As a taller golfer, it can be hard to find a complete set of golf clubs in your size. Playing with golf clubs that are too short will cause you to make adjustments that are not good in your swing.

Having to bend over or slow down your speed as you come through the golf ball is not an effective use of your skills as a golfer. The good news is, there are several high quality options for clubs for tall men. We have put together a list of the eight best on the market.

8 Best Golf Clubs for Tall Golfers

Wilson Complete Set

image of wilson men's and teen complete golf set - AEC Info
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The Wilson Complete Set stands out as the best overall option for clubs for tall men. Although many Wilson products are designed to be beginner clubs, they have a great feel, high performance, and long term durability.

This complete set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, seven irons, and a putter. All of the clubs come extended by one inch in length. If you need to someday add in an extra hybrid or fairway wood, that won’t be hard to accomplish.

The driver in this set features a black PVD finish. The finish provides reduced glare and a premium look for a fair price. Each of the clubs is manufactured with a head that has a low center of gravity. A lower center of gravity improves both launch and forgiveness. This is a set of clubs that works well for a wide range of handicaps.


  • Built for distance and forgiveness
  • Thinner hotter face than previous models
  • Good set makeup, includes Sand Wedge
  • Hybrid is high performing, especially out of the rough


  • Short game spin on the shorter irons is not all that high

Aspire 19 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set with Titanium Driver

image of aspire 19 piece men's complete golf club package set with titanium driver - AEC Info
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When looking at golf clubs for tall men, you will notice that many of the complete set options do not come with many clubs. If you are an established player looking for something closer to a full set, the Aspire 19 piece could be a good choice.

With the Aspire, you are going to get impressive aerodynamics and speed. Tall golfers tend to generate a lot of clubhead speed as soon as they have proper length clubs. If you are switching from standard length to +1 inch, be prepared for some extra distance.

One of the best features of the Aspire set is that the driver is adjustable. You don’t often find this feature in these complete set golf clubs for tall men. This technology can really make you feel as though you have a custom set of clubs.


  • Fast ball speeds
  • Thin face for added distance
  • Adjustability in the driver
  • Durable stand bag


  • Some issues with grips holding up with extensive play

Left Handed Precise M5 Golf Club Set for Tall Men

image of left handed precise m5 golf club set for tall men - AEC Info
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If you are both lefty and tall, it can be tough to find the right set of golf clubs. Of course, the option remains to purchase custom direct from the manufacturer, but you must be prepared to spend thousands of dollars. The Precise M5 Golf Clubs for tall men are an affordable yet effective solution to your needs.

This set comes with a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, five irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. In addition, you will also get a few headcovers and a high quality stand bag. The only thing the set will need at some point is a sand wedge.

The putter is our favorite part of the set. It is easy to line up and will help players improve on accuracy and distance control. For left handed tall golfers, this set makes a lot of sense.


  • Good club set makeup
  • Stainless steel irons are a good fit for faster swing speeds
  • All clubs come one inch tall


  • No sand wedge

Men’s Complete Golf Set Custom Made Clubs for Tall Men 6ft 6ft 6in

image of ti forged complete golf set - AEC Info
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When you start looking at a custom made product from major golf manufacturers, the pricing starts to increase considerably. Luckily there are some golf experts out there, creating golf clubs with less expensive components. That is exactly what you get with this Men’s Complete Custom Golf Set.

This set was built for those that are taller than 6’0 and as tall as 6’6″. All of the woods are made with a high performing graphite shaft, one inch longer than standard. When you look at the quality of the club heads’ use and the sweet spot’s size, you can see this is an impressive set of clubs.

We love the set makeup and the fact that you won’t have to add a thing to this set to make it a complete golf club set. If you can get over the fact that this is not a name brand set, you will be impressed with the value.


  • Hand built with components designed to help taller golfers
  • One inch longer than standard
  • 460 cc driver with lots of ball speed
  • One of the best options for the money


  • Priced slightly higher than other club sets for taller golfers

PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set and Bag

image of prosimmon golf x9 v2 golf clubs set & bag - AEC Info
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Prosimmon Golf may not be a name you are familiar with, but when you examine this set’s features and value, it is certainly one worth considering. Prosimmon golf clubs are built for forgiveness. If you are a tall golfer that likes to play a round with friends from time to time, the Prosimmon is a perfect choice. These golf clubs for taller golfers can result in players having much more fun on the golf course.

Since the Prosimmon club set is built for forgiveness, it is also a great choice for beginner golfers. If you are a taller player, do yourself a favor and play with golf clubs that fit you properly. With the Prosimmon set, you will get a Driver, fairway wood, two hybrids, and a complete set of irons down to a pitching wedge. This makes a perfect starter set, and it is offered in two shaft flexes.


