Titleist golf balls are the number one golf balls in the game. However, not all Titleist golf balls will work for your game. The key is to find a match between a golf ball that has the technology and the features needed to enhance your game performance. 

Whether you are looking for greenside spin, higher ball flight, a softer ball, or more, Titleist will have a solution for your game. Let’s take a look at the Titleist AVX vs. Pro V1, which, at first glance, seem quite similar. However, there are a few key differences that golfers will need to keep in mind.

image of titleist avx and pro v1 golf balls - AEC Info

Titleist AVX: At A Glance

The Titleist AVX is the lowest spinning golf ball in the Titleist lineup. These AVX golf balls are a newer release from Titleist, and they are considered premium balls. The AVX features a softer overall cover and a slightly lower compression. 

image of titleist avx golf balls - AEC Info


  • Very low long game spin
  • Softer cast urethane cover
  • Long-distance on iron shots
  • Good fit for mid swing speeds


  • Not the highest spinning ball for wedge shots
  • A small group of golfers that this ball can help

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Titleist Pro V1: At A Glance 

The Titleist Pro V1 is perhaps the most well known golf ball in the game. Low handicap golfers have chosen the Pro V1 as their go-to ball for greenside control, accurate approach shots, and plenty of distance from the tee. 

image of titleist pro v1 golf balls - AEC Info


  • Three piece ball with green and tee performance
  • Improved design with higher spin from previous models
  • Strong iron spin rates to stop the ball on the green
  • A golf ball of choice for professional players


  • Not a great option for a slow swing player
  • Higher spin from the tee

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Key Performance Differences: Titleist Pro V1 vs. AVX

Now that you have the overall performance profile of the Titleist Pro V1 and AVX, it’s important to see how these two golf balls compare. Here are a few of the key differences to consider.


The Titleist Pro V1 is a higher compression golf ball than the AVX. This means the golfers with higher swing speed would find the Pro V1 to be an ideal option. The very high swing speed players will even want to consider the Pro V1x.

Mid swing speed golfers looking for a bit more carry distance are going to find the AVX to likely be a better fit.

Bottom Line: The Pro V1 has slightly higher compression than the AVX, making it a good choice for higher swing speed players. 


The Titleist AVX golf balls have the lowest spin from the tee than any other Titleist Golf ball. If you are a golfer that struggles with ball speeds or even putting too much sidespin on the ball, the AVX is a great choice.

The trade off here is that the greenside spin is not quite as good as it is with the AVX. The AVX and Pro V1 are both three piece golf balls, so they are more premium golf balls that can offer a variety of spin performances.

Bottom Line: If you want the ball to roll further on your tee shot, the AVX is the better golf ball. 


Both the AVX and the Pro V1 are known for having a premium feel. For a golf ball with excellent ball speed, it can be difficult to have a great feel. Luckily, the Pro V1 and AVX are known for having a firm but workable feel at impact.

When put side by side, the AVX has a softer feel that will help increase the control around the greens. With the AVX being a lower spin golf ball in golf, you will need this softer feel. For slower swing speed players, the Pro V1 can feel a little hard.

Sometimes a firmer ball is a good thing, but it will take some time to adjust.

Bottom Line: The AVX has a softer feel, but the Pro V1 has just the right amount of firmness and durability for an extensive range of players. 


When golfers switch from one golf ball to another, the biggest concern is a loss of distance. When you are going through the golf ball fitting options and reading through golf ball reviews, chances are you have researched distance.

The Pro V1 tends to be slightly longer than the AVX. However, this really only tends to be a problem for the golfer that has a slower swing speed. Slower swing speed golfers have a hard time compressing the Pro V1 sometimes, and this results in a lack of distance.

It’s also important to note that for both high and low swing speed players, the flight performance and golf shot control with the irons were quite good with the AVX.

Bottom Line: If your club head speed is lacking, the AVX can get you a bit more distance than the Pro V1; overall, from a distance perspective, both balls offer excellent performance. 

What’s The Difference Between AVX, Pro V1, ProV1x?

The Pro V1 and AVX golf balls are three piece options, whereas the Pro V1x is a four piece golf ball. All three of these Titleist golf balls offer premium performance. The Pro V1 is built for the average swing speed player that tends to be a lower handicapper looking for ultimate greenside performance.

Pro V1x is for the highest swing speed golfer looking for impressive performance and long distances. This ball has a lot of spin around the greens and a slightly lower ball flight.

The AVX golf balls are the lowest spinning golf balls from the tee, and they have a softer feel. These are built for the golfers that need the most distance from the tee.

Is Pro V1x Better Than Pro V1?

The Pro V1x and the Pro V1 are both good golf balls; the key is to find one that will give you a consistent swing and driver swing speed. Amateur golfers need to pay attention to the distance from the tee and spin around the greens.

Competitive golfers will know their weaknesses and know which golf ball is the better fit for their game. It’s impossible to say the Pro V1 or Pro V1x is better as they are both some of the best golf balls for an avid golfer.

Are AVX Good For High Handicappers?

High handicappers may find the AVX to be an ideal model. The reason behind this is that many higher handicappers are looking for longer distance from the tee and lower overall spin. The feedback from golfers has been that the lower spin has lowered dispersion rates getting players to hit the ball considerably straighter.

Is AVX Better Than Pro V1?

The AVX is a newer model than the Pro V1, but some of the same core features are in place. The trouble that golfers have with the Pro V1 is that it can be a little more firm with the scoring clubs for the slower swing speed players. 

Golfers that play with a Pro V1 will find it to be an excellent golf ball for spin around the greens and consistent ball flight. It just requires a golfer to have a slightly faster swing speed.


The Titleist AVX and Pro V1 are both great golf balls, but the Pro V1 tends to be a better fit for a more significant majority of players. If you are an average or above swing speed player who can appreciate performance from both the tee and the green, the Titleist Pro V1 is the best overall option to consider.

Titleist AVX are the better low spin option for the slightly slower swing speed player looking for a premium feel golf ball.