Hey there golf lover! It’s been a rough few years for us globetrotters and fairway enthusiasts, right? I know we all love our local courses, but there’s just something extra special about playing a round in a new place like Myrtle Beach, Naples, or even Ireland.

And, let’s face it, we’re all itching to pack our bags and hit the links again once this pandemic is behind us. But, the last thing we want is to arrive at our dream golf destination with a broken driver.

That’s why we did the legwork for you and rounded up the top 18 Best golf travel bags, so you can make a smart choice and keep your clubs protected during your travels.

Best golf travel bags – 18 reviewed

Sun Mountain Kube Golf Travel Cover

image of sun mountain kube golf travel cover - AEC Info
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The Sun Mountain Kube Golf Travel Cover is the best overall golf travel bag on the market. This model features a plastic shell with a padded top. The Sun Mountain Kube is made with very durable material, and it will not fall apart on you after just a few trips.

One of the things we like best about this particular golf travel bag is the ability to fold it into a small cube when you are finished traveling. Not too many golf bags with a hard outer shell are foldable. The way that Sun Mountain designed this allows for tremendous support of your clubs, yet the product is not difficult to store.

There are two interior access pockets that allow you to keep things organized. In addition, the two full-length zippers head down the entire length of the bag to ensure that you are always just one zip away from checking on your equipment.


  • Heavy-duty golf bag
  • Easy to maneuver and wheel around
  • Can accommodate larger golf bags


  • Expensive compared to other options

OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Club Travel Bag with Wheels

image of outdoormaster padded golf club travel bag with wheels - AEC Info
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The OutdoorMaster Padded Golf Club Travel Bag with wheels is one of the most affordable and higher quality golf travel bags on the market. With the outer layer of fabric on the OutdoorMaster being a 900D waterproof material, nothing will happen to your golf bag with this cover in place.

In addition, this is a wheeled carrier, and with the in line skate wheel and rubber base, you will be able to move this bag through a variety of conditions and uneven surfaces. Regardless of the way you need to carry the Outdoor Master, there are straps and handles to help you get it done.

When you are finished using your OutdoorMaster Golf Club Travel Bag, it is going to fold up easily and allow you to store it in a closet or garage. This is a great golf travel bag that should be considered seriously because of the fair pricing.


  • Holds lots of equipment
  • It has several handles to help carry it
  • Foldable design for easy storage


  • Longevity is not quite the same as a Sun Mountain golf bag

Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

image of himal soft-sided golf travel bag - AEC Info
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Himal is a golf accessory company known for making a very fairly priced product that solves an issue or needs a player. The Himal 600D heavy-duty polyester is an excellent option for those that occasionally travel for golf and don’t want to break the bank on a new golf storage bag.

This is a universal size travel bag that will fit the majority of golf cart and golf stand bags. If you have a very large golf bag, you may have some trouble getting it to fit. Overall the golf bag has plenty of space for you to hold your gear, and it has carrying handles to make it easier to maneuver.

This is not a golf travel bag for those that play golf in a different state every weekend. However, for the occasional traveler, this bag will do the trick.


  • Easy to carry
  • Has plenty of space
  • A smooth zipper design won’t have issues long term


  • Not as durable as other golf travel bags

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

image of sun mountain clubglider meridian - AEC Info
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Our top pick is the Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian. This Sun Mountain Club Glider has everything that a traveling golfer could ask for and more! Our favorite feature is the retractable legs on the Meridian. You will no longer have to kneel on the dirty hotel room carpet when you have this ClubGlider Meridian.

The retractable legs allow you to easily organize your golf travel bag while simply bending over. With plenty of storage, a few colors to choose from, and a 1200 Denier Polyester fabric, this golf travel bag easily stands out as the best on the market.


  • Made with high-quality fabric that will protect your clubs
  • Retractable legs to make organizing the gag easier
  • Dense foam padding to help keep woods and graphite clubs protected
  • Pivoting caster wheels to make walking through an airport easier
  • Internal straps to hold the bag in place
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Available in several dark colors that will not get dirty when traveling


  • Priced higher than other golf travel bags on the market

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Founders Club Golf travel bag 

image of founders club golf travel bag travel cover luggage for golf clubs with abs hard shell top - AEC Info
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The Founders Club Golf Travel Bag is an excellent choice if you can’t choose between a hard or soft travel cover for your clubs. The Founders has a soft body that is easy to work with, folds up, and will accommodate a large bottomed bag. In addition, the top of the bag comes with a hardshell case.