  • Comes in a stiff and regular shaft
  • Quality clubs for a higher handicap player
  • Nice to have two hybrids in the set


  • Not a great long term option for a serious golfer

Wilson Men’s Stretch Golf Club 10-Club Set with Stand Bag

image of wilson men's stretch golf club 10-club set with stand bag - AEC Info
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Although the Wilson Complete stood out as our best overall choice, this Wilson Stretch was built with the taller golfer in mind. This set is a bit different than the Wilson Complete in both design and club makeup.

As we have established, Wilson makes some quality golf clubs for taller players. This particular set comes one inch longer than standard and is built for the mid to higher handicap players. One of the great features of the set is the high performing Wilson stand bag. The bag gives you plenty of storage and capacity for your golf clubs.

The 10.5-degree driver is 460cc and will give you all the distance you need to start lowering your handicap. In addition, we love that Wilson always pays attention to the short game with their club sets; the pitching wedge and sand wedge included are high spinning and help a player control shots.


  • Good short game tools
  • Works well for a variety of swing speeds
  • Helps players control the golf ball a bit better


  • Only available in one golf bag color

Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

image of precise m3 men's complete golf clubs package set - AEC Info
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The Precise golf clubs come in both the M3 and the M5 options. With the M3, you get a few fewer clubs but a much better value. If you are new to the game and looking for quality clubs for taller golfers, the Precise is a great option to consider. Golf clubs cost quite a bit of money, but a package set like this gets you started at a fair price.

The Precise M3 is built for forgiveness and will allow players to hit straighter shots their entire way around the course. The high performing graphite shafts are built for the mid to slower swing speed players.

The dual strap golf bag is easy to carry and helps tremendously if you enjoy walking the golf course.


  • Smaller number of clubs, good value
  • Great set for a new golfer with lots of height
  • Very forgiving driver club head


  • May need to add a few clubs to the set at some point

RAM Golf Accubar Plus Golf Right Hand Clubs Set

image of ram golf accubar plus golf right hand clubs set - AEC Info
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Last but not least on our list is the RAM Golf Accubar Plus. Ram Golf does a great job in making complete set options for both taller and shorter men. This is a company that understands the needs of properly fitted golf clubs.

The Ram sets tend to be a good fit for the average golfer that enjoys an occasional round. The 460cc driver helps golfers get plenty of distance off the tee. The two hybrids are a nice addition to the bag for any handicap golfer. Hybrids can make long par 3’s and approaches on par 4’s quite a bit easier.

The irons in the set are steel-shafted regular flex, making them a perfect fit for the majority of golfers. A mallet type putter rounds out this set, making it one of the better deals on golf clubs for tall men.


  • Full set including a sand wedge
  • Excellent value
  • High quality steel shafts in the irons


  • The bag is a bit small and doesn’t leave must room for storage

And The Winner Is…

Wilson Complete Golf Set

image of wilson men's and teen complete golf set - AEC Info

The Wilson complete set stands out as the best overall choice for golf clubs for tall golfers. For a person who is taller than 6’1,” these clubs extended by an inch are going to make the game much easier. Having to bend over to accommodate golf clubs that don’t fit your swing will significantly swing flaws.

Although the Wilson sets are offered at a fair value, they are made with high quality components. Wilson always seems to be upgrading their complete golf set choices to offer more forgiveness and distance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing the right golf clubs can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider before you make your final purchase.

What Size Golf Clubs Should I Use For My Height?

Golfers that are taller than 6’1″ should be looking for golf clubs that are extended. Golfers who are shorter than 5’7″ should be looking for clubs that are cut a bit shorter. Going for a custom golf fitting will help you determine the exact length of the golf clubs that you need.

Should Driver and Irons Be Lengthened for Taller Golfers?

Some golfers will find that they do best when extending all the clubs in the set; others will only extend the irons. It can be difficult to release a driver that is an inch longer. If you have very slow clubhead speed, be careful to purchase a driver and fairway woods that are a bit longer than a standard club. It could lead to some difficulty squaring up the clubface.

What Will Happen If My Golf Clubs Are Too Short?

If your golf clubs are too short, you will have to compensate by adjusting your spine angle and your golf stance. In doing so you will lose a bit of your balance and potentially some clubhead speed as well. Longer clubs allow tall players to stand up straighter and have the proper posture. They will also be able to take advantage of their height and hit longer golf shots.

The longer you play with clubs that are too short, the worse your swing habits will be. Get your golf scores lower and purchase a set of golf clubs the correct length for you.

Hopefully, you now feel capable of choosing the best golf clubs for tall players. Many quality clubs on the market will make your time spent on the golf course much more enjoyable.

We hope you have enjoyed this review, and invite you to check out more often. We recently completed thorough reviews of the Best golf clubs, Womens, teens, kids, Seniors, teens, Kids, and High handicap players. If you have any products you would like us to review, please drop us a note.