If you own an Gas vs electric golf cart, then you are probably familiar with Trojan golf cart batteries. Trojan is a reputable brand that has made a name of itself by offering its customers premium quality batteries that boast longevity, advanced technology, and versatile use. They are easy to charge and easy to use and claim a long lifespan when maintained properly.

Regardless of whether you are replacing your rundown battery or your golf cart came without it, there are a few things you need to know before you spend your money on one.

First of all, make sure you know what type of battery you need (scroll below to read about the types of Trojan batteries). The chances are you’ll need a Flooded Lead Acid battery, but never buy anything without checking. Then, the capacity, connections, and terminals are also aspects that you need to consider, i.e., terminal options and cables.

Energy expectation is an important aspect as well, or the compatibility of the battery with your golf cart, so Trojan offers different energy-powered batteries to meet various power demands.

There’s one thing you need to take for granted, and that’s the fact that Trojan batteries work on ALL golf carts. So, now that you know what to pay attention to take a look at the top-rated Trojan golf cart batteries.

Best trojan golf cart battery

Lot of 6 Trojan T-875 8V Golf cart batteries

image of lot of 6 trojan t-875 8v golf cart batteries - AEC Info
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When you don’t purchase all of the batteries that your cart needs simultaneously, you can unknowingly drain the other batteries. As many batteries as possible must be all around the same age. Therefore, it can sometimes make sense to purchase all six batteries at the same time.

This set of six Trojan T-875 8V golf cart batteries are flooded lead-acid batteries. These batteries have a very long life and a low cost per amp hour.

Since this is a flooded battery, you will have to take good care of it and pay close attention to the watering and charging required. If you live in an area where the cart is going to be parked in a garage for six months at a time, make sure that you are still correctly maintaining the batteries.

The Trojan T-875, like all Trojan batteries, has a durable outer cover capable of keeping them in great shape for years to come. If you need a complete battery replacement, don’t hesitate to go for these efficient and long-lasting Trojan T-875’s.


  • Long life
  • Durable outer cover
  • Can handle frequent discharging


  • Will need constant attention and watering

Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105

image of trojan t-150plus 6v - AEC Info
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The T-105 battery unit belongs to the Signature Line batteries, known to deliver extended use, low-cost power supply, and reliable performance.

This is one of the most common flood leaded Trojan batteries used for a variety of purposes, including golf carts. It doesn’t take much time to charge the battery unit, which is a relief when you need them for a sudden golf match. The advanced T2 technology offers optimal 750 deep-cycle cells energy, performance, and it prevents degradation.

The total weight of the battery is 62 pounds, which is a lighter version when it comes to batteries, and it can be purchased with different terminals.

The discharge rates range from 115 minutes at 75 amps or 447 minutes at 25 amp, allowing you enough time for the whole game.


  • High 225 AH at a 20-hour rate
  • About 750 life cycles
  • 6V voltage
  • Flooded lead-acid battery


  • If used at 75 amps, it will discharge very quickly

Trojan L16H-AC 6V

Trojan L16H-AC 6V
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This is an AC series model that offers industrial performance and low maintenance costs. The AC series come with 6 or 12 batteries in two case options. One is the proprietary Polyon case that is recommended in heavy service applications due to its exceptional durability. The other is the universal case design that is suitable for standard applications.

This particular model comes in the standard, generic case with 6 batteries included. The capacity depends on the amps, so for approximately 25 amps discharge, you’ll have 935 minutes, for 75 amps, the time shortens to 245 minutes.


  • Deep-cycle battery
  • Flooded Lead Acid type
  • 6 batteries
  • Energy (kWh) 2.89
  • Weight: 121
  • Outstanding 430 Amp at 20-hour rate


  • It is a heavier model

Trojan T-105 Plus

Trojan T-105 Plus
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This deep-cycle flooded battery belongs to the Plus series that boast premium features and cutting-edge technologies.

These series integrate Trojan’s SureVent, which is a flip-top vent cap system that allows you to add water to your battery in a much safer, easier, and faster way. The vent has a built-in level indicator so that you prevent overflowing and extend the battery life. You will also find Trojan’s embedded terminals that extend the durability and its performance.

