Updated on April 21st, 2022 at 01:39 pm

Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device
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If you have played golf for a while, you know what it is like to play with pain and discomfort. Having pain in your neck, back, legs, or arms not only make the golf swing more difficult, it can also make it painful. Recovering from injury and feeling better after your round of golf may be possible with an innovative massage therapy.

The Theragun G3PRo Percussive Therapy Device is a deep tissue professional massager, which is a handheld device. When you use the Theragun G3Pro device, your muscles will recover faster. It allows you to customize your treatment and offers improved performance. It only takes thirty seconds on each muscle group to improve performance, coordination, flexibility, and muscle strength. The G3PRO works deep to speed recovery and relieve soreness.

Designed for Professionals – Beginner Friendly

Even though it is designated for professionals, anyone can use the Theragun. It was created by Dr. Jason Wersland, a renowned, world-famous chiropractor. It is a customizable, powerful solution to work deep into your muscles and accelerate pain relief, recovery, and warm up time.

The Theragun G3PRO is the most advanced therapy percussive device available on the market today. With an ergonomic design, industrial-grade motor, state-of-the-art sound insulation, and high-quality components, it is the best, advanced therapy percussive device at home.

World Leading Percussive Therapy

percussive therapy

The Theragun PRO G3PRO is the world’s leading percussive therapy used by athletes, celebrities, chiropractors, trainers, physical therapists, and well over two hundred and fifty professional sports teams worldwide.

The Theragun has a Japanese motor that has been scientifically calculated to deliver deep down muscle treatment forty times per second. It is fifty percent quieter and fully redesigned with a powerful motor and a reconfigured proprietary gearbox that has enhanced performance and accelerated warm-up and recovery to relieve severe muscle tension. It has customizable, two-speed treatment settings; Sensitive (twenty-nine percussions per second) and Standard (forty percussions per second). It comes with two interchangeable lithium-ion batteries, which can be run continuously for seventy-five minutes at a time.

Theragun arm rotationThe adjustable arm has four different angles that ergonomically reach your entire body. It also comes with six unique attachments, designed to target the specific needs of each muscle group.

Each G3PRO package includes two lithium-ion Samsung batteries, a charger, a pouch with six attachments, and a premium travel case.

Your Guide to the G3PRO Attachments

The Theragun’s attachments are specifically designed to target each muscle’s particular need. It has been used by competitive athletes all over the world, Chiropractors, physical therapists, Golf trainers, coaches, and professional athletes.

  1. Dampener Attachment- Specifically designed for use near bones, or on tender areas.
  2. Large Ball Attachment- Excellent for groups of large muscles, like quads and glutes.
  3. Standard Ball Attachment- The most versatile attachment for general, overall use.
  4. Wedge Attachment- Best used for IT- bands, shoulder blades, or a go yo for scraping.
  5. Thumb Attachment- Excellent for trigger point therapy, and lower back.
  6. Cone Attachment- A professional favorite, great for pinpoint muscle treatment.

Theragun G3PRo is the best thing I have ever used. It got rid of the chronic tightness in my hamstrings and back. It is better than I ever hoped it would be. It works and is so easy to use. I am such a big fan of muscle release and deep tissue massage. I couldn’t find anything that even compares near me anywhere.

This is better than anything I could have ever dreamed of! Even my friends who don’t enjoy deep tissue massage love the Theragun. I use it before and after working out and also after running. I also like to use it after a long flight when I have been sitting for extended periods like I do writing for AEC Info – Golf reviews. It helps me to ease my sore and tight muscles. I love this product so much that I even bought one for my girlfriend and my mother.

When I thought I had received a defective product, I called the company. They called me back immediately, and it turns out the unit was fine. I just did not put the battery into the charger correctly.

Bottom line: You will not be sorry. If you love a deep tissue massage or need to work out sore muscles, you should buy this immediately. It has changed my life!!!

Check it Out On Amazon