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A golf cart bag could be one of the most important pieces of equipment that you have. With a golf cart bag, you can keep your gear organized, but you will also be able to keep your golf clubs protected. The Sun Mountain C130 Golf Bag is one of the best-selling golf cart bags on the market.

There is a long list of features that this golf bag has, and some of them are really worth considering if you are in the market for a new set of clubs. Let’s take a look at all that the Sun Mountain C 130 has to offer and whether or not this is the cart bag for your game.

Features and Benefits of the Sun Mountain C130

Cart bags are bigger than stand bags or carry bags, and because of this, they tend to have a lot more space and pockets. However, not all cart bags are the same. Many have a design that won’t properly protect clubs or makes some of your equipment hard to reach. This is not the case with the impressive features of the Sun Mountain C 130.

Top Divider

image of sun mountain 2020 c-130 divider - AEC InfoThe top diameter of the C 130 Cart bag is 10.5 inches. This is quite large and will leave plenty of room for all 14 of your clubs. In addition, 14 full-length dividers will help to ensure shafts and grips stay a minimum distance apart from each other.

In addition to the dividers and the soft fabric used to help protect clubs, there are also three integrated handles at the top of the bag. Lifting a cart bag in and out of a car or a riding cart can be quite difficult; the handles are there to make the process easier.

Smart Strap System

The Smart Strap System uses 2 Velco straps to help ensure that the bag stays on the cart a bit better. The system attaches the bag to the riding cart so that there is no room for extra or unnecessary movement. The less your bag rattles, the better it is for your golf clubs.

In addition, this Smart Strap System gives players access to the bag without interfering with pocket usage. You will be able to use most of the pockets on the Sun Mountain C 130 even when it is on the golf cart.


There are a total of 13 total pockets on the bag. The pockets range from full length apparel pockets to two velour lined pockets for your valuables. You will even find a rangefinder pocket so that you have easy access to your distance measuring devices.

With the C 130 cart bag, all pockets are forward facing so that you won’t have a hard time accessing them when the golf bags are on the cart. This bag only weighs 6.6 pounds, but with all the pockets you have to store your rain gear, golf balls, tees, ball marks, Golf ball retriever and more, it’s going to get rather heavy.

Outer Bag Features

image of sun mountain 2020 c-130 outside - AEC InfoThe outside of the bag features unique velcro straps to accommodate the cart strap and an umbrella holder. You will also notice the putter well that gives you quick and easy access to your most used golf club.

The outer bag color varies depending on the bag your choose, but the fabric is made to help reduce fading in the sun.

Pros and Cons

The C 130 Cart Bag Sun Mountain has created is really the best cart bag we have seen from this company. Golfers of all handicap levels are going to enjoy something about this bag. However, like all golf products, there are always pros and cons related to the product.


  • Plenty of pockets and storage
  • Utility handles for easy lifting
  • Separate putter compartment
  • Unique strap system attaches the bag to the cart
  • Pockets are forward facing
  • Will work on a push cart as well
  • Available in a wide variety of colors


  • The price range is a bit high for this bag
  • Not the Lightest golf stand bag on the market
  • It takes a bit to get used to the new strap system

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the most popular questions we get about the Sun Mountain C130 cart bag and the Sun Mountain bags in general. If you have one of these bags in your shopping cart and wonder whether or not it is for you, these are the answer you will need.

What makes sun mountain golf bags so popular?

A Sun Mountain golf bag is made with the golfer in mind. It’s like these golf bags know what you need. You won’t have to think about where you will store your belongings or whether or not your equipment is safe.

The club dividers, the pockets, the reverse orientation top, the color options, and more make this bag a perfect option for those that spend time riding the golf course.

do i need a Golf Cart Bag?

If you walk the golf course, you do not need a Golf cart bag. If you never intend to walk and carry your bag, then the cart bag is a great way to protect your clubs. For cart use, the cart bag is without a doubt the best choice you could make.

Does the bag work on a push cart?

One of the great things about how the Smart Strap system attaches to the golf bag is that it works for a push cart. With more and more golfers looking to walk the golf course, the combination of a great cart bag that is also good for walking can be very powerful.

When you take a push cart out on the course, having the extra storage in the bag and protection of your club shafts is very important; that is partly what makes the C130 a smart choice.

Is the bag worth it?

If you have been reading our reviews, you know that we try to be as honest and forthcoming with our information as we possibly can. If there is a problem with a product we are reviewing, you will know about it.

Truly with the quality, durability, and storage that the Sun Mountain C 130 offers, this is one of the best golf bags you can find.

The only issue that you may run into is that the pricing is a bit high. However, we can almost guarantee you that if you purchase a C 130, it will be many years before you need to shop for golf bags again.

The Sun Mountain Golf C 130 Cart Bag was AEC Info’s top choice for 2022’s Best cart bag.  Please be sure to check back often for more reviews and tips to help you improve and enjoy your golf game.

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