This casing includes four batteries with a capacity of 447 minutes when discharged at 25 amp or 115 minutes when discharged at 75 amps.


  • Flooded acid Lead battery
  • Energy (kWh): 1.50
  • 225 Amp at 20-hour rate
  • Weights 62 lbs
  • Plus series for optimal battery perseverance and fast charging


  • Pricey

Trojan T-125 GC2

Trojan T-125 GC2
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The Signature Line of deep-cycle flooded batteries represents the flagship of the company’s portfolio. The key feature of this unit is the low life-cycle cost that comes from the company’s T2 technology, which guarantees maximum performance and increased total energy.

This unit contains a total of 6 batteries that have a capacity of 488 minutes when discharged at 25 amps, while when increased at 75 amps, the capacity lowers to 132 minutes. The battery unit weighs only 66 lbs, and when it is used in series, it can increase the capacity and extend the battery life.


  • Deep-cycle flooded battery
  • The unit contains 6 batteries
  • Energy (kWh): 1.60
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Long-lasting with superior performance


  • Expensive

Trojan J305H-AC Deep Cycle 6V Battery

image of trojan j305h-ac - AEC Info
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This is one more battery unit that belongs to the AC series and integrates 6 batteries. Besides the two casing options, the Polyon, extra durable one for the heavy service applications, and the generic one for standard applications, the battery units that belong to the AC series feature exceptional durability and high-to-low capacity points.

This battery unit offers higher capacity, i.e., 781 minutes for 25 amps discharge or 215 minutes at 75 amps. It is a heavier battery, too, as it weighs 98 lbs.


  • Deep-cycle flooded battery
  • There are 6 batteries in the unit
  • It weighs 98 lbs
  • Impressive 360 Amps at 20-hour rate
  • Energy (kWh): 2.40


  • It might be too large for some carts

What is a Deep-cycle battery?

A Deep-cycle battery is specially designed to withstand frequent discharging and deliver uninterrupted power supply. They are not very susceptible to degradation that occurs as a result of cycling and can be used in applications that are discharged on a regular interval. Their plates are thicker, which translates into frequent discharging but less peak current.

How can I determine the voltage of my trojan golf cart battery?

An electric golf cart usually has 4, 6, or 8 batteries, which usually have 36 or 48-volt systems. If you don’t know how to determine the voltage, you should lift the seat of the golf cart, find the battery compartment and count the number of holes for the battery. If you have an Electric battery Golf Bag Cart you will only need one or two of these batteries to power your Walk on the golf course.

To determine each battery voltage, you need to multiply the number of holes by 2. So, each cell/hole equals to 2 volts. Then you need to multiply the cell’s voltage by the total number of golf cart batteries.

What kind of golf cart batteries are there?

Lead acid batteries, Flooded: commonly known as ‘wet cell’ batteries, and these require filling with water. Almost all golf carts use this kind of battery type:

  • AGM Lead-acid batteries
  • Gel Lead-acid battery

If i increase the capacity of the battery unit, will the voltage increase?

No, it won’t. The batteries must have a parallel connection to run at an increased capacity. If you take two 6-volt batteries rated at 210 AH (Amp Hour), the capacity will increase to 420 AH. However, in this way, you can extend the lifespan of the unit.

Does it matter the “age” of the battery?

Yes, it does. It is not recommended to buy batteries that are older than 6 months. Also, it is not recommended to buy used batteries as their lifespan will be very short.

Maintenance of battery for golf cart

Trojan batteries need proper maintenance, and it all starts with their charging. Before the charging starts, you need to make sure that there’s enough water that covers the plates. Proper charging means having the acid solution over the tops of the plates.

Plus, they need duly charging during winter days, so make sure they are not overcharged. The company recommends checking the battery status once a month so that you get an insight into the needed amount of water.

Make sure that the plates are not exposed to air, as it can corrode very quickly. Do not overfill the Trojan battery with water as it can cause overflowing acid that can lead to losing capacity and corrosive mess, and use only distilled or deionized water.

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