If you are in the market for a golf simulator set up for your home or business, two of the options that you may keep coming back to are TruGolf and Skytrak.

Each of these launch monitors offers some great technology for golfers looking for an Indoor golf simulator

However, there are some significant differences between the TruGolf and the Skytrak, and it is important to know and understand these before you purchase.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the differences between TruGolf and Skytrak. 

TruGolf Golf Simulator review

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The TruGolf golf simulator is a premium option that offers incredible golf ball and club head data. With the TruGolf simulator, you won’t have software options, but it will come with the E6 Connect software, which is one of the more highly rated golf simulation software packages on the market. 

With TruGolf, optical sensors are placed in a golf hitting mat, and they will record information as a player hits real golf balls into a net or at an impact screen.

The TruGolf golf simulator allows for one of the more comprehensive and customizable golf simulator packages on the market. 


  • Easy to customize for a wide range of spaces
  • Incredible accuracy
  • Club head and golf ball data provided
  • Can use with real balls
  • Will track ball speed, launch angle, swing path, angle of attack, clubface angle, clubhead speed, ball spin, clubhead angle, and more
  • It has several game modes to work on your game in a variety of ways
  • Infrared sensors in a hitting mat that you can use with real clubs
  • Minimum space requirement necessary
  • Unique skill assessment feature


  • A premium-priced option

Skytrak Golf Simulator review

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The Skytrak golf simulator is a camera-based launch monitor that can be used at the driving range or in the comfort of your own home. Although you can get your club head speed with the Skytrak, that is the only club data that this simulator will give you. 

One of the best benefits of the Skytrak golf simulator is that it allows golfers to pick several different software options to use as their simulator software. This launch monitor has a lot of cool features, and all come with a virtual driving range to get you started. 


  • A good option for those on a budget
  • It can be used with real golf clubs indoors or outdoors
  • Will track club speed
  • Uses high speed cameras to track information
  • Comes with 3D driving range technology
  • Compact size


  • Camera-based launch monitors won’t calculate club path or spin rate
  • The accuracy of the golf simulator is a bit more limited
  • Additional courses will cost more
  • Not as much progress tracking as other models

TruGolf vs. Skytrak (Pricing)

There is a major difference between the TruGolf and the Skytrak pricing. Skytrak starts for less than $3000, whereas TruGolf, even in the basic package, will put you over $10,000.

The TruGolf ends up being an option for practice ranges, resorts, golf shops, virtual golf stores, and more.

Even though the Skytrak is considerably lower in price, you still have to calculate the pricing for the E6 Software, or whatever software you choose, the hitting mat, net, and more.

For avid golfers and those on a budget, the Skytrak has superior usability for a fair price; TruGolf is best suited for those with a higher budget or more of a commercial facility. 

TruGolf vs. Skytrak (Capability)

For those that are looking for complete game improvement and ready to invest in their golf game, the TruGolf is the better overall model. With the different game settings and access to famous golf courses, your full simulator experience is pretty impressive with Trugolf.

With Skytrak simulator systems, you can still play virtual golf on real golf courses or practice at a virtual golf range. However, the accuracy of the data won’t be quite as good.

You may get some good information about the ball and how it flies, but it’s not the most accurate golf simulator on the market.

Essentially, accuracy is not going to be as good because of how the Skytrak model collects data. The TruGolf gives instant feedback and is an awesome choice for serious players.

If you are looking for the most up-to-date and advanced golf simulator tool and experience, the Trugolf will offer the better option. 

TruGolf vs. Skytrak (Versatility)

One of the great things about the Skytrak golf launch monitor is that you can bring it outdoors. If you don’t want a simulated driving range and you want to enjoy a full golf experience, the Skytrak is a perfect choice. However, there are times when those with limited space will have a tough time finding room for Skytrak.

With the TruGolf, however, the infrared sensors are placed in the mat. This means that you can easily adjust to get this to work in a smaller space. Some golfers use retractable screens and pull the mat out only when necessary. Although Trugolf cannot be used outside, it has customizable features and will make it easy to set up and put away.

When it comes to the versatility, it is a tie between TruGolf and Skytrak; the software features of Skytrak and the ability to take it outdoors help make it more versatile; with TruGolf, you will have a wide range of instant swing analysis, adjustable features, elevation options, professional tools and more. 

TruGolf vs. Skytrak (Entertainment)

The idea behind any golf simulator package is to create an immersive experience. With minimum space dimensions, the average golfer can bring some of the best golf courses in the world to their living room. However, between the statistic tracking, and additional features that the TruGolf has to offer, the entertainment value tends to be a bit better.

The base package of the SKytrak is rather basic, and the hyper speed cameras give you excellent distance results but nothing that can compare to the tracking systems of the Trugolf. This means that when playing courses like TPC Sawgrass, Wade Hampton, Troon North Golf Club or Bethpage Black, you may notice that the results are not quite as accurate.

The aspects of swing and analysis on club speed as well as the shot shaping range that the Trugolf can give make it a better overall choice for entertainment, even in the base model.

The Trugolf can fill the complete frame or entire screen of your golf impact screen and give very accurate analysis on club speed, if you want real-time swing feedback and a full-on course experience from home, Trugolf is the way to go. 

Bottom Line: Trugolf vs. Skytrak

As you can see from the review of the Trugolf vs. Skytrak, all amateur golfers would love to have practice mode technology as well as access to famous courses from either of these launch monitor options.

The Trugolf and Skytrak feature advanced golf software and are two of the more popular options on the market. The bottom line is that if you have the money, the Trugolf is an excellent choice for golfers.

For an affordable option, Skytrak offers plenty of usability and functionality. When looking at Skytrak on its own, it would be highly recommended. Only when comparing it to TruGolf do you notice a few of its shortcomings.

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