The Founders does a great job of providing you versatility and width on the bottom and protecting the top. You will be able to fit a cart bag up to 10” in diameter when putting this Founders Club Golf Travel Bag into action. Even with all of these great features, the Founders is still offered at a fair price.


  • Hybrid travel cover with a hardtop and soft sides
  • When not in use, you can fold this model down and put it in a closet
  • Will larger cart bags up to 10” diameter
  • Three sets of padded handles to make it easier to carry through the airport and load into the car
  • The inline skate wheels allow you to push through the airport with ease
  • It weighs only eight pounds total


  • 600D fabric is not all that strong for extensive travel

Cobra Golf Rolling Club Bag

image of cobra golf 2020 rolling club bag - AEC Info
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We all know Cobra for its excellent golf clubs, but the Cobra golf bag products are worth checking out. The Cobra Golf Rolling Club bag is a very large and wide soft-sided bag. You will have an easy time getting your golf clubs to fit in this bag.

There are external pockets with zippers on the Cobra Rolling Club Bag that will help you stay organized and give you quick access to certain gear. The Cobra Rolling Club Bag’s oversized wheels make it a great choice when traveling over rough terrain.


  • A large storage area that will accommodate big golf bags
  • Several handles to make it easier to lift and lower golf travel bag
  • Large wheels that go over grass, carpet, brick, and tile with ease
  • The durable material with the Cobra logo will look great as you walk through the airport as well


  • Other color options would be nice to have; heather gray tends to get a bit dirty

Izzo High Roller Travel Golf Bags Black

image of izzo a56031 high roller travel cover - AEC Info
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We start our reviews with one of the most convenient golf travel bags. The Izzo High Roller comes with six wheels that make every trip to your favorite golf destination pleasurable. It is easy to maneuver and practical to load and unload. Made from 1680D rugged nylon and interior padding, it offers decent protection from the elements and the hardships of each airport handling adventure. The bag has a foldable design and takes up a small storage place.


  • Foldable design for convenient storage
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to the six wheels
  • It can be loaded/unloaded very easily
  • Internal padded wrap design for ultimate clubs protection
  • Made from waterproof, rugged 1680D nylon
  • Heavy-duty zippers and internal bag straps
  • Internal impact-absorbing protective panels
  • 2 elastic storage pockets
  • External front accessory pocket


  • The padding is average
  • It tips over easily when not balanced properly

Mizuno Club Glove Last Bag Travel Cover Bag

image of mizuno club glove last bag travel cover bag - AEC Info
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If you are after a premium collapsible travel golf bag, this Mizuno model offers style and quality. It is one of those travel bags used by many Touring players. The bag is very compact, yet has the capacity to accommodate any golf bag with a 47″ driver and there’s lots of extra room for golf equipment and gear. The bag can easily fold and get conveniently stored when not in use.


  • Compact, foldable design
  • Made from premium quality Condura 1000D water-resistant nylon
  • Additional 1600D Ballistic Nylon Base Reinforcement
  • It has 2 external pockets for accessories storage
  • Stiff arm and YKK Zippers
  • Snap ID card holder
  • Very lightweight, only 10 lb
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A bit on the pricier end

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag Case with Wheels

image of amazon basics soft-sided golf club travel bag case with wheels - AEC Info
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We start our reviews with one of the best priced golf travel products online. In addition to a great price, this soft sided case has a lot to offer for the price. This is a good bag for new golfers who need a standard golf bag without all of the fancy bells and whistles that others have. It is not one of the hardcover golf travel bags which is a bit of concern for airline travel. However, it does provide very good protection of our gear and we would feel confident Shipping our golf clubs in this bag.


  • Made from nylon fabric with reinforced stress points and stands up when holding a set of clubs.
  • Similar wheels to in-line skates with curb rail and riveted handles.
  • Has a padded section to protect club heads.
  • Has multiple pockets and compartments for extra storage.
  • Lighter weight than other travel bags.
  • Features a collapsible design for easier storage when not being used.
  • Has a full-length zipper.
  • Can hold a set of golf clubs already in a bag.


