Get ready for a game-changer!  Golf brands love their unique names, like the Burner Bubble or the Cobra Baffler, but there’s one club that truly stands out – Callaway’s Heavenwood.

So, what makes this fairway wood a favorite among golfers and a must-have in your arsenal? We’re about to reveal the incredible features and benefits that will transform your golf experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your game to new heights!

What Is A Callaway Heavenwood? 

A Callaway Heavenwood is a club that came out in 2004, and many consider it to be a mix between a hybrid and a fairway wood. The Heavenwood was used to help players get out of the rough and approach greens without having to use hard to hit long irons. 

The Callaway Heavenwood has changed a bit through the years, and there were a few different models released at times. However, they all have around the same degrees of loft as a 7 wood. Fairway woods from Callaway Golf tend to extend to higher lofts that other golf manufacturers do not offer. 

What Is The Heavenwood Equivalent to? image of callaway golf heavenwood - AEC Info

The Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood golf club is equivalent to a 4 hybrid. It has the distance of fairway woods, but it will replace the long irons in golf bags. The idea plays off of the idea of a 7 wood, which is getting increasingly popular, even among lower handicap players. 

Golfers are finding that hitting center shots with plenty of loft and accuracy is considerably easier to do with a 7 wood than it is with some hybrids or utility clubs. 

In addition, the Heavenwood has a shorter shaft than a 5 wood or 3 wood, so the overall accuracy is a bit easier as well. 

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Where To Use A Heavenwood Golf Club

The Callaway Heavenwood came with a graphite shaft to help golfers get the ball up off the ground and have plenty of easy distance. Regardless of turf conditions, the head shape features certainly allowed for higher MOI (Moment of Inertia). 

Callaway Golf has a long history of making forgiving golf clubs, and this Heavenwood is undoubtedly no exception. Here are the areas on the golf course where you can use this club if you are looking for clean contact and impressive overall distance. 

image of heavenwood head cover - AEC InfoRough

The Callaway Heavenwood performs just like hybrid clubs out of the rough. With higher lofted fairway woods, you have to be smart about where you take a shot, as the wood loft can be impacted significantly when the club turns in the rough. 

Callaway Heavenwoods allow players to have stability, get the ball airborne, and even get plenty of distance out of the rough.

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From the fairway, the Heavenwood has quite a bit of workability. Average golfers that want to put a little draw or a fade on a shot should be able to do so. In addition, this is a good option for golfers that come up short on many par 4’s and need a longer golf shot to get to the green. 

Even though the club head is a unique design, it is still a compact head design that allows you to play the shot just as you would an iron. Senior golfers particularly like the Heavenwood because of the standard graphite shaft that is lightweight and easy to launch. 

Par 3 Tee Shot 

The Heavendwood is also a great option for a longer par 3 hole. If you are looking for a slightly high ball flight and a soft landing on the green, putting the ball on a short tee and hitting it with the Heavenwood is an excellent choice. 

Golfers will find that the solid contact they can make with the Heavenwood will give them more confidence and slightly higher swing speed when hitting shots off of a par 3. On a short par 4 with quite a bit of trouble, you could also use this off the tee, just don’t expect as much distance as you would get with other fairway woods. 

Fairway Bunker  image of heavenwood head cover - AEC Info

The fairway bunker is a unique place to use a Heavenwood, but it is without a doubt a possibility to hit shots out of the fairway bunker with this club in your hand. Fairway bunkers have a lower front edge, where you have plenty of time to get the ball up in the air. 

If you plan to hit a Heavenwood shot out of the bunker, be sure to keep your body relatively still and try to pick the ball clean. 

Why Is The Heaven Wood So Easy To Hit? 

The Heavenwood is so easy to hit because of the loft and the design of the club. The loft of the golf club will range between 17 and 24 degrees of loft. Callaway was careful to make this a smaller profile head design that will blend in with almost any set of clubs you have in your bag. 

In addition, so many golfers are trying to hit lower lofted clubs like 5 wood and 3 woods, and with a slightly slower swing speed, this is very difficult. Instead, it makes sense to hit the Heavenwood with the extra ball flight and lower center of gravity to help launch the ball. 

As with any club in the bag, the technique still needs to be good, and golfers must ensure that they have a good setup and stance before they take a shot. Once that is in place, the Heavenwood club could become one of your favorite clubs in the bag. 


The Heavenwood is not currently in production, and Callaway does not offer the Heavenwood golf club on its website. However, there are plenty of used options available on the market, and you can also look at other fairway wood options that Callaway currently offers. 

One of the great things about Callaway is that they will make fairway woods at higher lofts than other companies. We are always impressed with the option of adding a 9 wood to a bag as many players find that hybrids and utility clubs are not for them. 

If you want to experience a Callaway Heavenwood, try to find a used one, as they are relatively affordable. Give it a try to see if it earns a spot in your golf bag this year. 

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