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Different golf courses have different golf attire etiquette, especially when it comes to women’s clothes. Often times, the higher the price of your green’s fee, the stricter the golf course will be when it comes to women’s golf attire. Pebble Beach is going to be very strict, while the local muni course will have very few restrictions.

We did some research regarding what a woman golfer should wear when hitting the course to make sure that you not only look great during your next round, but you also are following the fashion rules.

Women golfers wear collared shirts, knee-length skirts, skorts, shorts or pants, and golf shoes. Other accessories such as visors, a Golf hat, and polarized sunglasses are also what many women wear to golf.

Lets’ take a detailed look at what women wear to play golf:


You will never make a mistake with a polo shirt, as collared golf shirts are highly associated with golf. If you want to see Men’s golf shirts, click here.. For layering up, golf jackets, sweaters, vests, or pullovers are recommended too.


These go well with knee-length skirts, skorts, golf shorts, slacks, or pants (capris or ankle-length). Golf dresses have become rather popular lately as these are very popular when it comes to comfort. If you opt for shorts or skirts, make sure these are at a maximum of two to three inches above your knees.


Regarding footwear, golf shoes (spiked or spikeless) are considered a must, and even though you are not even likely to find them, metal spikes are forbidden at nearly every golf course.

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Regarding golf accessories, a proper golf cap/hat or a visor is highly advisable for almost any season, and polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and the glare. A golf glove is also a must if your palms sweat and you can’t have a good hold of your Irons, Golf club. Just make sure they match your style.

These are universal women’s golf outfit recommendations, and the chances are you’ll get a pass no matter how high standards the golf club has imposed. Most certainly, you’d like to know more about what is considered unacceptable golf attire, materials the golf outfit is made of, layerings, color combinations, and golf fashion. So, let’s go into detail about all golf clothing aspects.

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What Should Women Golfers Avoid Wearing on the Golf Course?

Despite the vast differences in golf dress codes that vary from club to club, some universal rules apply even to courses with the least strict regulations.

Exclusive golf courses and private clubs have strict golf dress codes, while public courses are the most lenient in this respect. Regardless, these are the pieces of clothing that you need to avoid:


Jeans, leggings, cargo shorts, and very short skirts and shorts (about two inches above the knees) are almost always forbidden. Although you are likely to see women wearing short skirts, skorts, or shorts on public courses, they are commonly considered inappropriate, and women will often avoid them. Wearing pants too long or pants with pleats or cuffs is deemed disrespectful and improper for some Country clubs and private courses.


Ladies golfers are expected to refrain from halter tops, T-shirts, tube tops, tank tops, strapless tops, or any garment piece that shows cleavage. During colder days, hoodies, sweatshirts, or denim jackets are not an advisable option. The tops should be the appropriate size and should be well-fitting. The golf shirt needs to be tucked to complement the clean look.


Some clubs require golf shoes with no exception, yet others would only ask you to wear shoes that provide sufficient grip or traction. What you shouldn’t wear by all means are boots even if the weather is very cold, sandals, flip slops or street shoes.


When it comes to accessories, women golfers frequently cross the line and overuse them. Fortunately, regulations are not too limiting in this respect, and it comes down to feeling comfortable rather than a ban on wearing specific accessories.

Simple jewelry is ok, but if you’ve got yourself loads of rings, bracelets, long earrings, or necklaces, you’re not only risking your comfort but your swing as well.

Can Women Golfers Wear Any Color Combination on the Golf Course?

In essence, looking neat and clean should be the priority. When choosing colors, make sure they are matching and complement each other. If you decide to go with a patterned bottom, choose a plain top, and vice versa. Khaki shorts are never a bad idea, as it used to be the norm for a long time. If you opt for khaki shorts, choose a light color top to match with them.

When wearing shorts, make sure you wear a belt that matches your golf shoes or/and your cap/visor. That’s a perfect way to show off your golf fashion style, as accessories are usually style-revealing.

An excellent waterproof GPS golf watch is not only stylish but practical too. Modern golf watches have incredible options, from showing the actual golf map to calculating numerous metrics, including your swing speed and complete performance.

And lastly, for many ladies golfers, playing golf without a golf glove is impossible, so ensure your golf glove goes hand in hand with your golfing attire.

What to Wear When the Weather Gets Colder?

Unless you are fortunate to play golf in areas where the weather is continuously sunny and dry, you need at least one more garment layer. If you have played a full round of golf, you must have noticed the temperature variations as time passes.

Today, the market abounds with an array of golf jackets and golf sweaters. Full-zippered or semi-zippered weatherproof jackets are highly recommended, and you should always have one in your golf bag. When opting for a golf jacket, make sure it is windproof and waterproof and protects you from the elements.

If you play golf in early spring or late fall, then you’ll need a long-sleeved shirt or polo shirt combined with a golf vest or golf sweater. In such cases, make sure the collar is visible and neat, as it is all about collars.

Regarding footwear, as we mentioned above, avoid wearing boots. Instead, look for winter women’s golf shoes. Winter golf shoes are designed to protect you from the cold. They are weather-resistant, and at the same time, offer maximum grip and traction.

Should You Look For Specific Materials?

A good choice of materials dictates comfort and performance. When it comes to golf clothes, one needs to bear in mind that materials should never be ignored. Think of how you swing the golf ball. As your upper body rotates with the club, it reaches a 360 degrees rotation movement. To perform a full swing, your clothes must feature a four-way stretch performance, i.e., stretch, and contract with every swing. Otherwise, they might inhibit you from performing well.

Another essential feature that you need to look for is the moisture-wicking technology that helps the material dry fast. These technologies help to wick the sweat to the surface, making it quickly evaporate so that golfers don’t feel soaking wet. This also means that the material needs to be highly breathable and keep you cool. Feeling uncomfortable as you approach the green means less focus, which leads to less precision.

Layers need to allow you to feel warm, protected from the weather elements, and comfortable. In addition to the above features, they need to be thin but warm and have a protective coating.

These features apply to all aspects of clothing, from tops and bottoms to footwear and accessories. Such high-performance materials are blends of polyester, elastane, performance cotton, polyamide, and nylon.


Style-wise, it is personal, and you should maintain your style unless it breaches the basic dress code regulations of the golf course you intend to play. Golfers should always wear what they feel comfortable and confident wearing.

Irrelevant to what you prefer wearing, it shouldn’t look distractive, tactless, or oversized. Remember, golf is a game of style and elegance, and you should always look clean and neat. When you need some inspiration, taking an example from the most prominent tour players, or your favorite golf player is a good idea.

In case you are not sure about the golf attire dress code of a specific golf club, it is still a good idea to make a call before you get there.

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