  • Has a soft outside shell which means you may need to secure your golf clubs.
  • Only comes in a solid black design.

SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Case

image of skb cases ata deluxe standard hard plastic storage - AEC Info
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When you are done reading this review, trying doing a search for the product online from memory. As far as travel golf bags go, this wins the award for the worst name. The SKB has inside dimensions of 48 by 14 inches, which is where it gets its name from.

It is able to maneuver through airports easily and has a tow handle that allows for easy carrying. It is highly rated online, and although we found the price and product to be solid, one customer rated it poorly because of the smaller dimensions.


  • Made from polyethylene for high durability.
  • Shaped so it can easily fit into cart and carry bags, and drivers.
  • Easy design for TSA (Transportation Security Administration) inspection.
  • Resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture, with a one million mile guarantee.
  • In-line skate wheels.
  • Can carry most bags that store drivers up to 48 inches.


  • Only comes in black.
  • Hard to search for customer reviews and price because of odd name.

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

image of caddydaddy constrictor 2 soft cover - AEC Info
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The Constrictor is a soft case bag that while not in-line with other expensive models, is good as an inexpensive alternative. You can save some cash on this bag as the price is below many others, and invest that money in your next round under the sun.


  • Can carry all bags up to 10-inch cart bags.
  • Comes with lockable zippers on the main pocket as well as the two big side pockets.
  • Has a padded top to keep club heads protected.
  • In-line skate wheels.
  • Comes with inside and outside straps to help keep clubs in place.
  • Compact storage when not in use.
  • Comes in black and gray, or black and navy.
  • Can save quite a bit with excellent price.


  • Does not have the same level of reinforcement as other travel bags.
  • Soft case does cause concern during shipping unless heads are packaged properly.

Caddy Daddy Enforcer Hard Top Golf Travel Bag

image of caddydaddy enforcer bag - AEC Info
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The Enforcer is a heavy-duty case meant for airlines and trips and is built to handle the loading and unloading process. This falls under the well-made product menu, and makes shipping your gear pretty easy. Although the company claims to have a crush resistant hardtop, we believe we could destroy it if we really had nothing to do one afternoon. That being said, it is going to protect your drivers and irons during shipping.


  • Crush resistant hardtop.
  • Wrap around lockable zipper including lockable side pockets
  • Durable all-weather style fabric.
  • Cover body and foldable rubber base allow for easy and simple storage.
  • Weight is only nine pounds.
  • Compression strap for secure clubs.
  • Ergonomic handle.


  • Only available in black.
  • No aluminum rod to increase stiffness.

Bag Boy Golf T-10 Hard Top Travel Cover

image of bag boy t-10 hard top golf club travel cover - AEC Info
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This brand produces high-quality products that we have loved for years. The Bag Boy is designed with a hardtop and soft side design. Comes in a black and royal, or black and charcoal, color scheme. Although you will likely have to open for TSA, we also like that it has a full strap going around the case with a lock.

The top is crush resistant and the wheels are extremely large making it easy for shipping and walking in the airport.

What we liked best was the inside which has a stand guard. Many times during shipping this part has been snapped off. This case keeps this part of the product safe.


  • Interior Stand Guard.
  • Crush resistant hardtop.
  • Has polyester fabric meant for all weather.
  • A lockable wrap-around zipper.
  • In-line skate wheels.
  • Two pockets for shoes or clothing.


  • Softshell side design makes it a little less sturdy than other bags.

Sun Mountain Clubglider Journey Wheeled Cover

image of sun mountain club glider meridian soft covers - AEC Info
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The Sun Mountain Clubglider was designed with transportation and keeping your clubs safe and secure during any type of transportation. You can secure your clubs inside with an internal cinch strap and rolls very easily through the airport.  Compared to all of the other products reviewed, this has 4 wheels to transporting your sticks pretty simple.  We did find that making turns with this bulky product was a bit more challenging compared to the others.


  • Four Wheels for easy travel.
  • Comes with dual two-way zippers.
  • Two extra exterior pockets.
  • High impact wheels used in rollerblades
  • Has reinforcement of vinyl to help with durability.
  • Features extendable legs.
  • Can hold a single stand or cart bag.


