Titleist drivers and irons are more widely talked about than Titleist hybrids. However, after having hit some Titleist hybrids recently, I thought it would be a good idea to look at these hybrids as a whole so you know what to expect.

Titleist often gets the designation of being a players club for those that have more confidence at address and can work the ball. However, over the last ten years, this has changed a bit, with the company giving quite a few more options for success.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent releases from Titleist, their characteristics, and which could be the best for your golf game.

What degree is a standard hybrid club?

Hybrid golf clubs range in loft from around 18 to 28 degrees; they can be used as an alternative to both fairway woods and long irons. A forgiving hybrid model with a large sweet spot is almost always easier to hit than a long iron.

Long irons have a lower loft, and creating the proper launch angle is hard. Many golfers who find they get more center hits with their hybrid also remove their mid-irons from the bag. This is where you may see lofts go higher than 25 degrees in the hybrid club.

Three Titleist hybrids to try

Titleist almost always releases new golf clubs in a series. Therefore, you will find options for low, mid, and high handicappers. In addition, depending on the exact performance you are looking for, you should be able to find it.

Titleist TSR1 review

image of titleist hybrid tsr1 - AEC Info
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The Titleist TSR1 is a forgiving, lightweight hybrid known for incredible speed and distance. At first glance, you may think that this one looks like a fairway wood because it kind of does! Titleist is well aware of this and made the club with a wood type club head.

With the TSR1 having a deeper center of gravity and a larger profile, it’s best suited for golfers looking for help making clean and consistent contact with the golf ball. Also, expect moderate swing speed players to get more distance simply because of the stability at contact.


  • Improves clubhead speed
  • Deep center of gravity for higher ball flights and more consistency
  • Slightly longer shaft for more distance


  • The large clubhead can be a bit distracting for some players

Titleist TSR2 review

image of titleist hybrid tsr2 - AEC Info
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If you want a more standard looking hybrid head shape, the TSR2 is likely a good option to consider. Titleist was still able to pack plenty of forgiveness into this club head and allow for faster ball speeds. If you like your fairway metal and have more of a sweeping delivery in your golf swing, this is the hybrid for you.

The TSR2 is also adjustable, a nice feature regardless of handicap. The TSR2 has the SureFit Hosel, and the higher launching build of the TSR2 should help golfers get a little extra distance on their approach shots.


  • Great feel coming off the clubface
  • Increased loft options because of adjustability
  • Sole relief pockets for better distance from the rough


  • Not perfect for lower handicap players looking for maximum control of the shot shape

Titleist TSR3 review

picture of titleist hybrid tsr3 - AEC Info
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The Titleist TSR3 is best for the lower handicap player looking for control. If you looked at some of the PGA Tour Professionals that play Titleist clubs, you would find that this hybrid design seems to be the perfect option. Expect, instead of maximum forgiveness, a flatter trajectory with more control.

With the TSR3, you will benefit from the SureFit Adjustable CG Track System. With this SureFit CG Track Technology making changes to the club’s performance takes just seconds.

The improved weight distribution and tour inspired design make this a really clean looking hybrid. In addition, there is still plenty of distance to be had.


  • SureFit CG for plenty of adjustability
  • Workability from a variety of lies
  • The lightweight design still improves the distance
  • Iron like look at address


  • The larger footprint of other Titleist TSR models can increase forgiveness
  • Less offset can lead to ball flight issues for some players

Which Titleist hybrid is more forgiving?

The Titleist TSR1 tends to be one of the most forgiving models on the market. With the larger footprint that the TSR1 offers, it has a faster feeling, making it more confidence-inducing at address. The only issue with this forgiving club is that it can look a little bulky for some players.

However, the TSR2 is also forgiving and higher launching, with a more traditional hybrid look to it. All club manufacturers will tell you that the hybrid is almost always more forgiving than the long iron. In addition, hybrid shafts are graphite, lightweight and distance performer ready.

Which Titleist hybrid is the easiest to hit?

The Titleist TSR2 tends to be one of the easiest to hit because of its classic shaping. The launch dynamics of the TSR2 are considerably higher than previous models making this a great option for hitting out of the rough.

Another great feature of the TSR2 is that you can still get plenty of distance. The iron-like hybrid, even with the stock shaft, can allow for big gains for players that have not replaced their golf hybrids in the last four to five years.

When comparing the Titleist TSR2 to the Titleist TSi2 hybrid, you also notice just a bit more of a compact shape and a cleaner, less bulky look at the address. The Titleist TSi1 is also incredibly forgiving and an excellent option for golfers that like the look of a fairway wood more than a hybrid.

What is the best Titleist hybrid for mid handicapper?

The Titleist hybrid that works best for mid handicappers is the TSR2. With adjustability, impressive distance control, and increased launch, the TSR2 has so much more playability than the long irons in your bag.

The more advanced players will like the TSR3 because of its workability and the adjustable weight track. The TSR1 looks like a slightly compact fairway wood, designed to ensure higher forgiveness and more ball speed, regardless of the angle of attack.

  • Low to Mid Handicap Golfers (0-10): Titleist TSR3 with a more penetrating ball flight, increased adjustability in the clubhead, and more workability.
  • Mid Handicapper (10-20): Titleist TSR2 will help you pick up a bit of ball speed, have some forgiveness on a bad shot, and plenty of launch out of a difficult lie in the rough.
  • Higher Handicapper (15+): Titleist TSR1, with its fairway wood shape and optimal forgiveness, is a great choice for increased forgiveness on tee shots and from the fairway.

What Titleist hybrid replaces a 3 iron?

The Titleist 19-degree hybrid will replace a 3 iron. Most players find the 19-degree hybrid the perfect replacement to the 3 iron. For maximum forgiveness in the hybrid, the TSR1 or TSR2 from Titleist would be the best option to consider.

If you want to create the perfect loft gapping in your golf club set, choose a hybrid with adjustability. You will be able to fine-tune the performance to your needs.

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Final thoughts

With carbon crown construction, improved performance characteristics, and one of the cleanest-looking appearances at address, the Titleist hybrids are an excellent choice for a new addition to your bag.

I challenge you to drop the concept of Titleist being a player’s golf club and instead look at it as a Brand aiming to help all golfers.