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Tennis elbow can be extremely painful for golfers, and the condition can last for an extended period of time. If you do suffer from Tennis elbow, one of the products you should look to purchase is the TheraBand Flex Bar. It may be the one product to get you back on the course this year.

Pain Relief for Lateral Epicondylitis

The TheraBand Flex Bar is a resistance bar that you can use at your desk at work, at home, and even on the golf course. It will help you improve grip strength in the arm, shoulder, and hand. This treatment for Tennis Elbow has been proven to help you eliminate pain and provide a surgery-free option for improving your endurance and strength in your elbow.

The TheraBand Flexbar comes in three different progressive resistance levels

Using a TheraBand Flex Bar to perform the Tyler Twist has been proven to reduce your elbow pain by as much as 81% and improve your strength by 72% for Tennis Elbow patients. Eliminate Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow by performing the exercises below.

image of theraband flexbar instructions - AEC InfoUsing the flex bar up to 15 times a day can improve Tennis Elbow and hopefully get you back on the course as quickly as possible.

In addition to the TheraBand Flexbar, we also used two other products to improve our Tennis Elbow. Check out our reviews of the PlayActive Tennis elbow brace here along with our review of the Recoup Cryosleeve.

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