Playing golf in the cold weather is much more enjoyable when you have the proper gear. Cold weather golf is something that more and more players are trying to do each year.

There is no single golf product that stands out as the best option for cold weather golf gear. Instead, players need to have a combination of products ready to help them enjoy a day with cooler weather headed their way.

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We have put together a list of the essential products you need to extend your season and play more winter golf. Our list has anything from winter golf pants to gloves to shoes. Let’s take a look at the best cold weather golf gear on the market.

Best golf winter clothing

Adidas Men’s Frostguard Insulated Pant

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The Adidas Men’s Frostguard Insulated Pant is the best cold weather golf pants on the market. You will find that it is easy to keep your head, feet, and upper body warm, but not many companies focus on the legs.

With the Adidas Frostguard pants, your legs can stay just as warm as the rest of your body, and you will have no trouble ensuring that you are adequately equipped to enjoy your day on the golf course. The tapered fit of the Adidas Men’s Frost Guard winter golf pants helps to ensure that they have a modern style and look to them.

The pants come with a variety of pockets and a zipper closure. No matter what the temperature is outside, this is some cold weather golf gear that you will want in your bag.


  • Good looking pants yet functional
  • Easy to machine wash
  • Have insulation to keep leg warmer


  • Only available in one color

Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Golf Pullover Sweaters for Men

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Three Sixty Six is an up-and-coming golf company that has started to put out some impressive options for those that enjoy cold weather golf. The Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Golf Pullover will make it much more enjoyable to be out on the golf course when those winter temperatures hit.

The best thing about this pullover fleece is that it feels lightweight, yet it performs well to keep you warm and comfortable on the course. The Three Sixty Six Dry Fit sweater is made with a moisture wicking dry fit fabric. Even if you are getting a little winter precipitation, your experience on the golf course will be enjoyable.

Another great feature of the Three Sixty Six Pullover is that it can help you get your body heat regulated. If you are worried about getting too warm when playing golf, the Three Sixty Six Dry Fit has you covered.


  • Can be worn on and off the course
  • Dry Fit Breathable technology
  • Soft fabric on the interior of the jacket


  • Slim fit style, adjust accordingly when ordering

PROSmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece Lightweight Waistcoat

image of prosmart heated vest polar fleece lightweight waistcoat - AEC Info
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Another advancement in technology for golfers looking to extend their season has been the addition of heated golf gear. When you can use a battery to help you stay warm out on the course, the golf season will extend quite a bit.

The ProSmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece Lightweight Waistcoat is a vest you wear over your current golf gear. The best does not get in the way when you are swinging, yet it has three levels of heat to help you stay comfortable and warm on the golf course.

This vest is especially important for those times that you are standing around waiting to hit and you suddenly realize how bitter cold it is outside. You can adjust the heat with the push of a button and use this vest in various situations. In addition, the vest is washable as long as you follow the directions provided when you purchase.


  • Great for cold weather on and off the golf courses
  • Machine washable design
  • Lightweight and easy to wear


  • Can be challenging to get used to wearing heat like this and adjusting to the proper level

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Fitted Mock Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

image of under armour men's coldgear fitted mock long-sleeve t-shirt - AEC Info
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The Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Fitted Mock Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a perfect underlayer for golfers. The best cold weather golf gear on the market will work to ensure that players are not restricted with their golf swing in any way.

Since Under Armour makes both under and outer layers for golfers, this is a perfect solution for players. The four-way stretch fabric on the Under Armour ColdGear helps to ensure that players have a full range of motion. In addition, the 13% Elastane fabric increases the ability to move around.

The Under Armour ColdGear Fitted Mock Long Sleeve T-Shirt is machine washable, and the fabric is a chafe free moisture wicking design. Even if it starts to warm up while you are on the golf course, you will remain comfortable.


  • Fabric that stretches
  • Good range of motion
  • Available in several colors
  • Machine washable


  • Has a tighter fit, size accordingly

FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves

image of footjoy men's wintersof golf gloves - AEC Info
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The FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves are some of the best cold weather golf gloves on the market. These gloves are water resistant, and they ensure that you stay in control while swinging the golf club on the course. If you are worried about winter precipitation, the WinterSof gloves allow for a stable grip regardless of the conditions.

Another great feature of the WinterSoft Golf Gloves is that they have Weather Shield technology. Sometimes with winter golf gloves, it is not just the cold you must deal with but also the wind. Those windy days on the course can cut right through you and be extremely uncomfortable.

Luckily the high visibility and weather shield cuff make these gloves a great choice both on and off the golf course.


  • Allow for complete control when hitting a golf ball
  • It helps ensure the connection with your golf clubs
  • Weather shield cuff extends into the wrist


  • It takes a bit of time to get used to wearing two gloves

Danish Endurance Merino Wool Light Hiking Socks

image of danish endurance merino wool light hiking socks - AEC Info
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When playing golf in the winter, you can’t forget about your feet. In the cold weather losing heat through our feet and our head are the two most common ways to get cold on the golf course. The best thing to look for in a pair of winter golf socks is some merino wool fabric.

The wool fabric is lightweight and will naturally heat or cool when necessary. As great as it is to have warm feet, you won’t want your fee to be freezing cold either. These socks are not designed specifically for golf and can help with any of your winter outdoor activities that you may have planned.

