to wear, but with the Coolmax, you will stay dry and cool all at the same time.

The Scala Men’s Raffia Gambler hat has UV 50+ protection which is relatively high for this lightweight material golf hat. If you want to stay dry during your next round of golf, this is a great choice to consider. We also like that the Scala Men’s allows for different head sizes, and you can purchase a hat that works exactly for your needs.


  • Impressive UV Protection
  • One of the best hats for staying cool
  • One of the more wide-brimmed hats on the last


  • Pricing can be a bit higher

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Eagle Golf Gambler

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Coolibar makes out list yet again with the Men’s Eagle Golf Gambler. The only downside to the Coolibar hats is that they tend to be priced a bit higher than other options on the market. Outside of that, you will find everything that you need in a hat like this. Although the Men’s Eagle Golf Gambler looks like a straw hat, it is made from a braided palm crown and brim.

The Coolibar Men’s Eagle Golf Gambler Hats have UPF 50+ protection and will block out 98% of UVA and UVB rays; this is quite a bit more than other golf straw hats on the market. The Coolmax fabric also ensures that you will not have moisture piling up inside your hat, making you wet on warm and cold days.

The Coolibar is actually an excellent choice for both winter and summer golf because of the features that it has in place. For those worried about not being able to see the hole or their line, this is a perfect straw hat to get you started.


  • Easy to take care of
  • Has good sight lines
  • Great sun protection


  • Not recommended for the beach, boating, etc, not a versatile hat

And The Best straw golf hat is…

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Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Soaker Hat

After carefully reviewing all of these best golf straw hats on the market, the Dorfman Pacific stands out as the best overall choice. This is a soaker hat, so you are going to be able to keep it moist all day long and ensure that you stay cool.

Although this is not the best hat for winter conditions, when it comes to sun protection and staying safe on the golf course, this is a great hat to consider. Always ensure that you choose the perfect size star hat to provide that you won’t be chasing it around the golf course all day.

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Golf hat reviews:

Buyers Guide: What To Look For In The Best Straw Golf Hats

Now that you have a better idea of which straw golf hats are the best on the market, it’s time to narrow down which could be the best for your golf game. There are a few essential things to remember and think about when you purchase a straw golf hat. Let’s take a look at how you can narrow down which straw golf hat is best for your needs.

Proper Head Size

Some straw hats come in a variety of size options; others are going only to offer a one size fits all type style. If you are looking for a hat with a perfect fit, make sure you know your head size. You can take a tape measure and ensure proper fit.

This is essential long-term because as you swing the golf club, the straw hat can come off if it is not fitted correctly. If your head size seems to be a bit large or small, getting a custom-fit hat is vital.

Brim Size

The brim size is what really helps with sun protection. A wide-brim hat is the best choice; however, the hat must not block any of your visibility on the golf course. The wide-brim hats are a great choice to stay cooler and keep more sun away, but it does get in the way for some golfers. The three-inch brim size seems to be a good fit for many players.

Bucket Hat vs. Straw Hat

The bucket hats are another option for sun protection, similar to the straw hats. The main difference is that bucket hats are typically made from cotton and not straw material. For golfers trying to decide between the best straw golf hat and a bucket hat, try to think about style as well. Which one more closely matches the way you want to look on the golf course.


All straw golf hats need to provide golfers with plenty of visibility. This is why it’s essential to choose a straw golf hat built for golfers and not something for the beach or lifeguarding. Straw hats are getting larger and larger, but that does not mean they are the best choice for your golf gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that we are asked quite often about a straw golf hat.

Can You Wear A Straw Hat Golfing?

Wearing a straw hat to play golf is a great option to consider. Always ensure that the different hats you look into for golf are specifically made for a golfer. Straw hats can sometimes get restrictive or make it harder for golfers and, therefore it must be made with the golfer in mind.

Can I Wear A Bucket Hat To Golf?

Bucket hats are a great way to keep your head cool, dry, and protected from the sun. If your preferred style is to wear a bucket hat on the golf course, just ensure that the hat is appropriately designed for a golfer. This will ensure there are no issues with sightline or with the golf dress code policy.

Do Golf Straw Hats Block Your View?

Straw golf hats will not block your view as long as you are careful about which hat you choose and how you wear it. Always look for something that fits comfortably and ensure that if you go for a strap or a string that you are testing out to see if it is the right idea for you.

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If you have a particular product, club, or training aid you would like the team at AEC Info to review, please drop us a line.