  • Difficult to steer while moving through the airport.
  • According to California Proposition 65, this may have been made with materials that are linked to cancer and reproductive harm.

Titleist Golf Club Travel Cover by ClubGlove

image of titleist golf club travel cover by clubglove - AEC Info
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The Titleist by ClubGlove is a name brand cover which has been used by professionals on tours and is proven to be durable. The price on the Titleist bag is higher because the sort of customer that buys this brand isn’t concerned with price.

Everything used on the bag is touted as premium, and it has three very large straps that will secure your clubs during travel.  We wouldn’t spend the money for this product  even though we love everything else Titleist releases from their irons to drivers and balls.

Made of fabric, this case is more likely to rip during airline shipping.


  • Uses a ballistic nylon base for seemingly indestructible and resilient support.
  • Zippers repel water.
  • High-quality in-line skate wheels for a smooth and quiet glide.
  • Has foam padding to protect the head of the clubs and a plastic bottom.
  • Two outside shoe pockets


  • More likely to rip compared to other products reviewed.
  • Pricier than the other travel bags we reviewed

OGIO Mutant Travel Cover

image of ogio 2018 mutant travel cover - AEC Info
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The OGIO is a larger bag that allows for more storage, and with it is oversized wheels it only weighs 8 pounds. This is another Brand that we have grown to trust over the years and know they put out high-end products. Customer reviews online are also extremely positive, and focus on how big it actually is.

Ideal for shipping on airlines to your next trip. Saves you from loading your shoes and other gear in a suitcase as you can add quite a bit in addition to clubs.


  • Can fit tour and stand bags.
  • Features oversized wheels.
  • Padded compartment for club protection.
  • Base comes with protective rails.
  • Comes with exterior straps and outside pockets for more storage.
  • Soft case with a reinforced base.


  • Because of its large size, it can be too big for some people.

Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel Set

image of samsonite golf deluxe 3-piece travel set - AEC Info
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In addition to the heavy-duty travel bag, the Deluxe Set features a duffel bag and shoe bag that allows for extra storage.


  • Features a polyester shield for your clubs to help against the wear and tear of airline travel.
  • Has a padded interior with foam to protect the heads of the clubs.
  • In-line skate wheels which allow or pushing or pulling.
  • Features mesh ventilation which prevents moisture and can hold 2 pairs of shoes.
  • Comes with an extra duffel bag and shoe bag.
  • Comes with an adjustable strap.
  • Comes in many different colors.


  • A little less durable than other bags.

Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover

image of bag boy t-2000 travel cover - AEC Info
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The Bag Boy T-2000 has a unique design with unique features that help with travel and comfort. The grip is really cool as it swivels and pivots which really helped while walking. It has quite a bit of padding and the clubs including driver had room and we didn’t feel like they were wedged against the sides.

We like to wrap golf towels around the drivers and irons to prevent them from flopping around during transport.

Plenty of space in this bag for everything, just be sure to keep under the 50 pounds so you are not charged an additional fee for being too heavy.


  • Features an ergonomic grip which twists in conjunction with the bag position to help reduce arm and wrist twisting.
  • The base is skid resistant.
  • Has a lockable wrap-around main zipper.
  • In-line skate wheels.
  • Has a thin wrapped padded top.
  • Contains two clothing pockets and and oversized show pocket.


  • Less durable outside than other bags.

Top rated travel golf bag …

image of sun mountain kube golf travel cover - AEC Info

The SunMountain Kube

The SunMountain Kube is the best overall travel golf bag on the market. Sun Mountain always puts out some of the best equipment when it comes to golf accessories and golf bags. They use only the best components in their products. Even though you may pay a few dollars extra, the quality of the product you get will be well worth your price. If you are in need of a new golf travel bag this year, Sun Mountain can absolutely fill the void for you.

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Buyers guide

Maybe the Izzo High Roller isn’t your ideal bag, but there are still plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the best golf bag for your needs. It is all about figuring out what you want out of a travel bag. Are you traveling far? How many clubs are you carrying?