One of the things that help the Danish Endurance Merino Wool Socks stand out is the fact that they are comfortable and thin enough not to throw off the fit of your golf shoe. Keep your feet warm and learn how to enjoy the cooler weather.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Helps in extreme cold
  • Won’t get sweaty in the warmer weather


  • Higher leg fit can sometimes start to slide down if the fit is not right

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Showdown Golf Pants

image of under armour men's coldgear infrared showdown golf pants - AEC Info
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We are back with another product offering for cold weather gear from Under Armour. One of the things that you will notice about Under Armour technology is the ability for players to enjoy their game while still looking great.

The Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Showdown Pants have a straight leg, a ColdGear Infrared lining, and they are designed to help players absorb and retain body heat. The moisture wicking fabric will also ensure that sweat dries very fast, so you are not stuck trying to stay warm if you get a little over heated.

The stretch fabric will help players stay comfortable regardless of the number of layers that they have on. Under Armour golf pants can take a rough day on the golf course and make it much more enjoyable.


  • 9% Elastane for better stretch
  • Machine washable golf pants
  • Straight Leg fit
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric


  • With the added technology in these pants, the pricing is a bit higher

Titleist Golf Hand Warmer

image of titleist golf hand warmer - AEC Info
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When playing golf in the winter weather, you must keep your hands warm. As soon as the hands start to get cold, your ability to hit quality golf shots will significantly decrease. The most important thing to ensure is that your hands are always ready to grip the club and make solid contact.

The Titleist Golf Hand Warmer is worn around the waist and can be turned from the front to the back to help accommodate players that feel as though the hand warmer gets in the way while swinging. With this tube design with a microfleece lining, you will have a place to rest your hands when playing your next round of golf.

Players will find that this is an easy product to wash, and you can easily set it up to work for you on the golf course.


  • A great way of staying warm on the course
  • Easy to adjust
  • Microfleece interior lining


  • It can take a bit to get used to wearing this
  • Still should be used in combination with winter gloves

Oregon Mudders Men’s CM400S Waterproof Oxford Golf Shoe

image of oregon mudders men's cm400s waterproof oxford golf shoe - AEC Info
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From your head to your toes, golf manufacturers have thought of everything to help ensure players can enjoy the game throughout the entire year. The Oregon Mudders Waterproof Oxford Golf Shoe is an excellent option for those that are looking for a shoe to help them stay warm on the golf course.

The Oregon Mudders shoe is made from a waterproof construction, and it has replaceable threaded spikes. You will find that the Oregon Mudders line of golf products has some very impressive technology and allow for comfort and flexible fit for players.

If you have played golf your entire life in cold temperatures, getting a pair of winter golf shoes is going to completely change the way you feel about the winter game of golf.


  • It helps keep feet incredibly warm
  • Great for muddy or wet conditions on the golf course
  • Replaceable spikes for longevity


  • Not available in a wide range of color choices

Golf winter clothing winner…

Adidas Men's Frostguard Insulated Pants

image of adidas men's frostguard insulated pant - AEC Info

Hopefully, you now feel as though you are ready for any cold weather days on the golf course. The great thing about most cold weather gear is that it can be combined with your current golf gear to make for a great day on the course. Start with purchasing one or two pieces that will help you feel warmer.

Focus on ensuring that your hands are adequately protected from any kind of cold weather condition so that your connection with the club will not waiver. In the end, cold weather golf gear is well worth the money you pay if you can extend your golfing season.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Weather Golf Gear

There are quite a few things to know about cold weather golf gear. Whether you’re new to the game or have been playing your entire life, the best cold weather golf gear on the market is going to change annually. Players start to realize that there is no reason to suffer while enjoying a round of winter golf.

What Cold Weather Golf Gear Is Necessary?

The most critical cold weather golf gear is a jacket, pants, and winter golf gloves.  Obviously it wouldn’t hurt to wear a heavier Golf shirt underneath. If you have these three things, you are well on your way to enjoying a better day at the course. Cold weather golf gear that protects your head and your feet from the cold are also a great addition.

Other popular items that many cold weather golfers carry are propane Golf cart heaters, fleece lined pants, hand warmers, and a Golf cart covers. Some cold weather golf gear now has battery-operated heat, and that is the direction that this is headed. Keep that in mind if you are looking for the latest and greatest options on the market.

Are Winter Golf Shoes Worth It?

Winter golf shoes are well worth the price that you pay. Not only is it tough to keep your feet warm in the winter, but there are situations that you can run into where your feet get wet and have to step in muddy areas.

The golf course can get sloppy, wet and cold in the winter, and having wet and cold feet will make your golf game miserable.  Pairing high quality winter golf shoes along with some moisture wicking socks and you should be fine for your entire round.

What Temperature Do You Need Cold Weather Gear For?

Most golfers start looking for cold weather golf gear when the temperatures drop below 50 degrees. If you want to play winter golf in the 40-50 degree range, you will want some winter golf gear to make it more enjoyable.

Are Rain Gloves Good For Winter Golf?

Rain gloves can help when you are dealing with some winter precipitation. However, using rain gloves as a pair of winter golf gloves is not a great idea. The rain gloves are much thinner, and it becomes difficult to maintain any kind of heat in your hands.

Try to have both a pair of rain gloves and a pair of winter gloves so that you are prepared for any condition. We realize you enjoy playing golf when it is warm and sunny, so be sure to be prepared for the warmer months with Sun sleeves.  We appreciate you visiting AEC Info and invite you to come back often for new reviews and updates.