Does this bag need to fit in the back of a car or will you need to navigate through an airport? These are questions you have to ask yourself, and the task can be daunting.

Finding the right clubs can be annoying, let alone finding the right bag. If you aren’t sure, you may want to ask any friends you have that play on a regular basis. They can provide insight into the bag best for you and maybe even take you with them for golfing sometimes.

Golfing is fun and it shouldn’t be a frustration, and finding the right travel bag can help alleviate some of that before it even happens.

What is a travel bag?

Unlike other bags, the travel bag is made to be transported farther distances. They are made durable, usually from heavier materials or a hard case so your clubs can remain damage-free during the rigors of travel, including baggage-handling on flights or trains.

Travel bags can come with a hard or soft case. The hard case it was is best for long-distance traveling and can be easily put on airplanes with no damage to your equipment. While they can be more expensive, travel bags for airlines with hard cases also a softer inside case to provide extra protection.

Soft case travel bags are better if you are traveling a smaller distance. These Lightweight golf bags weigh less and can fit in small cars. The bag has pads on the inside and sometimes comes with wheels for easier transportation.

Different types of golf bags

While these are not travel bags, it is important to know the different kinds, since some travel bags can only accommodate certain bags.

Staff Bags

These bags are used by PGA players on tour and several of the writers at AEC Info. They are high end and the most expensive. They are heavier in nature, but are more durable because of the high-quality materials. They also come in multiple color options and aesthetically pleasing designs. Unfortunately, due to the size, they are not easy to transport. Not many guys on the pro tour are lugging their iron sets through commercial airports.

Cart bags

They are smaller than staff bags and are designed to be transported in a cart. If you plan on walking the course, this is not an ideal bag. A Golf cart bag, however, be transported using a pushcart if you do plan on walking the course, putting less strain on your back. 

They are built for ease of access to your clubs and feature a rubber base, so the bag does not slip and fall off the cart.

Stand bags

These bags can be used for when you are walking the course or use a cart. A Stand golf bag has two retractable legs which allow the bag to stand straight up or at a slant so you can access your clubs easier.

These bags also come with straps similar to a backpack to evenly distribute the weight when carried on your shoulder and even come with ergonomic features for helping other parts of your body. We also reviewed the Best 14 way golf bag where you can find the best on the market.

Carry bags

Often times a Carry golf bag can also be referred to as a  “Sunday golf bag” these are specifically designed to be carried by anyone who plans to walk the course. They don’t have the legs like the stand bags, but they are easier to carry. They are the lightest types of bags, but come with the downside of being the least durable.

Since they are meant for the leisure golfer, these bags come with the basic amenities, like one or two pockets and 2-way dividers.

These bags like the Orlimar golf bag are used to carry the basics like a a Distance golf ball or two, tees, ball markers, and maybe some Sunscreen. Don’t plan on shoving your Golf ball retriever and a Walking shoes in this bag. You will have enough room for what you need, but not much more than that.

Things To consider before buying

A few things to consider when buying a travel bag is storage space, maneuverability, and durability.

While it is not recommended to have too many pockets in your bag, having more space will allow you to bring more equipment should you need it. However, more items mean more weight. This also ties in with maneuverability as the heavier the bag is, the harder it is to transport.

As stated before you may also want to have a bag with wheels.

You should also consider what types of straps you want for your bag. Your bag can have straps on the top, the side, or both. A bag with wide padded straps will prevent strain on your body as you carry it and search for your ball.

Dividers sort your clubs and keep them separated to prevent them from banging against each other during play, and especially when shipping. While the number varies, you can get dividers that only divide at the top of cover the whole length of the bag.

Some of the best golf bags that are highly rated contain a putter well which keeps your putter separate from the main dividers.

Some bags come with extra features like a towel ring, a Glove attachment, a rain hood or Umbrella holder, and if you are lucky, a Cooler for a beverage or two.

Travel golf bag care

To keep your new bag in good shape, you should wipe it off with a damp towel to clean off dirt, pollen or other debris. You should also be aware of what you keep in the pockets of the bag. If anything gets wet, you should wash and dry it before returning it to the bag to prevent mold from forming.

You should also store your bag somewhere where it will not gather dust or get dirty. Covering it in a tarp or trash bag can also help prevent this.